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For most people, anger is a basic component of common communication. Children in such families are subject to hostile attitude and they memorize such behavior subconsciously and consider it to be normal spreading this virus in society. In such a way, our Earth is overpopulated with people who got used to being angry rather than kind and friendly.
As a rule, children in divorced families are seriously subjected to anger

Anger is a protective emotional reaction in order to win a fight or argue or to attack a person and defeat him or her mentally. Considering the manifestation of anger by different individuals, the women are proved to express their anger just like men. The studies have shown that the women become angry due to the same reasons and with the same degree as the men. The reasons why people become angry and irritated are the following: failed expectations, oppressing environment at home etc. However, anger causes a bad influence on the human body and mind both for the women and the men. Good proofreader online 24/7 is the best way not to get angry looking for the slightest mistakes in a paper.

American psychologists, having conducted experiments, came to the conclusion that the manifestations of anger in men promote the growth of authority and social status. However, in women, this behavior has the opposite effect. The society, on the basis of the survey conducted, is inclined to explain male anger with objective reasons, whereas in its female manifestation, they refer it to the inability to regulate one's behavior and to the personal feature of the character. It is already proved that people feel sympathy toward men anger rather than towards women’s anger displaying sadness. The anger is considered to be a trigger for men to move forward overcoming all the obstacles and do impossible things regardless of the sphere. People evaluate external behavior on the basis of external causes, if it meets their expectations, and internal if it fails to meet their expectations.

All this can be attributed to the perception of the male and female origin, where men are expected to be more cruel and aggressive, and women are expected to be gentleness and kindness. Therefore, when people face an angry man, they immediately think that someone provoked such a manifestation of negative emotion, and seeing an angry woman we assume that we are dealing with a devil-like creature who does not know how to control himself. Check paper with professional proofreading services to continue fighting the daemon of anger inside.

As the result, a woman who often displays aggression or irritation has poor health.

Negative emotions in women lead to a number of health problems like depression, heart diseases, arthritis, stress, high blood pressure, obesity etc. The women who suppress anger or vice versa express their anger all the time are twice as likely to develop breast cancer. The women subjected to irritation or anger are unhappy being married. The conclusion is one; regardless of whether we are able to suppress anger, or free it, there is a problem. Don’t forget about drinking abuse triggered by anger

Such a conclusion disproves the propagated opinion that those who take the anger out on people improve their health. The anger results in even more anger.

However, the researchers found that if the negative emotion is followed by an even greater wave of negativity, then the suppression of anger is not always beneficial. On the basis of the observation that lasted 18 years, the researchers came to the conclusion that women who restrain their anger are at risk no to survive the old age twice as high as those who take the anger out. So we need to learn to be cold-blooded.

In order to learn how to get rid of irritation and anger, record any displays of anger. This chronology of cases of irritation leads to an understanding of the causes of these emotions.

To cool down, make some exercises. Physical activity is known to help people burst out all the emotion both positive and negative, but mostly negative by means of loads.

The most important thing that controls our health both ameliorating and harming it are emotions. Excessive emotions lead to misbalance and serious problems with health. For example, anger is harmful to the liver, joy is for the heart.

Anger stimulates a surge of energy, which rapidly accumulates and suddenly splashes out. A person easily loses his temper, is easily upset by failures, and is no longer able to restrain his feelings, rational thinking is blocked, and behavior becomes neuro-impulsive.

The liver produces all the substances that makeup bile and sends them to the gallbladder, taking care of the correct proportion of substances in the bile. The whole process of concentration and an explosion of anger causes multiple failures of the liver. It, in turn, affects the functions of the gallbladder, which leads to inflammation of the bladder and the stones formation.

Joy dissipates energy, it is sprayed and lost. To keep interest and excitement, a person needs external triggers like attention of other people. In isolation, the individual feels lifeless, that leads to uncontrollable anxiety and insomnia.

The thoughtfulness slows down the energy. Excessive thinking makes a person dependent, he can no longer live without it. In such a way life becomes a consequence of monotonous and grey days. In this state, a person is more eager to be passive and feel apathy towards both his and her family and friends. The life reminds more a lethargy, a dream without ending being a living dead.

The sadness absorbs our energy and slows our body and mind and we can’t be effective anymore.

A person goes deeper into him/herself and any motivation fades. He or she stay away from emotions manifestation and try to hide them by all means. Such a person can seem to be self-confident and strong but in fact, he or she is vulnerable emotionally and physically. It can cause asthma, constipation, and frigidity.

People face fear when the question of survival is at stake. This fear force people to live in the eternal waiting of the coming danger. Due to the force of this emotion, a person becomes angry since he or she just can't change the situation and forced to obey. This condition influences everything including thoughts, health, will etc.

Let’s examine the ways to defeat anger.

Most therapists suggest the patients forgive all their real or imaginary "offenders". Since offense is a bunch of negative energy and a provoker of many diseases. Forgiveness leads to recovery and the launch of protective functions of the body. Naturally, forgiveness itself is quite a complicated process, but if experience it, you realize that people are not perfect, and it would be better to get rid of the stress. Try to take anger out on a certain object or by means of sport. It is a good way to get rid of all the negative emotions and feelings one and for all only if you will repeat it constantly. As a rule, people used to talk with each other to release all the pain inside.

There are several effective methods to get rid of anger. Most of them are connected with your imagination. For example, you were offended by a person or just took his or her words close to the heart. Try to imagine how you scream at this person so load with anger with shouts so that he or she apologizes. Since sometimes people just overreacting and if you try to offend or even hit an offender you can make a serious mistake. Imagine, that this very offender became small as a can and now you can do everything with it. Now, this person means nothing to you it is so small that you won’t even pay attention to it if you will pass it by.

Imagine anger to be energy inside of you, like electricity. You are a conductor that pulls it back to the ground. It is no longer inside of you providing freedom and relieve. This approach is perfect for those who can perfectly control their mind and can easily understand that in general, this situation is not worth it. It will be much easier with these tips to stay calm and cool whatever the situation.

The inner communication is also a good way to get rid of negative emotions. Reflect on the situation that leads to such a condition. What was a trigger of anger? Is it worth your health and your time wasted thinking about it? As a rule, people take everything close to the heart and most situation are really immaterial.

There are seven deadly since Wrath, Despondency, Pride, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, and Fornication that trigger all the sins of the humankind. As you might have noticed, anger places the first position in this list and it is reasonable since it causes the severest consequences.

Why wrath is so dangerous? Most murders were made under the influence of anger. It is one of the strongest ways of manipulation and certain people even use it for their own benefit. Being subjected to anger, a person does not even realize what he or she is doing. He/she can murder a lover, a parent, or a friend influenced by the demon of wrath. The anger occasionally can be a greater good but in most cases, it results in destruction. Keep your family and friends safe fighting with anger. Meditation actually is a good way to fight anger inside and keep your family from this danger.

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