Essay About College:You Can Study Abroad Easily


Essay About CollegeThere are more than 3,500 colleges and universities in the USA. You should notice, that there often is no any difference between the words “ college” and “university” in the USA. These 2 words have the same meaning - the place, where you can get the higher education. The only difference is in the fact, that the university is quite bigger than the college. If you wish to have more detailed information, you can always order the argumentative essay about college.

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There are colleges where you can study 2 years ( for example junior or the community college) and the college, where you can spend 4 years. Usually, the local authorities pay for the students, that study in the colleges for 2 years. Because of it, such type of the study is very cheap for the local students. But those students, that came from the other cities should pay more. You just need to pass TOEFL, if you wish to study in this college.

It is possible to say, that the studying in this college is something like the special preparing before the university. In the end, you will get the associate degree and will get the opportunity to work as the nurse or the secretary, for example.

The important role in the American society play the “middle” and the “little” colleges. The “little” colleges are the colleges, which can contain no more that 1500 students. In the “middle” colleges you can find up to 5000 students. For example, the Reed College is the “little” college, because there are up to 1300 students, but the Wittenberg University is the “big” one, because there are up to 2200 students.

The study starts at the end of the August and till December and after that from January till April or May.

Before sending your documents to one of the colleges, you should find the information about the exams, the financial support for foreigners and the demands for the candidates. Sometimes, it can be stressful for you, because it is the other country and you will be far from home, but you should understand, that it will help you a lot in the future.

The way to the college in the USA

If you understand, why exactly you wish to study in the USA and, finally, have chosen the college, it is the time for the preparing the documents. The study almost in all colleges of the USA starts in the August, but you should start the preparing for it up to 12-18 months before.

First of all, you need to ask the college about the catalogue of the results, achievements, living and traditions of the college. Also, you will get the application form, which you need to fill in. You should understand, that this application form is the most important part of the whole process. There are some questions, the answer to which you need to show in the little essay. The questions can be like “ What is your favorite book?” or “Why do I want to study here?” or something like “ My plans in the future”. Because of this essay, the professors of the college will make the decisions about your study there. You should do your best and write the best essay, because your future depends exactly on it. If you do not know what to start from, or think, that you can make the mistakes, you can order why I want to attend college essay on our site and you can be sure, that you will get the best essay in the world.

At that time you need to pass the tests, TOEFL or SAT. It depends on the demands of the college. Also, you need to ask the headmaster and the teacher of the main subject to write the recommendations for you.

When you sent the documents, you need to check in the period from January to April, if they were sent successfully. You will get the reply to your letter in the spring (April-May).

In the summer, you will need to contact the international advisor. This person is in almost every college and he/she works with the foreign students. You will get all needed advices and recommendation for the successful study.

The application forms

You should remember, that every college has its own application forms. You should answer all questions, which are mentioned in this form. Just remember, that it is better to print the answer.

The copies of the diploma

You should remember, that you need the copies of the diploma with all signatures of the teachers and the headmaster of the school. Also, this copy should be translated into English.

The letters of recommendation

The letters of recommendation play a very big role. You need to have such letters from 3 teachers.

The statement of purpose

This essay can show you all your positive sides and why exactly you should be taken to that college. Why do you want to choose this college? How can you see your future? Which benefits you have?

Sending documents

When you collected all the documents, you need to place them into the separate packages and to send them. You should remember, that it is needed up to 3 weeks for your packages to be sent.

If you follow the advices, you can be sure, that you will study in that college, which you have chosen. You will get the great experience, find the new friends and visit new countries. You need to make this step and to change your life, because it will open the new opportunities before you.