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Professional essay from custom writing company: this one is devoted to the brainstorm and pros and cons of such methods of creativity stimulation.

Brainstorming is a well-known way of elaborating new ideas, as well as stimulating creative thinking. This method was proposed in the middle of the last century by a researcher named Alex Osborne. He revolutionized the idea of ​​how to elaborate new ideas in a group and how effective it might be. Alex Osborne was inspired by this idea; he considered brainstorming as an extremely effective method of group creative thinking and to some extent, it is true. Most of us used this method consciously or unconsciously, knowing or not knowing about it, at work or among friends. The brainstorm is hardworking of each member of the team in order to achieve the desired goal. In our essay, you will find ways to attain your ones by means of hard work

First of all, brainstorming is associated with the group activity and we know that group creative activity often inspires. It can be psychologically comfortable for a person: it is much easier to pull yourself together and start working if you are surrounded by the like-minded people who also are also very motivated. Everyone is supported mentally and emotionally and this connection allows people to do incredible things. A brainstorming group is often characterized by a high level of mutual trust, emotional mutual support, and enthusiasm of its participants. Alex Osborne emphasized that these are the most important features for the productivity of the group.

Osborne also proposed basic principles of brainstorming, which are also widely used. Any brainstorming has two stages. The first stage is the elaboration of ideas, the second is the selection of ideas. We will pay special attention to the first stage during which people create new ideas and on its basic principles.

First, in the brainstorming group, especially at the preliminary stage, criticism is prohibited. This means that any member of a brainstorming group can offer a variety of ideas, sometimes crazy ones, and sometimes even ridiculous ones, or the ones that seem to be incorrect. They must be well-considered, noted, and analyzed. Other members of the brainstorming group are not allowed to express their opinion concerning the ideas of other members or criticize them. This is one of the most important principles of brainstorming.

The second principle, which is mostly related to the membership of the group. A brainstorming group should be both professionals in the field in which the group works and representatives of other professions, perhaps even amateurs in this area. It will allow a wide range of different points of view which would be based on knowledge, personal experience, intuition, emotions etc.

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So far, brainstorming has been effectively used, but it has both pros and cons. One of the major advantages is mutual emotional support, the inspiration of the participants. When one of the members elaborate a new idea, he or she launches the chain reaction, which results in stimulation of creativity of other members. When we hear some piece of information, we immediately process it and since this information is from the external source, we start changing it adding something new or creating something completely opposite.  The cognitive mutual influence of the participants is also a very important feature of the effectiveness of the brainstorming group. You need to remember that your brainstorm will be effective only in case if you use all the sources of your team. Thus, you need to communicate with each member of the brainstorm team. These tips on effective communication will help you to milk your brainstorm session and elaborate a lot of good ideas.

The study of the effectiveness of brainstorming groups, which were conducted afterward, showed that not everything is so good with brainstorming. It turned out that in most cases the nominal group of brainstorming participants who work in isolation from each other can produce more ideas and these ideas can be more original and their work can be more effective. Imagine a group that comprises twenty members. People feel comfortable and start elaborating new ideas one by one and this inflow seems to be endless. However, in fact, the effectiveness of the entire group should be divided into twenty since each member of the group has only average effectiveness and the contribution is average as well. Thus, we can hardly say that brainstorm is an effective technique to elaborate new ideas.

According to other scientific studies, there are a number of negative factors that have nothing to do with a high effectiveness of brainstorming, according to Osborn’s study. For example, this is the blocking of productivity, when in a brainstorming group one participant can speak out because the other is talking. It might also be the effects of social comparison. For example, there is an obvious leader in the group which produce a large number of ideas and block other participants from sharing their own ones.

Finally, this is a question of responsibility. Certain participants of the group feel responsible for the success of the entire group while others think that if this group will fail without their contribution they won’t be the ones to blame. These negative factors significantly decrease the effectiveness of the entire group. Most of them are caused by communication in real life, that is here and now and various factors might influence the productivity of the members. In order to increase the productivity of the group, you need to be less shy since people are afraid of sharing their ideas even if they are brilliant. There are four tips on how to be less shy and more talkative in the group.

With the development of modern computers and information technologies, a large number of methods based on computer and internet technologies emerged to change common brainstorming techniques entirely. These methods eliminate the flaws of the brainstorming. It allows choosing the members of the brainstorming team more flexibly since a number of studies proved that the number of members in the brainstorming group influence its productivity. Alex Osborne assumed that in a large group productivity is rather high but according to another research, it turned out that the most effective brainstorming group is the one that contains from two to four participants. Thus, the more participant brainstorming group contains, the less productive it will be. We think that you also need to read an essay on common sense in addition to this one since they are connected in this or another way. Follow the link

Concerning the Internet-mediated communications in the brainstorming group, you can see that it is possible to build up the brainstorming group flexibly customizing the number of members and features of these members. In addition, in the e-brainstorming groups, there are no certain negative effects that exist in live groups. For example, the blocking of productivity: in this case, you just see the list of the proposed ideas on the screen in front of you and there is nothing to stop you from sharing your own ones. Moreover, having such an opportunity at any moment, you definitely will not forget these ideas and you won't lose the motivation to express your ideas regardless of what they are. A person can print an idea that has just appeared, and it can then be analyzed at the second stage of brainstorming.

The models of electronic brainstorming are completely diverse in technical solutions. For example, it might be communication with the direct or indirect interaction of the participants, i.e. they can just share their ideas without discussing them orally or they can speak via a certain software dedicated to the oral communication on the internet and talk to each other directly. Anyway, the absence of live contact provides mutual cognitive stimulation. Sometimes, such a mode of communication is beneficial for the participants but sometimes it is not. However, the combination of live and online sessions might beneficially influence the productivity of brainstorming.

These part we would like to devote to the second stage of brainstorming which we mentioned in the previous part of our essay. This one has nothing to do with social features of the first stage and is aimed at the processing of the obtained information. During the second stage of the brainstorm, the participants critically evaluate each idea no matter how ridiculous or crazy it sounds and then selects the most interesting ones. In general, only the ideas worth being considered are selected.

These two stages of brainstorm are rather an effective method of stimulation of creativity. As you can see, there is a huge variability of brainstorm concerning the format of brainstorming sessions and with regard to the technologies used for the brainstorm. By means of the customization of the format of brainstorm sessions and careful selection of the features of the brainstorm team members, it is possible to optimize the work of the entire group. Moreover, the brainstorm can be also used both for elaborating new creative ideas to solve a certain problem and to find the best way to use this idea to make chosen solutions more effective.

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