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All the people are selfish to some extent. In the case of the millennials generation, the ego-orientation of the worldview has actually become common. Moreover, real communication was substituted by artificial one by means of social media. If you need an essay on social media impact on our society, you can apply to our college assignment help for students online. Now, the predictions of dystopian writers that people will forget how to understand each other seem rather real. Whether this type of communication makes us introverts is a rhetorical question in form and in content. However the fact that facing the suffering and pain of another person we feel awkwardly but want to help nevertheless is beyond any reasonable doubts. Thus, we all feel empathy. What is it exactly? This is our ability to feel sorrow and support a person who experiences depression and pain. Each one has a different degree of empathy and if it turned out that you've given a cold shoulder to a person who needed your help and you can't stop feeling ashamed about it, this essay will show you a couple of ways to develop your empathy.

The significance of Empathy

Empathy is the way we understand each other or even feel each other's feelings and pain. This is a sort of emotional response to other emotions both of a person we care about and of a stranger. It might be even stronger than the original feeling. For example, when you find out that you are liked by some person, you start feeling the same towards this person. If you want to know how exactly this process is conducted from the scientific point of view, buy custom term paper for cheap on this topic at

Empathy does not depend on your intellectual capabilities. In other words, we can’t coerce our brain to feel sympathy towards another person. We can’t pretend that we actually feel that we are sorry, say something people usually say when a person feels sad but it is impossible to actually feel sympathy. This is not a feature that makes you heartless since it was scientifically proven that every person is born with genetically predetermined ability to feel empathy. However, under social or psychological pressure people lose this ability or it just weakens.

Why we should develop empathy anyway since it has both benefits and significant disadvantages. People who always feel sorry for others are more vulnerable to stress and depression. However, sometimes empathy is required because of the occupation one chose. Obviously, these are the following: psychologists and psychotherapists but these are other professions that require this ability. For example, teachers, sales managers, HR managers, actors etc. need this one. In general, these are all the professions that are connected with communication with other people.  If you are not sure whether your paper is mistake free, order affordable professional proofreading service on our website.

Therefore, the questions how to make sure these feelings won't swallow a vulnerable person and how can they avoid such experience are another topic of our research. Our primal goal is to show you what empathy is and why you should possess this ability.  There are several major reasons. First of all, friendly and emotional people are better at communicating with people. They better understand what people feel and what they actually need. This is a very important quality if one is at least somehow connected to the field of communication.  They are more successful at using neuro-linguistic programming and techniques and other forms of manipulation in order to get what they want. These five tips on how to better understand people should be a perfect addition to all the above-mentioned information.

The second reason is simple. The empathetic people are way better at tackling the conflicts since they clearly understand what people feel and what they want to say. Moreover, they can predict the future conflict and make sure it will be avoided in the future.  These people easier cope with objections and negative emotions and even anger. The last but not the least reason lies in communication itself. The empathetic people are more likely to achieve their goals in the course of communication, they can inspire and motivate people and make good friends as well. Our words are the most powerful weapon and this essay will show you how to use it

Development of empathy

If your profession is on the above-mentioned list or you just want to better understand people to improve your communication skills with regard to certain personal reasons, these part contains a couple of pieces of advice that will definitely be useful for you:

  1. Learn to listen carefully. This is probably one of the most important requirements for those who want to be more empathetic since the basic principle of understanding people lies in listening. Due to the fact that most people literally disregard everything said by the collocutor, they can’t actually understand what they want. These easy ways to become a better listener should significantly improve your communication skills.
  2. Pay attention to people around you. The best way to learn how to understand what people actually mean is to pay attention to them while they are busy doing their day-to-day activities. You might notice a lot of interesting details that you will dismiss communicating with these people straightly.
  3. If you have an opportunity or enough courage, talk with the strangers. The communication is the second key to the development of empathy since everyone has its own story and it should be heard. If you are the one who listens to it, you will be better understand this person and others in general.
  4. Try to walk in somebody else’s shoes. This is a very serious problem in married couples and in any relationships in general; every time when people face the collision of two points of view they prefer to support their own one. If you already have children, it is better to consider the impact of your divorce on your child Do not make a hasty decision until you try to change something. This is one of the aspects of empathy since this is the best support and care we can’t provide. Sometimes, it is impossible to understand what people want or think but we can at least try.
  5. Learn to better understand your own feelings. It is difficult and even impossible to understand what a person feels if you haven’t experienced this feeling yet. The theoretical knowledge won’t substitute real experience.

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