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In order to show you that we can rewrite an essay very good, we used a couple of essays on the internet to write a new one on the positive effects of music.

In this essay, we would like to discuss one of the greatest discoveries of all times, and according to our opinion, it is music. This is a unique phenomenon yet not completely studied and who knows what effects it has. However, in this essay, we would like to discuss the ones that were already scientifically proven. We came up with the list of the main functions music performs including its positive effects on our mental health and other interesting facts. We chose this topic since music is always by our sides since the day we were born when our mothers sing us the song so we could fall asleep and when we listen to our favorite musicians in the adulthood etc. That's why our interest towards this one is very strong. We also would like to talk about another activity we consider to be very useful and interesting. It is reading and our writers prepared an essay about it for you

  1. Motivation function. We are all looking for the sources of inspiration when we are depressed or dull or experience lack of ideas. Each of us subconsciously is searching for ways to absorb positive energy to make our studying and working more effective and enjoyable. Usually, we refer to music to find inspiration. Favorite songs deal with this task perfectly well since they might remind us about sweet memories from the past or charge up with positive emotions that promote effective working or studying. Additionally, it helps to relax since when you do something for a long time you need to make at least a small pause to give your body and mind a little rest. Just send a message like “write me an essay for tomorrow” and consider the job to be done. If you need an essay creator now, we are ready to provide it.
  2. Inspiration function. As well as the search for motivation, we need to get inspired. Usually, it is connected to our creativity and imagination. Music helps to find new interesting ideas and solutions since it actualizes certain areas of the brain that are responsible for our creativity and thus, having listened to our favorite music we are likely to elaborate new interesting ideas. There are also other sources of inspiration you can use. In this essay, you will find the list of the most effective ones.
  3. Cheering up function. This is probably one of the most important ones since we are looking for the remedy listening to music. However, it works in two different ways. People listen to music and their bad mood and sometimes even depression disappears or music might aggravate the situation and the mood might get even worse since as a rule, people abuse with the sad music rather than listening to joyful music. This is a serious problem that might stop you from benefiting from this very function, but it is better to avoid sad music while you are depressed. Feel free to hire essay revision service if you need the job to be done perfectly.
  4. Music increases our resistance to stress. Music beneficially influences our ability to resist stress and depression since usually listening to music we disconnect from the problems that take place in our ordinary life to forget about them. There are a couple of ways to defeat depression besides music and we recommend you to read. Thus, you can get back to work or studying much faster using music therapy rather than trying to carry this burden all alone.
  5. Music is a door to another dimension. We bet all of you listening to music imagined that you stand on the scene singing your favorite songs while millions of fans silently listen to you. Thus, music contributes to our dreaming and this process becomes even more interesting and even addicting with music.  You can buy argumentative essay here with a huge discount! Hurry up to place an order.
  6. Developing function. People who listen to music really a lot and additionally play a certain musical instrument, contribute to their personal development. It is also a scientific fact that people who listen to classical music have much higher IQ than those who do not listen to music at all or listen to it not enough. Sometimes, the only thing you need is an accurate essay editing service to be happy. Order now!

There are a couple of things we would like to add out of our list. First of all, music is a mean of relaxation and rest. Thus, never try to listen to music studying since when you are busy doing your homework music draws your attention, since, as was already mentioned, music triggers certain memories to appear in your mind. It is almost impossible to study when your mind is clouded by the thoughts you really do not need during the studying or working. However, if you can’t do all the listed above things in the complete silence, you can listen to classical music since it is neutral and it helps to concentrate. You should not shut off from people who care about you relying only on the music. You need to tell them what bothers you

Besides rewriting, we deal with other services connected with custom writing. These are writing, editing, proofreading etc. We have very good writers to suit your needs and every requirement of yours will be met. For each and every visitor of our website, we have an online chat working 24/7 you can use to clarify any issue you consider to be confusing. Our support agents are obliged to answer all your questions and help you with whatever issue you have. Order your paper on our website and we will prove we are worthy of your trust.

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