Top Influential Books in the World


Many things in this world have a big impact on our mind. The life itself has been created in a way that all things depend on each other. Movies that people watch, music that they listen to, and literature that they usually read build their worldview. Experts claim that any book is able to change personality. It contains such a big message that is able to make one’s life different.

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There are so many different books in the world. Every nation has its heritage. National poets and writers have always been reflected the culture, social life, and problems through books. Nowadays, a person can easily open any book to review some essential events of the past or present. While someone is reading a book, he/she enriches inner world.

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  2. Read every day. Let it become your habit. While doing something good every day, a person will get a positive result.
  3. Find quiet place. If you read a book, nothing should disturb you. It is not about concentration only. It is about pleasure.
  4. Read for an hour per day. Without any doubt, everyone has at least one free hour every day. There is a common question, “How many pages of a book can you read per one hour?” Find out this and read no less than an hour every day.
  5. First read, than watch. Now we are talking about movies that are based on novels. The images of actors will spoil your own interpretation of heroes of a book. Usually, your own vision is better.

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The Most Influential Books

The Bible.

Christianity has an immense number of followers all around the world. The Bible is the holy book which contains the biggest treasure of the world. It consists out of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Christians trust in this Book. They say that it is the word of God, and follow it.

Sacred scriptures comprise the Bible. It tells stories about Judaic kings, prophets, people, and many other stories. The Bible starts from Genesis. The first chapter opens the beginning of the universe. The last chapter of the Bible calls Revelation. People believe in sheer holiness and validity of every word written in the book.

Indeed, the Bible is the most influential book in the world. Kings and preachers made it their basement in many cases through all times. Every Christian service all over the world starts with teaching and learning of this book.

The Bible became the first printed book ever. It was published in the era of Renaissance. There are numerous debates according its interpretation. Martin Luther was a very significant figure in Western history. He opened the curtain to real meaning of forgiveness and eternal life according to the Bible.

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“Common Sense” by Thomas Paine


This pamphlet became a greatest non-religious inspiration-book. It was written in time when United States were fighting for their independence from Britain. Why it was so influential? The book was able to inspire the whole nation. It possessed such a big impact that encouraged people from coast to coast, from one colony to another.

Thomas Paine itself came to America from England. He knew how colonists were treated. People in America were scared and shocked by revolutionary declarations. “Common Sense” helped people to become certain about this issue. It was very clear, open, and simple. Everyone could understand it. The Pamphlet emphasized very significant questions such as elections, democracy, and strong navy.

The key purpose of the pamphlet was achieved


It supported people in difficult time. It gave strength to the American nation and helped to gain independence.

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“The Communist Manifesto”


The work was written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Since we are talking about books and their influence, we cannot forget to mention about this one. This book became one of the key elements of Communism in the USSR. Every university in Soviet Union had a particular subject which touched the question of ideology: what is Communism and why it is important for society. So, any student, who wanted to have a nice future in that country, had to read the book and pass exam successfully.

The text had a huge impact. It was the most influential book of the nineteenth century. This old work remains modern. It reached the most distant parts of the world. Some experts assert that the authors of “The Communist Manifesto” have predicted many things that one can observe nowadays in every society. The book comprises economic, political, and cultural analysis. 

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“Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

It is the best business guider which contains the smartest rules for success. Robert Kiyosaki is businessman and writer who knows for sure how to build business effectively. The book talks not only about work, it plays a motivational role. Read more about motivation here:

Robert Kiyosaki started his business with no money like most people. He tried every time a new deal. Thus, he got experience which makes a person smarter. In his book Robert insists on wrong interpretation of education in the life of every person. Usually people say that education opens the door into a successful future. Robert Kiyosaki says that it actually does not matter. A person may be rich without education.

People used to think concerning money incorrectly. Robert teaches that it is important not only to have much money but also give much like he does. It is about the Biblical rule which says that the more one gives the more he receives. Poor dad wanted work little but get more. This thinking is faulty. If a person wants receive more money, he has to work more and give more.

According to this book it is significant to change the ordinary principle of thinking. Find motivation in your life. Also, it is important to FOCUS. It means this: F – follow, O – one, C – course, U – until (you’re), S – successful. This is the idea that Robert followed. For these reasons, he wants other people do the same thing.

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“The Republic” by Plato

This is a highly sophisticated book that was written in ancient Greece by Plato. This literature masterpiece had an enormous impact on the world of politics and the outlook on the sense of justice in men. Some of the concepts that were presented in this book are still discussed even to this day. In addition, historians hugely value this piece, because it is a perfect representation of the people’s mentality and the intricacy of the state affairs in Greece at the time.

“The Rights of Man” by Thomas Paine

This book, written in 1792, justifies the concept of a revolution within the state and states that it is acceptable when the government is failing to consider the rights of its citizens. Using the French Revolution as an example, the author challenged the undisputed authority, the royal, church and noble factions have had during this historical period.

The entirety of what was written by William Shakespeare

The exceptional talent of this man is immortalized by his literature works, which are deeply appreciated by the ordinary people and historians alike. Being the excellent drama writer that he was, everything he had written entirely portrays the life and culture of England during the time of his existence. The masterpieces created by his hand are highly valued and appreciated, even in modern times, and are continuously reinterpreted by many scientists.

“1984” by George Orwell

If you are ever wondered how the dark side of the government public affairs looks, this is the best book to read on this particular subject. “1984” depicts the misery of people who had their rights stripped from them by a state that they live in. The dark and dangerous world of propaganda, intrigues, and sophisticated manipulation schemes will provide you with a vast and profound understanding that the government is not so friendly and considerate towards its citizens.

“The Iliad and The Odyssey” by Homer.

These two ancient poems are so highly valued even today; they are considered as global cultural heritage. The story of an Odyssey is a brilliantly written compilation of the substantial number of legends and myths that originated from ancient Greece. This book, without any doubt, is one of the most important cultural treasures of Western civilization.

“Don Quixote” by Miguel de Cervantes

Due to the compelling and intricate storytelling filled with symbolism, this book became the literary jewel of the Spanish nation. It inspired many prominent authors, and you can find many various references to the contents of “Don Quixote” in a considerable number of novels and other literary forms even today.

“War and Peace” by Lev Tolstoy

This novel is very much praised not only for the deep and sophisticated psychology of its characters but also for the profound and extensive description of how the war with France affected Russian society. The hopes, dreams, and struggles of the ordinary people and nobility are the main focus of this brilliantly written novel.

“Crime and Punishment” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The narrative of this book delves deep into the conscience of a human being and provides the reader with an in-depth analysis of such psychological and sociological phenomenon as crime and its consequences. Despite being written in 1866, the contents of this novel are still relevant even today, due to the unchanging human nature.

“Faust” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This play was recognized as the greatest accomplishment of German literature for many centuries. The intricate plot is complemented by vivid and symbolical imagery, providing an unforgettable reading experience to anyone who decided to familiarize himself or herself with the contents of such an incredibly written book. The problem of staying true to yourself or “selling your soul” for the mundane pleasures is usually associated with this book.

The Qur’an

The Muslims believe that this book is containing the words of Gog, who revealed his words to Muhammad. This is a sacred text to anyone who faithfully follows the Islamic religion.

“The Meaning of Relativity” by Albert Einstein

This book is the compilation of ideas and lectures of Albert Einstein and actually is a conclusion to all of his work he had done in different science fields. In addition, the contents of this book are the explanation of the groundbreaking discovery made by Einstein – the general relativity theory.

“The Analects” by Confucius

This book contains the set of ideas and teachings of Confucius, the extensively famous Chinese philosopher whose beliefs shaped the mentality, virtues, and principles of the significant part in Asian society.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead (Bardo Thodol)

Written by a Tibetan monk, this Buddhist text contains the teachings, views, and beliefs this religious movement has on the human soul and the process of its reincarnation.

“Geographia” by Ptolemy

There is not even a single individual existing today who does not see, used, or understand what a geographical map is. However, not a lot of people know who developed the cartography as science and shaped it in a way that we have it today. Ptolemy, who lived in Greece around the 2nd century, is considered by many as the father of the cartographic discipline and a scholar who had also put a considerable amount of effort into the development of geography as a whole.

“On the Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin.

This book provides a profound explanation of the biological theory, which is based around the origins of species from both flora and fauna that exist in our world as we know it. This scientific text was composed of non-subject familiar readers, and it was done deliberately in order to enlighten the masses and to raise the awareness about Charles Darwin’s theory. Moreover, thanks to this man, the foundations of evolutionary biology began to take shape as the scientific discipline. This theory became central to many life sciences.

“The Second Sex” by Simone de Beauvoir

This woman was the first person who started to differentiate “sex” and “gender.” Her book “The Second Sex” is the fundamental work within the feminist philosophy, which contains a careful and thorough examination of how the position of women in society was wrongfully made so prohibitive.

“The Art of War” by Sun Tzu

This book was composed by a famous Chinese military general and hugely respected tactician Sun Tzu, who believed that careful preparation and the avoidance of the prolonged military conflict could well be the most necessary concepts if you wish to succeed on the battlefield. The contents of this book and the principals behind it were also applied to the laws of the capitalist world.

“Hiroshima” by John Hersey.

After the bombs fell, not many Americans knew how devastating was the impact, and how horrific the aftereffect was on the ordinary civilian people who lived in the towns of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This book tells the story of six people who were lucky enough to survive the atomic explosion and the blast wave. After this book was published, the American citizens were made to realize how grave and heavy were the consequences of this cruel decision.

“The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka.

This book is highly appreciated for its in-depth psychological analysis of human behavior regarding those whose appearance is unfortunately considered unsightly and how society can quickly change its treatment towards such individuals. By transforming the main character into an insect, Kafka masterfully describes how immoral and self-contradicting the principles of society are. Contrary to popular belief, the title of this novel does not refer to the main hero of this story, but to the treatment, which he receives before and after the transformation.

“Orientalism” by Edward Said

The aim of this book was to destroy the ignorance and the racial profiling superstition regarding the nations of Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. This book has a considerable value today, considering how powerful and influential religious movements had become.

“Modern Man in Search of a Soul” by C.G. Jung

The publishing of this book had caused a massive development of psychoanalysis, and the book itself was an enormous breakthrough in the same scientific field. There are a considerable amount of instances where the method from this text evolved into full-fledged research.

“The Uses of Literacy” by Richard Hoggart.

This book raises the problem of social inequality, specifically between the working and the other classes. In his work, Hoggart underlined the fact that society is still divided by the class system despite seeming that it doesn’t.

“The Naked Ape” by Desmond Morris

This book is a thoughtful and intricate comparison of a human being with the other species. It is unique and influential to the development of biology because Morris carefully blended the science and the common language understood by ordinary people.

“How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

This self-help book is a marvelous choice for anyone who is experiencing any social problems and wants to get over it by himself or herself. The book is remarkably easy to read, and the language used by Carnegie in its contents is clear and arranged in such a way that even a child could understand it and follow its suggestions and recommendations

“The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith

This book contains a detailed excursus into the world of economics-related sciences and an explanation on many concepts that were groundbreaking at the time and still relevant even in today’s capitalist discourses.

“Ways of Seeing” by John Berger

In his literary work, Berger presents an in-depth and well-constructed analysis of how men and women were represented in the different cultures throughout history.

“The Canterbury Tales” by Geoffrey Chaucer

The writing of Chaucer not only is pleasant to read, but it also provides a glimpse into the way of living people had at the time. Thus, this book has an immense historical value to anyone who is interested in the lifestyle of this particular period of history.

“Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley

This novel vividly presents to its readers the carefully constructed dystopian world, where the society’s focus on technological advancements had made people disregard the true identity of a human being. Through the contents of this novel, Huxley expresses his concerns on the continuously growing trend of mindless overconsumption and excessive commercializing.

“Uncle Tom's Cabin” by Harriett Beecher Stowe

This book takes a deep dive into the problem of slavery, explains how inhumane and vile this approach to treat human beings is while keeping the compelling level of narrative and storytelling. It is said that after the publishing of this book, the effect was so huge, that it helped to change the view on slavery in the northern states of America.

“The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien

The works of Tolkien is fundamental to the genre of high fantasy in modern literature. The world he constructed has a living and breathing lore, and the writing is able to captivate anyone’s attention to the epic stories presented within the contents of this book.

“Critique of Pure Reason” by Immanuel Kant

In this book, Kant presents his insight on numerous intellectual concepts regarding the reasoning and perception of the time of a human being. This philosophy work will explore the knowledge and the bounds of reason that are intrinsic to a man and woman and will be an essential book to read if you are interested in this peculiar subject.

“Elements” by Euclid

These 13 books almost entirely formulate the knowledge on geometry the ancient Greeks had. This treatise, written in 300 BC, provides the explanation of many scientific concepts, hypotheses, or theorems that were known to the ancient scientists at the time. These books are vital to an in-depth study of geometry.

“The Interpretation of Dreams” by Sigmund Freud

In order to pursue the mysteries of the unconscious, after much thought and years of research, Freud published this 800 pages long book in 1899. He based his theory on the phenomenon of dreams as a representation of the human psyche through his or her unconsciousness. This book was massively popular at the time, and even now, the Freud’s doctrine is still usable even from the perspective of modern psychiatry studies.

“A Sand County Almanac” by Aldo Leopold

This book is considered by many as one of the origins of the ecology conservation movement in the western world. The author stated that he just simply said what he found out using the empirical method of gaining knowledge. Aldo Leopold believed that if we conserve and preserve the natural resources given to us by nature and the essence of life itself. Sadly, the author died before the publishing of this book and did not have a chance to witness how favorably his ideas and beliefs were accepted by the public and the influence his writing had on the nature conserving organizations.

"Business Adventures" by John Brooks

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet rated this book as the best literary work about the business they had ever read. It vividly describes the various cases of notorious situations the big business conglomerates experienced through history and how their management and the way of operation had changed due to the outcome of these situations.

"The Intelligent Investor" by Benjamin Graham

As we know, the world of business can be undeniably complex to conquer without the proper investments and investors themselves. The contents of this book contain almost everything you need to know about finances and the unusual but attentive and logic-based approach you need to take about it.

"The Innovator's Dilemma" by Clayton M. Christensen

If you want to succeed in anything, you must carefully plan your actions and strategize your approach to the subject that you are focused on correctly. However, what matters the most is the idea: the substance, motivation, and meaning behind your goal and the process of achieving it. This book describes the ways you can capitalize on your innovative idea or a product and taking fewer risks along the path of the development of your business.

"The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success" by William N. Thorndike.

Any business is destined to fail without a proper leadership and management system. Thus, the role of a CEO is vital to any company, regardless of its size and gross revenue. The book was written by Thorndike entirely focuses on this hugely responsible position and describes the examples of those leaders, who earned the title of being unconventional but ended up being immensely successful. This text will provide you with perfect examples of unconventional management and the analysis of what made these CEO’s successful for you to adopt these methods into your own business practices.

"Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action" by Simon Sinek

Have you ever wondered why successful entrepreneurs are able to be so lucky continuously? Why is the success in the business world so easy to get for some but impossible to achieve to the most? If you want to know the answer to these questions and learn something useful in the process? All you need to do is read the “Start with Why” written by Simon Sinek.

"Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ" by Daniel Goleman

To win any business negotiation, argument, or discussion, one must have a high level of emotional intelligence. This means that you must have the vast and profound knowledge on how to work with yours and other people’s emotions fruitfully and to crush any opposition you may face during any discussion. This book explains how vital it is for everybody to know the necessary skills regarding the subject of emotional intelligence.

"Think and Grow Rich!" by Napoleon Hill.

Have you ever wondered how to become a millionaire or billionaire and own a prosperous business? We are sure that anybody would desire to have that. But how to become such a person where to start? “Think and Grow Rich!” presents the opportunity to learn more about what personal qualities do you need to have in order to start your journey to the immeasurable wealth!

“The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” by Thomas Kuhn.

Every scientific breakthrough during human history was made using the sophisticated and calculated methodology. This book by Thomas Kuhn is a great way to familiarize yourself with the structure and methods used to achieve such groundbreaking results in many various science fields.

“On Liberty” by John Stuart Mill.

This book caused a considerable uproar in Victorian society circles at the time due to advocating the economic and moral freedom of the citizens of any country. Additionally, many famous people refer to John Stuart Mills as the founder of pragmatism school in the Western world.

“Civil Disobedience” by Henry David Thoreau.

This essay contains the thoughts and views of the author on a concept of government and the immorality of its rule. Being appalled by slavery and the Mexican – American war, Thoreau gives a well-constructed criticism to the actions of American rulers at the time and ponders how any government, in general, can subject its citizens to any injustice just because of those who have the political power to do so.

‘Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius

Being written at the dawn of Pax Romana, this philosophical work had laid the fundamentals of stoicism and give a profound explanation of its teachings.

“On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres” by Nicolaus Copernicus.

It is a universal fact known by everyone that the Earth is round and the sun is the center of the solar system. However, it was not always the case in 1543, when Nicolaus Copernicus published the theory of spheres. Many of his astronomical intellectual concepts and methods were laid as the basis for modern-day astronomy.

The Gutenberg Bible.

This book was the earliest one to be printed in the 1450s, beginning the era of the first mass-printed books in history. The success in publishing this book helped to solidify the shape and production methods of an early age printing and promote its use throughout the world.

The wonders of reading an excellent book.

Please, do keep in mind that every single one of these books is akin to a cultural or scientific treasure of humankind. If you are wondering what you should read, look through the list above and select the book which is suitable for your preferences or a scientific study. We can guarantee you that every literature works listed on this page will not leave you empty-handed after reading them! These texts will give you an insight into many enlightening, useful, and entertaining things you can encounter in our vast and peculiar world.

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