Healthy Properties of Honey


Honey is a sweetener that has been used for thousands of years. It has numerous health benefits to improve the condition of all body. Along with this honey can be not healthy. Why it happens? It is very simple. Honey is a product that people sell. It is usually ultra filtered. People filtered out proteins and antioxidants. They damage some vital nutrients. For these reasons, a person gets honey with no pollen that contains most of the benefits. This is what is going on with honey today. There is a lot of honey fraud.

Nowadays, there is a lot of bad honey. Let us talk about good in honey. If a person looks at honey and finds it in raw form, it means that honey is packed with pollen. Pollen is a substance that helps one to boost immune system and assists in fighting with allergies. This is one of the major benefits of honey.  Another major benefit of raw honey is wound healing. In case a person has a cut on his arm, and he is trying to heal it, a person needs put honey directly on it.

There are different types of honey. This product is widely used in cookery. One can add it into cakes, serve it with waffles, and cookies. For some people the best pancake recipes are those which use honey.

Honey has always been used as a natural medicine for different diseases. Recent researches showed that honey can easily replace many antibiotics. It is able to kill bacterium in someone’s body in all its forms. Honey also reduces the risk heart disease.

The one negative thing about honey is that it contains some sugar. Although a person may characterize it as a drawback, this is the most natural forms of sugar and fructose. However, if someone is keeping diet and trying to remove all sugar from his ration, he will not consume honey.

Healthy Properties and Benefits of Honey

Honey is one of the most powerful ways to protect one’s body. It is found in nature and provides delicious natural sugars and fruit. Everybody knows that eating honey will promote someone’s health. It is the easiest way to protect your body. Raw natural honey is loaded with vitamins, enzymes, and minerals which will protect someone’s body from bacteria.

Honey is rich in bifido bacteria and lactobacilli which assist digestion, reduce allergy, and promote health. Honey has a laxative effect on digestive system. It also provides relief from constipation, dysentery, and diarrhea.

Use honey instead of table sugar. It is very effective and reduces the toxic effects produced by fungi.

Honey protects stomach by coating its walls. It assists in treatment any infection by treating the symptoms of bloating, gas, and acid reflux.

Honey is the best way to treat cough and sore throat. In case your throat is raspy, take a tablespoon of honey and sip. Repeat procedure every hour until symptoms gone.

When it comes to hateful cold, honey becomes a natural cure. Two teaspoons of honey can deal with persistent cough. If children receive one tablespoon of honey 30 minutes before bed, they will cough less frequently. Honey is very effective in treatment of respiratory tracts.

Honey contains elements that assist in removing free radicals from one’s body. Thus, honey is a great antioxidant. The consuming of honey improves immune system. It becomes strong and able to fight against diseases even such severe as cancer. Honey boosts immunity of your body.

For improvement of one’s immune system add one or two tablespoons of honey to warm water.

A person should consume honey if he wants cut his weight. Honey contains amino acids and minerals that promote fat and cholesterol metabolism. This in turn prevents obesity. Honey contains much lower amount of calories and fat than sugar. For these reasons, it is effective for those who want lose weight.

One of the easiest ways to lose weight is drinking a glass of warm water with honey in the morning. Take this procedure on an empty stomach. Thus, it will clean liver, remove toxins, and flush fat from one’s body.

Honey helps to cleanse blood. It also affects positively the regulation of blood circulation.

Do not forget to drink a cup of water with sugar or eat a tablespoon of honey after workouts. Honey supports blood sugar levels and muscle recuperation. It also regulates the amount of insulin in blood.

Although honey is sweet, people who suffer diabetes can consume it. This product regulates sugar in blood due to combination of fructose and glucose. In addition, as it is sweeter, a person will consume less sugar that is more harmful than healthy.

Among other great benefits and healthy properties of honey is insomnia beating. Many people suffer bad sleep. Honey is an excellent solution of this problem. It releases insulin and let tryptophan enter one’s brains.

Having antiseptic properties, honey is good for treating burns, infected wounds, and ulcers. Honey helps kidneys and intestines function better. It easily improves appetite that is very vital especially in children.

Do you know that honey contains Hydrogen peroxide? Doctors use this chemical for wounds cleaning. When honey is diluted with water, its antibacterial properties increase. Apply honey to wound. It works in the way that there will be no scars after healing. 

How to Test if Honey is Pure

It is always very interesting how trustworthy sellers are. There are several inspections that can help a person to discover whether honey is fake or no. If somebody wants try, do this: pour honey in water, if it disintegrates and mixes with water, it is not pure. In case honey forms a lump at the bottom and does not mix with water, it is pure; try to burn honey. If it does not burn, honey is not pure. If it burns, it is pure; place a drop of honey on your thumb. If it spreads and spills, honey is not pure. In case honey stays intact, it is pure.

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