Top New Food Trends To Follow Immediately


Food is not only a part of our daily life. Food is a style of life for many people. People pay huge money in attempt to advance some type of food. While watching advertising, one may notice that men and women speak a lot about food on the air. There are hundreds of TV programs about cooking. By the way, such programs are extremely popular. Sometimes it is impossible to tear a person away from the culinary TV program. As a rule, such programs possess a huge influence on society. Millions of people follow new food trends. For these reasons, we have called food a style of life. Indeed, it is truth.

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Do you know that in 2017 we have new food trends? Every food-follower must know them. Do not forget about a very vital word which describes a new stream in food consuming and food cooking. This word sounds like that – “clean”. It is a nice word but what does it mean in this context and to what does it call us? The answer is here: it calls people to eat unprocessed foods. While thinking logically, it means that people used to eat dirty foods. Otherwise, how could it call for eating clean? This is a new trend of 2017.

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In this paper you will find out what food you should throw away. Someone who is taking care of his health, will consider the list very smart. Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are. Food is our partner which follows us during all our life. Read essay on life here:

The environment has a great influence on our food preferences. Food is a social factor. We eat it with our spouse, business partners, friends, and family members. Usually, food reflects our worldview and values. That is why it has its own trends. Broccoli and celery were the stars of the last year. What should we eat in 2017?

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1. We have already mentioned the word “clean”. It means not only what people eat but how they do it. Food should not become dirty in your hands. Forget about eating while you are walking. Grabbing a food and eating it outdoors is an old tradition. It has remained in the past. This is the part of traditional life in America. Learn more about traditional American food on this page:

One should think about a profound eating. For this, someone has to spend some time. There are benefits of this kind of eating. When a person eats slowly, he sooner obtains the feeling of fullness. It prevents him from overeating. The digestion system works better in this case. While doing this, one may come to conclusion that a hot meal at home is rather better than a burger on the run. It will help one to avoid eating disorder. Check our Eating Disorder Essay.

2. 2017 gives strength to vegetarianism to spread further. The amount of people who will refuse eat meat will grow in this year. By the way, it will not damage restaurant business. Restaurants itself will suggest clients vegetarian dishes because veggies will become the main food. It happens not only because vegetarian dishes are healthy. It happens because famous chefs demonstrate how tasty such dishes can be. They spread its popularity. Society does not have any choice but catch the idea.

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3. Vegans grow in number. They are not strange people any more. They dictate the rules and pick up followers all over the world. Expect to hear from a waiter the names of some new vegan dishes instead of meat meals. Veggies will displace cheese, meat, seafood, and smoke. Carrot, squash, earth apple, asparagus, and sweet potato will be cooked and served boiled, baked, raw, dehydrogenated, and in many other ways. One can find numerous ways how to cook veggies.

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4. In this year people are going to eat meat without meat and drink milk without milk. What does it mean? It means that in burgers one will find instead of beef an egg-plant or jackfruit. The same kind of meat will be served even in pubs. In a supermarket one will easily buy vegetable milk which will stand together with cow or goat milk. Coco milk, almond milk, hazelnut milk, and sesame milk are law in calories and packed with vitamins.

5. Salads which one can make alone is a new food trend in 2017. Imagine that there are plates with ingredients before you, and you pick some that you want making a special salad. You choose components which will appear on your plate. By the way, sushi rolls change their look. The new trend says this – place rice, fish, and veggies on the plate and season with soy sauce. Mix ingredients and eat.

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6. Now we are going to use a veggie from the root to the top. Nothing will be thrown as garbage. People are not going to waste food. Now society chooses economical and creative way of using foods. Process carrot leaves with turnips and have a smoothie.

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7. Another trend is paying attention to all natural. If a vegetable or a fruit is little pressed, its surface is not even, and the size of each product is different, it means the foods are natural.

8. Alcohol beverages will lose their alcohol. They will become much lighter and at the same time more aromatic and creative. This trend flows out of a desire to stay at bars and talk rather than to drink. The level of water in such beverage will be increased. So, alcohol will become for good this year. It will prevent all unpleasant situations which happen so often in bars. While drinking more water in a mocktail, we will save our health.

9. In this year people are going choose food according to their age, activity, and health level. The aim of this trend is to find harmony and balance between body and food.

10. Expect to receive the delivery of food at home. It will become more popular. More often restaurants will receive orders to pack salads or fish to take them home. Not only people will bring your order but also robots which is new service and trend in 2017.

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