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This essay on the cognitive traps and their impact on our life is written by our cheap, reliable essay writing service team.

You probably heard about so-called mental traps which usually lead to our failures. In this essay, we want to talk about such pitfalls which we consider as a specific misunderstanding in the cognition of an individual and this deviation leads to the misperception of the world. Some of these wrong concepts we acquire from the very childhood, others while we grow up. Anyway, they are a serious obstacle on the way to your success, and we want to help you to get rid of them.


Usually, we continue doing something meaningless even if we clearly realize it. For example, when you start watching a movie but in fifteen minutes you understand that this one is not something you like, but you continue watching this movie. Thus, instead of losing fifteen minutes of your time, you lose two hours of your time which you spend without enjoying the process. Don’t you think that it is ridiculous?

We all got used to finishing what we've started even this activity no longer has any theoretical or practical value for us. This is a propagated stereotype that it is inappropriate to leave something undone. You just need to realize whether this activity is worth your free time and how can you benefit from it. Time is another type of investment, and you should choose wisely what activity is worth your investment. Otherwise, you will spend your time in vain. If you feel that this activity is worthless for you, it is better to give up doing it.

Too many efforts

We fall prey to this cognitive trap when we put too many efforts into something, and in the end, it appears that it wasn't worth it. However, unlike the first activity, this one is obviously crucial, but means we use to deal with it are too resourceful. For example, one can spend an entire day packing the bags for the one-day trip. We suppose this is a very unreasonable investment of time. We don't want to convince you that hardworking is something terrible. We say that sometimes it is an irrational investment of your efforts. The discussion of the hardworking benefits continues in this essay. Follow the link


We are so excited about the events to come that we can’t help thinking about them all the time and thus, we can’t start doing something due to this feeling of expectation. For example, when you are waiting for the guests you check whether everything is ready, meals are cooked, the house is cleaned, and meals are prepared despite that fact that you have already checked it for a couple of times. In this case, we are too obsessed with the events to come forgetting about the present. First of all, we waste our time in vane horsing around without doing anything.

Moreover, we might be embraced by panic and anxiety. To deal with this problem, you need to plan your activities reduce waste of time to the possible minimum. Have you ever heard about the expectation gap? This is a problem every adult face on the verge of drastic changes in their lives, and we want to talk about it with you. Here is an article dedicated to the expectation gap.


This is an opposite tip to the previous one. In this case, people are too busy thinking about their past and their failures, and they ask the same question: "what if." Regrets predispose overthinking of the past events including elaborating possible ways to avoid such an outcome which obviously pointless since it is impossible to apply to these. Thus, all our thoughts and efforts are aimed at attaining the goal which can't be achieved. In case of any failure, regrets become the trigger of various psychological disorders. Just evaluate critically your inability to understand what you did wrong and how to prevent such an outcome in the future. Looking for essay editing service for hire? is a perfect choice for you if you need high-quality services.


This is one of the most dangerous trap you possible can come across. It happens when we do not want to adapt to the changing environment around us. Therefore, everything falls apart when something goes not according to the plan. People who always rise against such irregularities are unable to give up their plans. In this case, you need to precisely evaluate your priorities and understand what is most important to complete your task without regarding a little deviation or to continue sticking to the plane while everything falls apart. You need to adapt to all the changes, and it will allow you to find practical and extraordinary solutions to the problems you face. In the frame of this tip, we want to talk about courage since only this features helps us to overcome difficulties. Our writers have a thing or two to share with you on this topic


This is probably the biggest problem of all the students all over the world. It is even meaningless to count how many times you said something like: "I will start tomorrow, for sure." Thus, we do a lot of pointless action that is nothing more but a waste of our time, and they have nothing to do with our primal goal. However, sometimes procrastination helps us to reach the highest level of creativity. As a rule, the activity we so desperately postpone is something we do not like and do not want to do, or we understand that it will be beneficial but still postpone it for later. The reasons for doing it are quite diverse. For example, it can be stress, depression, exhaustion, plenty of work to do, etc.  All the factors harmfully influence our well-being, and we automatically or deliberately postpone or work or studying and then it results in unpleasant consequences. Those who found this problem common for their day-to-day life, we have a 2-minute recipe how to stop procrastinating right now! Just follow the link.

Attempts to explain everything

This is a less obvious trap as all the previous one, but sometimes it might seriously spoil the moment. When we are looking at the beautiful sunset, we start thinking about this moment, explaining the origin and the nature of this feeling instead of just enjoying it. Another tendency today is to observe all the exciting events in our life through the screen of the mobile phone. Have you ever been to a museum or a concert? All the people just try to make as many videos as possible instead of enjoying their time. When you feel the moment, you just need to turn off all the thoughts in your head and just let it flow through you. Have you ever got professional dissertation proofreading from the UK with a huge discount? This week you have an opportunity to hire professional UK writer at a very low cost. Hurry up!

In case if you already have an essay, we offer you to check it by means of our editing services. What is your benefit of ordering this one? First of all, our specialists will make sure you used all the words in the correct meaning and, in case if there is a misused word, it is corrected or changed for the more appropriate ones. All the grammatical and punctuation mistakes will be eliminated as well. That’s exactly the reason why you should choose us.

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