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Our professional proofreaders online created an essay for those who feel certain inconveniences within the society and wants to fix it.

Today, our society accepts and appreciate cynical attitude towards each other. The major rule is that we should first of all pay attention to what we want disregarding other people but it does not mean that we should do whatever we want. There is a good word on this account: "Speak politely, think whatever you want". This is a perfect description of the topic of our essay in general since it does not contradict the principles of a good personality. You might not accept social dogmas and rules without starting a riot but it does not mean that you should not be polite and friendly in the society. There are so many essays dedicated to the things you actually should do being a part of society but this one will list things you should not do if you want to survive. If you are a student, our company can help you since can write an essay in a day.

Never try to draw attention complaining

This one of the best ways to draw other people’s attention but you won’t be able to win their trust. Such a behavior is more likely to irritate or even get angry your collocutors especially if you got used to communicating in such a negative way. Our words have enough power to cheer people up and depress them Any communication is an exchange of energy and if one party received only the negative one while another one gets the relief, such communication will be out of interest. You complain should contain irony and humor to make it more pleasant to hear.

Focus on the internal dialogue instead of the external one

In the course of the dialogue, some strange thoughts that have nothing in common with the topic of the conversation might appear in your head and you can't control it. Usually, people start listening to them instead of the collocutor. Thus, he or she might think that you do not participate this conversation at all. This conversation will seem a little bit one-sided. That’s why do your best to pay special attention to what the collocutor says that then focus on your inner voice. It probably told you already to order rewriting services on our website since we can rewrite assignments to make them 100% original.

Distracted during dialogue and even online communication

Imagine, you are at the café talking with somebody and the story you are about to say is very important to you and instead of listening to you carefully, your collocutor starts paying attention to other people or objects. It makes you feel that you say something totally uninteresting. This is a very valuable reason to give up this conversation. Why people actually don’t listen to you? There are several reasons for doing it and they are all listed in this essay.

This rule is also applied to online communication even via chat since soon enough it will become boring to wait for the collocutor to answer your messages. It is better to warn another person that you are able to answer with a small delay with regard to certain reasons. Thus, your answer will seem banal and general.

Do not pay attention to the friends and family members

Most people usually say that they actually love and care about their family but they do not pay much attention to them. Even if you think that they do not need it, you are likely to be wrong since we all need attention and care we all deserve. It is almost impossible to keep in touch with each and every relative you have but you can communicate with the closest ones. While you are busy hanging out with your family, our well-trained paper editor will correct your paper.

Cadge for compliments

We all love to be appreciated and well-evaluated but most people see no difference between true compliments and cadged ones. Usually, people do not say it directly, instead, they try to express their feelings by means of behavior. As a rule, it looks weird and even ridiculous.

Inability to accept compliments

Most people actually do not know how to react to the compliments and they can turn an act of appreciation into something awkward. Simple "thank you" will be enough to reward the one who complimented you.  Do your best to show this person that you are as pleased as possible.

Never interrupt the collocutor

Unfortunately, in the course of the conversation, you might not even notice that you actually interrupted your collocutor nevertheless this is the habit that has nothing in common with effective communication. Do you best to listen to everything he or she wants to say and then start speaking? This is a way to show your respect. If you want to learn how to be more respectful towards people you communicate with, read this essay

Inability to support

Being coldblooded is a good quality but not in case of communication since usually it is considered to be an offense. Don't you think that it is a sort of abuse if you are open and honest with a person but you are given a cold shoulder? If you want to be able to give a good emotional support, follow this link.

Do not try to please everyone

This is the quality most people have and it has certain advantages and disadvantages and the major disadvantage is that you completely disregard your personal desires and interests in favor of other people's ones. However, such people are more likely to be more successful in communicating with other people.

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