Essay On Leadership: How To Be The Real Leader?


How often do you hear that someone is the real leader? It seems that there are not a lot of people in the world which can say, that they are good leaders. How exactly to be a leader and which qualities do you need to have? The answers to these questions you can find in this essay about leadership.

Who is the leader?

The leader is the person, who helps other people to do more than they are able to do. He does not tell people what they must do, he just inspires them to work better and leads them to the goal.

The leader always knows there he goes and how to reach the goal. He knows about success and he wants to reach it and to help other people to reach the success.

The leader’s quality

  1. The honesty. Other people should trust their leader and because of it he should be the honest person.
  2. He should be opened for other people. It means, that he can understand and hear the idea and thoughts of other people. He will check all opportunities and will choose the best one.
  3. The other type of thinking. The leader sees the situation from different sides, at that time, while people just see it in the only one direction.
  4. He should be confident. He understands that people are waiting for his action and he should lead them.
  5. Also, it is very important to have the feeling of the humor. It will help a lot in some difficult situations. It is like some power, which can help to organize the work process.
  6. He should be enthusiastic. People will trust the person, who has a lot of motivation and likes what he is doing.
  7. The leader always should be organized in some difficult moments, because he will be the first person, who the people will be looking for if the problem appears.
  8. He should have analytical thinking. It means, that there is the need to divide the situation into different parts and to reach the progress.
  9. To be ready for the changes. The real leader not only accept the changes, he even can predict them.

Here you can see only some of the leader’s qualities which should have every leader. Also, it is needed to develop them every time. If you wish to get more information about these qualities, you can order the leadership qualities essay on our site , and you will get the whole list of these qualities.

How to develop the leader’s qualities

You need to understand, that it is impossible to be the leader in the one moment. Even people, which have some qualities of the leader from their childhood, should develop them every time to lead other people to the goal. If you wish to go to the new level. You need to develop such quality of successful leadership:

  1.  You need to understand and to see the goal, which you wish to reach. You need to see the clear picture and to have the plan of your actions. It is possible to read some books about famous and successful people, to read the books about business
  2. It is important to make the decisions. You need to be confident and then you can do it.
  3. The challenge. We do not need if some our actions can lead to the success and if they are right or not. It is important to be ready for different situations and that everything can be in the different way than you have planned before. If you make the mistake, you just get the lesson for the future.
  4. The leader know how to inspire people and how to make them more productive. But he should remember, that all people are different and the same word or actions can help one person, but not another one.
  5. They like a critic. The real leader knows his strong and weak sides and always work on them.
  6. They are reliable. Sometimes, the leader is just as an example for other people and they wish to change their life in the better way.
  7. They work on improving of their skills during their whole life. To be the leader means to develop your skills and qualities every day. You can read new books, to exchange the new ideas with your friends and your family, copy the experience of the leaders which you know.
  8. The leader can communicate with different people. It means that every person is different and they can understand everyone. They understand what people tell them even if they do not tell them it correctly. It is very important to understand people and after that they will trust you and will follow you.
  9. The leader thinks about others and always does everything possible to help the other people. He helps other people to develop their skills and to become better than they are now.

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The behavior of the real leader

  1. You need to hear what other people say, before you start to speak to them.
  2. It is needed to use the magic words like “thank you” and “please” You can be sure, that they will help you a lot.
  3. Do not forget to help other people to solve their problems.
  4. If you promise something, you must do it.
  5. Do not forget to say “ thank you” to your coworkers for the good job.
  6. You should be the example in every situation.
  7. You should be very interested in people you wish to lead to the goal. If they feel it, they will follow you and will do their best to reach the goal and will be motivated to do it well.
  8. You need to be concentrated on the main goal of the group.
  9. You need to be responsible for the consequences.

These advices will help you to develop your leader’s qualities and to reach the success. It is important to remember, that the real leader develops yourself every day and tomorrow he wants to be better than today. You need to get the satisfaction from that fact, that you helped someone and motivated him on the success.