Essay on Pride and Prejudice: Trait of Main Characters


Essay on Pride and Prejudice

“Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen does not lose its popularity. Although it was published in 18th century, people still read this book and watch movies which are based on this novel. It is wonderful how influential this novel is. It makes people to read it again and again. The script is simple as the “Cinderella” story. Even though one knows the final, he/she still reads the book. This story is a real breakthrough. Nobody expected that a woman could be able to write something like that. The novel is full of romanticism, passion, warmth, and beautiful phrases. It touches any reader. Nobody will stay indifferent to the book.

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Pride and Prejudice Essay about Jane Austen

Jane Austen was a great personality. She grew up in a prominent but poor family. This put the base for some of Jane’s novels. In the family there always was a congenial and open atmosphere where everyone could tell what he considered. Jane started to write early when she was a child. She did it for amusement. It was her passion from the very beginning. However, Jane Austen had one more passion. It was Thomas Lefroy. People say that they got acquainted on a ball or somehow else. The young man was attractive and smart. He appreciated greatly the company of a young Jane. Some of her letters say about long evenings and hours which they spent together. Their relationships could not have future. Thomas was dependent on his rich uncle who could dictate him what to do. It was doomed that they would break relationships. Soon it happened.

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In one of the letters Jane wrote that Lefroy was going to make a proposal. She also mentioned that would say “No”. They were separated forever. Later they never met each other. Some of Jane’s writings confirmed that she continued thinking about Thomas. He was deeply ingrown in her heart and mind. Nobody knows whether it was a true love. However, one can read True Love Essay here.

Jane was often struggling while making novels as probably every writer does. Many times she renamed, changed a plot, and edited writings. Her talent was acknowledged not soon. Many times she received denial from publishers. Still, her will was stronger than problems she faced. Jane was emotional and sensitive. For these reasons, her works touch hearts of readers so much. If you have a paper on sensitiveness, for instance, we can edit it very quickly. Just write, “Edit my college essay within 24 hrs.”

Jane also was inclined to depressions as all talented people. It was connected with the moving to a different place. She could not understand how her family could abandon home and move to another town. Four years after that Jane suffered from nonproductivity in writing.

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The family had to move again. Jane managed to finish her works which were successfully published. All of Jane’s novels received a positive resonance. It was a flourishing time for the writer which obtained financial freedom and intellectual independence. Find out what is freedom on this page:

Experts say that Jane’s novels were translated and sent abroad. Jane knew nothing about it. “Mansfield Park” brought Austen big money. It was highly praised by readers. Jane never lacked energy. One could even notice that Jane always put a part of her character into a behavior of some of her heroes from novels. Indeed, she was a great lady. Even though Jane experienced stress, illness, and financial troubles, she persistently followed her dream and desire to write.

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Typical Features of the Most Interesting Characters

1. Elizabeth Bennet. She is one of the main characters of the novel. Also, Lizzy is one of the favorite heroines and characters in the literature. Austen loved her much. Elizabeth Bennet is a wonderful personality who deserves to be called an admirable lady. Her image was criticized by some critics in the past. Lizzy is a very smart and clever young girl. She likes to laugh and even make fun of people and situations but in a way that it does not hurt a person. To be honest the novel “Pride and Prejudice” is full of nice humor. For many people Elizabeth is an ideal person. She is intelligent and very energetic, she can stand an insolence that was dag at her and look ironically at pomposity and arrogance. Lizzy beats all the standards of a nice girl of that time. Nowadays her image serves for almost an ideal woman. Elizabeth is compassionate and can accept the truth.

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2. Mr. Darcy. This young man is a very complex character. The events in the novel are describing in a way that a reader may hate Darcy and love at the same time. Sometimes his deeds may confuse someone. It seems that Mr. Darcy is a very changeable personality. However, it is just an illusion. Several episodes put everything on its place. A reader finds out that Darcy is almost an ideal man. He is so passionate, faithful, and honest. Mr. Darcy is proud enough and may seem very insolent but all this also can be explained very simply. His reaction becomes an extremely logical response. He is reserved enough, however, usually he cannot stand one’s foolishness and cheek. When he meets Elizabeth Bennet, Darcy shows no interest in her and even expresses his low impression of her. Everything changes very soon. This man is able to do big things in the name of love and friendship.

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3. Jane Bennet. The writer presents this character as the oldest daughter in the family. She is very shy and reserved. Often Jane does not show her feelings even to the closest people. However, she is very romantic and wishes to marry a person whom will love. Jane is not interested in money. She is very gentle, intelligent, and nice girl. People feel comfortable in her presence. Father loves Jane and picks her out of all daughters.

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Sometimes Jane is reproached by Lizzy for her kindness. Jane considers all people good and almost never notices their wickedness. She is very beautiful which is confirmed during the novel. Check more information on beauty here:

4. Mr.Collins. The novel tells about him as a young priest. This character is mocked much by the family of Bennet. Mr. Collins is not an attractive young man. He likes to boast of his patroness and her indulgence. Mr. Collins comes to Longbourn for one purpose – to marry one of Bennet daughters. He is very self-assertive which looks ridiculous. He plays a vital role in the novel because this character is rather bright and attracts much attention. It is very funny to read about Mr. Collins and his intensions to gain favor of Lizzy Bennet. 

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