The Benefits of Fresh Juices


Everyone of us wants to be healthy and happy. These two meanings are intertwined. Fresh juices play a big role in the entire work of one’s body. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and even protein. Fresh juices, which are made out of fresh vegetables and fruits, are able to protect someone’s body from outer irritants. They boost immune system of a person and fill it with necessary elements. This topic is almost unending. We are talking about the type of drinks that is so delicious and healthy.

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Healing properties that inhabit fresh juices stimulate digestion and metabolism. Usually they are low in calories. If you are keeping diet, drink fresh juices every day. Although most people know about juices as an absolute well of health, there are cases when a person should not drink them. Pay attention to apple, cranberry, and other acidic fresh juices. If you do not have problems with stomach, it is fine to consume them. However, in case a person has ulcer of stomach, he/she has to avoid drinking such juices.

While fresh juices have laxative effect, pregnant women and breastfeeding have to consult the doctor before they start drinking them. Add fresh juices in the ration of babies and kids with big caution. Again, consult your doctor. It is better to avoid drinking juices in case of diarrhea because they stimulate stomach.

3 Simple Detox Juices for Beautiful Skin and Proper Digestion

1. Herbal Green Juice. All you need to make the juice is cucumber, spinach, basil, ginger, cilantro, lemon, green apple, and celery. So, wash all ingredients, cut apple and cucumber. Put everything in a big bowl. Squeeze fresh juice out of green stuff and serve it.

Enjoy this drink. The recipe is wonderful. This is a good green basic juice to try. It will fill you with energy, important minerals, and vitamins. This juice will give you positive mood.

2. Berry Beet Juice. You will certainly like the color and taste of this juice. Prepare one lime, red cabbage, purple kale, three small red beets, and mixed berries. For this recipe one may use several blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Rinse all veggies and berries. Peel beets and lime. Chop all ingredients. Then throw all except berries into your juicer.

Throw berries into a blender. Blend them up. If you want to get rid of the seeds, strain berries, or blend until it is smooth.

3. Glow Juice. It is a very bright and happy looking juice. You will need three medium carrots, ginger, one lemon and one big orange, three small golden beets, fresh turmeric or its powder. After you have washed and cut all pieces, start juicing. Add more your favorite ingredients. If you want to make it sweeter, add more beets. You can do it with all three recipes.

All these recipes are very useful. They strengthen immunity and maintain metabolism. While drinking them every day, you will make your body healthy. Fresh juices will clean your body and prevent you from diseases. In many cases doctors suggest to drink them. They are a perfect combination of substances that destroys slag, improves the condition of one’s skin and hair, and tones up.

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What Fresh Juices can be Dangerous for One’s Health?

Yes, surely, fresh juices may harm someone’s health. Always control your portions. If a person consumes this drink uncontrollably, he will injure his cardiovascular system. Also, it is dangerous because of the risk of allergy. This factor can cause severe effect and even bring about death.

1. Tomato juice, for example, can cause serious problems in case of any kind of poisoning. It contains a huge amount of essential substances, but they become dangerous for a patient in this medical condition. 

2. Even though carrot juice consists of vitamins A, B, C, D, and K, it can harm one’s liver. Drink it no more than one glass per day. Normally, fresh carrot juice improves someone’s eyesight, increases appetite, and strengthens tooth’s tissue.                            

3. It is not recommended to drink grapefruit juice those people who suffer overweight. It contains fructose. For these reasons, do not drink it if you want to cut extra kilos.

Several Tips on How to Drink Fresh Juices

1. Stick to the dose. A person has to drink fresh juices smartly. They possess preventive effect but they are not drugs. Previously we have written that they even can harm your health. So, be wise and do not drink juices more than you have to.

2. Do not be afraid of experiments. Mix vegetable juices with fruit juices. Thus, the juice will be not so sweet. By the way, greater part of minerals lives in veggies, not in fruits. So, while mixing both, a person will get an ideal drink.

3. Some fresh juices, especially apple juice, are better to drink at once. Most of essential substances and vitamin C fall apart when get in touch with air. Do not use metal spoon to stir it.

4. It is better to dilute fresh juices. For this use boiled water. Undiluted juices will spoil tooth enamel and harm walls of the stomach.

5. Do not wait and consult your pediatrician, if you do not know how to give fresh juices to kids.

Fresh juices are very helping in case of keeping diet. They reduce the level of bad cholesterol in one’s body and eliminate toxins. We cannot forget to remind you about their anti-inflammatory properties. If you are not a juice-drinker, you will change your mind when see huge improvement of your health and increase of the energy in the body.

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