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Since movies are a good way to relax our dissertation writers in the UK prepared a couple of interesting ones for you that will help you to master your English as well.

It is obvious that each of us loves spending the whole evening watching some fascinating movie after a long and exhausting day. This is a great opportunity for those who want to master their English skills with minimal efforts. It would be nice if you pay attention to the unknown words and write down to memorize them better. You may find a lot of interesting expressions and words and enjoy the wonderful plot and good performance of the actors. We hope this list will be useful for you. Plagiarism is a serious problem almost in all educational institutions all over the world. You’d better know more about it

1. Godfather. This is a drama about a criminal family of Corleone. This is a period from 1945 to 1955 when the family of Corleone flourished multiplying its money and influence. The only person who controls the whole family is Don Corleone. He is the most influential mafia boss in New York. After his death, the family is easy to break down and rival families use this opportunity. Now, the youngest son of Don Corleone Michael should bear a responsibility for his family and only his action will determine a destiny of the whole mafia clan.

2. Untouchables.  The film is based on a real story about a batch of FBI agents that tried to hunt down Al Capone, the most influential and dangerous mafia boss of all the times. According to the historical records, it was almost impossible to imprison Capone since they couldn’t accuse him of anything. He had a crime web throughout the whole city and med who committed the crimes for him. These agents soon realized that would be impossible to bring him to justice using a law. They decide to take the justice into their own hands and bring this criminal down. Unbelievable facts and the most famous events in Al Capone’s life, the most violent mafia boss of all times.

3. Rear window. This is the greatest representative of the golden age of Hollywood in the USA. The main character is a photographer forced to sit at home because of a little accident that resulted in a crack in his leg. He has only a binocular in order to entertain himself.  His yard became a crime scene and nobody except one person witnessed it. The question is whether he manages to accuse a criminal of committing a murder being chained to the bed. Analysis of this fabulous film might also surprise you, follow the link.

4. Matrix. The director of this film force you to question the reality itself. The main character is a programmer in a flourishing company by day and a hacker known as Neo by night. Suddenly, a man called Morpheus contact him and set a meeting with him. Morpheus tells him that this world is nothing more than only a top of an iceberg. Having taken a red pill, Neo wakes up from a long sleep. He is told that long time ago our world was conquered by the machines and in order to hold us and hide the truth they created a matrix in other words simulation. Morpheus consider Neo to be the chosen, the only one who can save them from the machines and unchain the humankind. Your dissertation is a crucial paper for your graduation. That's why you should get help with Ph.D. dissertation from pro writers on our website.

5. Point break. A gang of criminals robs banks one by one and nobody can catch them. The only way to catch them is to send an agent undercover to wriggle into the favor of this gang and bring them down from inside. It appears that these criminals are surfers and our FBI agent became a part of this group. Now, he can observe them from inside and catch them at the first opportunity but very soon he gets used to this life full of extreme and freedom and understands that he doesn’t want to live the way he did before. Mother Teresa is the best example of human kindness and love

Impeccable writing is the major feature of our company. Our only purpose is to satisfy our customers, even the most demanding ones. We will provide you with the best writers we have. Visit our website to find their profiles with the field they are experienced in, number of paper written, higher education etc. If you say write my dissertation UK, our service is exactly what you need. Plus, review of our customers also can be found on our website. We offer free plagiarism report for those who want to make sure that their paper is 100% original. This report is attached to the delivered paper. If you need some help or you found something unclear on our website, contact our support agents via 24/7 online chat. Buy professional dissertations online from the UK to ensure high quality of your paper. We are waiting for you.

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