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The structure of the college essay

1. The title

The title should not be very long. It should be short and unusual. It needs to be interesting for the people and to create the wish to read it.

2. The introduction

It should be not very long, but at the same time, it should not be too short. The best size is up to 3-5 sentences, but they should show the short summary of the essay. It can give the short explanation about the whole essay. It is known, that the people make the conclusion after the reading the introduction and the conclusion, because these things are the main factors in the all essays.

3. The main body

This part is the longest in this essay. Here is shown all important information with the reasons and explanations. It should have a few paragraphs. Usually it is up to 2-5 paragraphs. Every paragraph starts from the main sentence and the other sentences just explain it.

4. The conclusion

In the summary the result of the essay is shown. It is not very long, because there is not any new information in the summary. It is up to 2-4 sentences.

When the whole work is written, you should think about the title of your essay. It is recommended to write the title at the end of the essay, when it is almost ready, because it will be easier for you to create the title in this case. You should understand, that the title should not be very long. It should be short and unusual. It needs to be interesting for the people and to create the wish to read it.

Free college essay sample

The topic: I and my future profession

There are the special moments in the life of every person, when it is needed to make the important decisions, which can determinate the future of this person. The choice of the profession is exactly a very important thing. Despite of the fact, that a lot of students choose one profession, but after that send the resume to the different companies, which work in the other spheres, I would like to choose the faculty “ The roads and the railway lines” and to work in this sphere in the future.

This choice is very important for me, because my parents made this choice too many years ago. Because of it, I will do my best to reach the success in this sphere.

Today, as many years ago, the roads play the important role in the infrastructure of every country, because without them it will be very difficult to move the passengers and different goods from one place to the other one.

There are known a lot of facts, when the roads were destroyed just after they were built and it was caused by the incompetence of the workers. And to solve this problem, there is the need in the specialists, that can do this work properly.

In our time, the companies, which want to be on the first place in the world, should not only use the modern technologies, but also use the experience, which they collected all the time. But also, the great work depends on the atmosphere inside the company. The understanding of the cooperation is the main fact for reaching the needed goal.

In the addition, I would like to say, that during the study I understood not only the main principles of the building the roads, their technology, but also the sense of every road project, which was developed. It seems to me, that not knowledge, but exactly the understanding makes the difference between the ordinary engineer and the professional, that can see not only the problem, but the ways of the solution.

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