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Expert Writing Tips: Make an Essay Look Longer

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How to do an essay properly?

Learn to create essays competently

Would you want to know how a paper can be made longer? However, first, it is necessary to make sure that you are aware of the basic rules of paper writing. So let’s start with some general recommendations about paper creation:

  • Usually, the size of text is strictly defined, so it is better to follow it.
  • The general size of introductory and closing parts should not exceed 1/3 of the general size of paper.
  • If you write a text, your handwriting should be clear.
  • Use a free online plagiarism checker for students to ensure your essay is plagiarism-free.
  • Do not forget that there should be margins in your paper.
  • When you choose a topic, you need to take notes of everything that comes to your mind: the biography of an author, the epoch, the characters, the events, the episodes, the analogies, the comments of critics, etc.
  • Do an outline in a draft paper (there is no need to write it in an essay itself).
  • Stick to the chosen topic.
  • The content should be logic and present a detailed answer to the main question – the thesis of a paper.
  • Do not start simply retelling the text.
  • Do not overuse long quotes.
  • If you cannot find a proper epigraph, you can do without it.
  • It is convenient to use the techniques of rhetoric: to ask questions or to give different options of the answers.
  • Use material from other texts, from history, from life – in such a way, you demonstrate your erudition and the ability to match and compare.
  • Do not forget about the division of text – divide your paper into paragraphs.

Composition of paper

  • The composition of text should be subject to its content.
  • The sequence of statement and the logic connection between the parts of a text are defined by a well-thought outline (i.e. plan) that should be done in a draft paper.
  • It is necessary to bear in mind that the parts of a text should have proper size: the text of the introductory and closing parts (totally) should not be more than one third of the whole paper.
  • As a rule, in the introductory part, a paper author makes a historical and literary comment: general information about the time of creation of work (based on which the paper is written) or general evaluation of author’s work, and in the body of text, it is necessary to present enough facts that prove statements and conclusions.
  • A closing part of a paper usually has a great meaning load and is a logic completion of the text. Here it is necessary to demonstrate your attitude to the topic and express your position on an issue under consideration.
  • A text might have an epigraph. A smartly chosen epigraph enriches the text and makes it look nicer.

 The content of text

  • The text of a paper should be strictly related to a topic – it is necessary to reveal it as fully as possible.
  • The substitution of a topic with another one that has a similar meaning is not allowed.
  • The analysis of a literary work implies knowledge of the historic context, the ability to reveal the character and evaluate the actions of the main characters through the prism of the features of the time presented in a literary work. When analyzing a literary work, the proof of some statement is the reference to some scene from the text, an episode from the life of a character or something else. Without such references the paper will contain only general statements and writing clichés. If you want to avoid this, we are ready to help find an editor to have all the mistakes fixed in your paper:
  • The absence of specific literary material is a great disadvantage of a text.
  • It is nice if a text contains the quotes from other literary works. However, you should not abuse them or use too long quotes.
  • It is also important to demonstrate your attitude to the presented facts and be able to draw conclusions and generalize.
  • In the conclusions, it is necessary to reveal an idea of the meaning of the characters and literary work in general, its artistic value, the reasons of their influence on the contemporaries and next generations.

Stages of work on a text

  1. Thinking about the topic of a paper.
  2. Defying the main idea of a paper.
  3. Defying the genre of a paper.
  4. Gathering material (quotes, statements, remarks).
  5. Creating outline of a paper.
  6. Thinking over the introduction and moving to the body text.
  7. Creation of a detailed plan of the body text.
  8. Analysis of a closing part.

Options of introduction

  1. Historical – a brief characteristic of some epoch, the analysis of its political, social and economic conditions.
  2. Analytical – the analysis of a core concept of a topic.
  3. Biographic – the facts from the life of a writer, the stories about the creation of a literary work, the evolution of the views of a writer, etc.
  4. Comparative – to recollect the previous literary traditions and to reveal what new a writer has brought to the development of literature.
  5. Lyrical – the connection of a topic with your personal experience, feelings, emotions and thoughts related to what you have read.

Body text

  • In the body text of a paper, it is nice to compare a character with a character, an epoch with an epoch, an author with an author, a literary work with a literary work or with other kinds of art (theatre productions, movies, music, painting); to use a proof “by contradiction” arguing with an imaginary opponent.
  • Do not forget that a poem can be quoted in a line (in quotation marks) as well as in column.
  • Do not overload a text with the quotes from poems even if you analyze a poem.

Closing part

In the closing part, it is necessary to formulate the conclusions of a text. Here you can speak about the relevance of a topic, about the eternity of the issues (problems, questions) presented in it, about the development of literary traditions, about the connection with modern literature, about the place of a literary work or a character in the life of society, etc. All this can help make a text longer and, as a consequence, a paper bigger.

When writing a closing part, you can just ask a specialist to do it for you. Also, you can ask to check your writing to make sure it is correct. In any case, we know where to find a great professional to have a paper done competently:

Your position and arguments

In fact, your position usually repeats the position of an author. We want to clarify at once that you may disagree with the author view, however, such a paper will require more effort, irrefutable arguments and undoubted mastery in the creation of reasoning papers because you will need to refute “the oldest truths” that are always used as a basis of examination texts.

When one’s personal position is formulated, it is necessary to present the arguments to prove it. They should be at least two: the first one is a “reader’s argument” (from fiction or journalistic literature) and the second one is “vital / life” (historical analogies, statistic data, commonly known facts of modernity and so on), or there can be two reader’s arguments. Both combinations can be winning if they are smartly selected.

An argument should have the following structure: the repetition of an initial position in general terms or specifically (for example, a person says one thing but does something different and makes a bigger evil ) – the result that you try to predict in your opinion on a problem (if a person changes, the world will also change).


Another conclusion, let’s say the second time, proves the position of an author (and now also yours). It is more preferable to make it more open – with some estimates, wishes, even morality, for example: “Only by developing yourself and getting rid of your imperfection we can change life. A person cannot be forced to be better if he / she does not want it. With our own example, with our spiritual feat we root out bad things both our own and of people around us”.

If you follow all the mentioned pieces of advice, your text can be really great. It is possible to make even a truly short essay look longer and even a poor one can be turned into a masterpiece. It is easy with professional help that professionals of our website provide.

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