Top 20 Spices Every Kitchen Must Have


Delicious food makes our life better. This is a great invention and a real craft to cook food. Could you imagine one’s life without soup, mashed potato, salad, spaghetti, dessert, or sandwiches? It is a fact that when someone is starving he/she goes mad, becomes tired, and lifeless. But when a person touches some food, he fills his body with energy and joy. His mood becomes improved. He is ready to work again.

Spices make food delicious and healthy. They can improve it, change it, and make out of a dish a wonderful masterpiece. There are people who devote their lives to learning this secret.

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Food is an integral part of our being. We need it for proper functioning of our body. We spend time eating our breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes people do not pay attention to what they consume. It causes not only troubles with a body but even diseases. It is a must thing to eat healthy food. Also, it is important to cooperate with trustworthy writing companies. Read the guarantees to be sure we are reliable people.

In this paper we would like to stress one’s attention on essentiality of using and having spices. Although spices are not so popular in all countries as in India, for example, we are sure somebody will change his mind after reading this essay.

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1. Bay leaf. Well, this is probably the most common spice in Europe. Housewives usually throw it into soup, pilaf, and broths. It almost never is used fresh. Dry bay leaves bring nice smell to a dish. Often it is added to marinades. Ground bay leaves are also very popular and common in use. It is a rather affordable spice which is grown in Europe and even in Russia. It has a bitter flavor. If you are cooking some meet, add several bay leaves, for they improve the flavor and the smell.

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2. Rosemary belongs to the most common spices in Italy and France. It goes good with chicken, mutton, beef, and other kinds of meet. One can add it while he/she is frying, baking, or stewing a meat dish. Its flavor is minty and to some extent balsamic. Probably for these reasons, it gained popularity in Europe. Rosemary adds some curiosity and sophistication to a course. It is a popular spice to add while cooking fish and cream cheese.

3. Basil is an often guest in most gardens. It is useful to grow it near a house. Someone can use it in any dish that he/she likes. There are three kinds of basil which are used in cooking. Egypt became the country where sweet basil is reaped. Then it is imported to many countries. The spice is widely popular in Asia and Europe. People often throw it into a pizza. Basil greatly improve the flavor of soups, rice, and tomato dishes. It is added into mozzarella and cream cheese.

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4. Turmeric powder is usually served with Indian courses. It is a common spice in Indian houses. This product is essential not only for a taste of a dish, but for the whole body. It improves digestion and is good for a stomach. Its aroma is woody, musky, and little bit pungent which makes a dish exotic and rich. Add it to pilaf, fried ivy gourd, or potato sagu.

5. Thyme. This is a highly praised spice in Mediterranean region. The plant is demanding enough. It needs sun and warmth. Due to its growing popularity, nowadays thyme is cropped in all parts of the world where there is a temperate climate. It has minty aroma, so thyme is usually added to sauces. People in France like to throw it into soups. Add thyme into meat, cheese, and vegetable dishes to make them special. Make an excellent essay about dishes with thyme with our online thesis writing services.

6. Ginger powder is a super healthy spice. It has an immense amount of healthy and useful properties. Ginger is able to strengthen one’s body and help it to get rid of toxins. The spice is no longer popular only in South Asia. It is trendy in Europe and America. The peppery flavor makes meat dish to be an exquisite. Add some fruit and you will have a perfect dinner for special occasion. Ginger powder is often mixed with other spices.

7. Ground cumin. It is one of the most widely used spices in the world. Along with other Middle Asian spices it gained popularity in the USA and Europe. It is combined with other spices as well as ginger powder. Ground cumin is a must component in cooking vegetable dishes, beans, rice, and curry courses. Cumin is added to bread, different kinds of pancakes (like vegetable pancakes), dishes with chicken, onions, and cabbage.

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8. Dry dill. The spice is widely used especially in European countries. It has herbal, bitter flavor and smell. Dry dill makes a dish aromatic and nourishing. It can easily be cultivated in moderate climate. Someone can throw dry dill into soups and broths, add it to vegetable and beef dishes.

9. Sweet paprika. Traditionally and culturally it was planted in Spain. Usually, sweet paprika is added to meet, such as pork, beef, and mutton. By the way, different spices fit different kinds of meat. Any barbeque should have this ingredient to make it successful. Sweet paprika adds heat to a dish. It is useful for one’s body because paprika cleans a stomach.

10. Mustard powder is a wonderful addition to many courses. Besides, a person can make it by his own. Mustard powder has nutty flavor and earth-like aroma. In most countries it is an important element of a sauce. Many people add it into meat dishes. Especially it tastes greatly with ham and beef. One can mix it with mayonnaise. This is a nice combination. Also, a person can add mustard powder to any seasoning which will surely improve the flavor of any course.

11. Black pepper. It is impossible to cook without this spice. It should be added to a dish as well as salt. How someone can ignore black pepper? This is a natural antiseptic. Add it to marinades, seasonings, and salads. Many women throw it into soup and chicken broth. Black pepper is spicy with a warm flavor.

12. Oregano is a traditional Italian spice. Almost any Italian dish is accompanied by oregano. Tomato courses taste so delicious with oregano. Add it into pizza and enjoy it with your friends. Greek cuisine also likes oregano. In Europe and America people use it while cooking vegetable dishes and seasonings.

13. Cinnamon is an excellent and the most favorite spice for bakery. If you want to cook apple pie, doughnuts, or sweet roll, add cinnamon without any hesitation. Its earthy and nutty taste will fit any kitchen. By the way, this spice is good for one’s health.

14. Garlic powder. It is very convenient to have such a spice at home. Garlic itself is a very useful product. It was used in Old Egypt not only as a food supplement but also as a medicine. Now garlic powder brings nice smell to a dish, particularly to meat course. Be careful, do not add too much of this spice. It has a very strong smell, so sometimes it can spoil the natural smell of a dish. Often it is added into soups and broths. Women used to throw garlic powder into seasonings and marinades.

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15. Sage is a favorite spice for many people. It makes a dish so savory. Sage is a very noble spice. It differs from many. Its flavor is very special. Probably the reason lies in its medical properties. It has minty and herbal smell. Meat dishes, sauces, and seasonings will taste wonderful with sage.

16. Nutmeg powder can also be easily added to sweet baked goods. In Europe people often throw nutmeg powder when cook stewed vegetables, mutton, pasta, and soup. The last dish is extremely delicious with nutmeg powder. Because of its sweet and bitter flavor, it is used as addition to both main meals and desserts.

17. Cardamom powder. People use the spice while making dishes and beverages. It has soft, light, little bitter, but sweet taste. Indians know everything about cardamom. They call it the queen of spices. All sweets in India have the flavor of cardamom. In North regions of Europe people add it while baking bread.

18. Onion powder is a very handy method of storing and using the spice. If you want to make a sauce or seasoning tasty and little bit sweet, add onion powder. It brings nice aroma to any dish.

19. Clove is usually used in marinades. It brightens a savory meal. To make a dessert special with aromatic flavor, add cloves. Many housewives throw it into jams. Baked fruits always taste good with cloves. Again, it is a popular spice in Indian cuisine. One can use its powder or a whole ingredient. Someone says that a pumpkin pie is wonderful if to add cloves.

20. Ground allspice. Often people are confused with the name of this spice. They think it is a mix of several ingredients. Actually, allspice is made out of berries from one tree. For Caribbean cuisine it is the most essential spice. Asians also prefer ground allspice. In both parts of the world it is applied in making seasonings for meat. In the USA one can add it while making sweets. It has a pungent flavor with some notes of cloves.

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