Why I Want To Be A Nurse Essay Topic.


Why Do I Want To Be A Nurse?

Do you have a warm, gentle, and radiant personality? Do you always want to help those in need? If it is indeed the case, you have all the qualities to be a nurse! Human health is a fragile thing, and it is vital to our existence, so we must appreciate everyone who helps us to deal with its numerous problems and conditions. Of course, there are many medical professions with a high level of prestige and pedigree, but the nurse is the most underrated one among all of them. Nurses are the irreplaceable to the world of medicine, no matter how far technological advancement will take us. Nothing will replace the care and emotion of a human being.

Usually, many people see nurses as the medical jack-of-all-trades, who only do the most simple jobs around the hospital, such as administering medications and taking care of those who cannot do it themselves. But there is more to it than meets the eye. While doctors usually focus on their particular and distinctive subject, the nurse performs a considerable amount of jobs in many different fields, focusing on the overall health and well-being of a patient. Moreover, do not forget that this profession requires a profound and extensive knowledge of the first aid treatment and the methodology behind it. These people can understand the situation immediately and call for the right doctor who can treat your condition and further provide the details they observed, which are related to your particular emergency.

The Importance Of A Nurse.

In this section, we want to present to you some facts, which will help you appreciate the job of a nurse. Some of them may be widely known and may seem as obvious to some, but we encourage everyone to think about each fact more deeply and not just stop at the surface level. Besides, if you want to become one yourself, these facts will sure provide you with some valuable information regarding your potential career.

These people save hundreds of lives every day.

We cannot stress enough how heavy is the weight of responsibility many registered nurses have to face head-on during their work. They care, cure, and help people with everything they have. Human life is irreplaceable, and so is health, so you can understand how vital is every decision made by a nurse.

The complexity of the study process.

The qualifications required to be recognized as a nurse include the profound and boundless knowledge of biology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, Latin, and biophysics. These subjects are undeniably tough to learn and are very complicated as the scientific disciplines. Students study day and night diligently, trying to cope with a humongous pile of assignments to become the professional they strive to be.

The sheer amount of jobs nurses must do.

  1. Examination of a patient’s condition. When you are experiencing any troubles with your health, you need to be diagnosed first. If you don’t know what illness you have, how are you going to cure it? Nurses will provide you with some pointers to the possible cause of your health condition and will advise you to go to a suitable doctor whose speciality is related to your situation.
  2. Taking in-depth healthcare histories. Every single bit of data must be thoroughly recorded and organized to ensure that the doctors will have a correctly compiled documents regarding your previous illnesses and their treatment in order to provide an insightful decision regarding your health condition. Any mistake can cause grave consequences to the patient, so it is required that a person who will take care of these documents is a highly competent professional.
  3. Analyzing the patient’s emotional or physical state and providing the necessary assistance. Dead tired of being hospitalized and want to stop resisting the illness because you think it is meaningless? The nurse’s job is to relieve your emotional pressure and assist you in case you cannot do something properly or at all due to the circumstances of your condition.
  4. Healthcare education of the patients’. If you want someone to explain to you the point of the problem in non-technical language – nurses will do it for you. They can explain the importance of prophylactics from many diseases to everyone, be it a child or an elderly.
  5. Cooperating with medical personnel. Any doctor cannot do everything alone. Nurses provide professional assistance to the doctors, nurses, and patients alike to ensure the productivity of the hospital.
  6. Administering first aid treatment. If you managed to get yourself hurt in any way, for example, due to the traffic accident, in case there is a nurse nearby, you can consider yourself a very lucky person. Nurses are specially trained to administer a valid first aid treatment for any condition, and if you add their vast knowledge of the human body and related sciences, you can see how vital this skill is.
  7. Constantly learning something new about the up-to-date medical advancements. Scientific advancement is perpetually moving forward, especially in the medical and related fields. So everyone involved must take responsibility for the sake of the people they are sworn to take care of. Just like in all other jobs, if you are not competent and knowledgeable enough – you are unqualified to perform your duties.
  8. Performing various tests to assist in the process of determining the issue behind the patient’s condition. Due to possessing extensive knowledge about various human ailments, the nursing staff can pinpoint and analyze the clues your body is giving out to help the doctors correctly diagnose the issue you are suffering from.
  9. Checking the vital signs of a patient. If you are unfortunate to be hospitalized into an emergency ward with a severe injury or condition, the technological equipment, and the nursing staff will continuously check your vital signs to be ready to administer the treatment in case of any complications with your condition.

How many kinds of nurses are there.

  1. Nurse Anesthetist. Administers the anaesthetics if needed.
  2. Family Nurse. The purpose of this position is to deliver family-directed healthcare services.
  3. NICU Nurse. Their job is to support the life and health of diseased infants.
  4. Labor and Delivery Nurse. These people assist pregnant patients in the process of childbirth.
  5. Travel Nurse. These people are accepting short or middle-term job contracts of different variations throughout the world.
  6. Neonatal Nurse. They are qualified to provide healthcare services to sick young children.
  7. Pediatric Nurse. These nurses help the paediatrician to take general care of the children of any age.
  8. Ambulatory Nurse. Works in the emergency ward and provides professional assistance in situations, which are life-threatening to the patients to prevent their possible death or potential disabilities.
  9. Clinical Nurse Specialist. It is the advanced version of the generic nurse position. This person can administer the necessary treatment in a high number of exceptional cases.
  10. School Nurse. As the name suggests, works in educational establishments of various degrees of accreditation. Usually checks the health condition of students and gives the necessary primary treatment if required to do so.
  11. Nurse Educator. This position gives you the required credentials to teach the nursing curriculum to students of the medical college or university.

What Do You Need To Know About This Essay Topic.

If you want to compose an essay on this subject matter, you need to familiarize yourself carefully with the duties and categories of the nursing staff to be sure that you know what you are going to write about. Use only trusted websites and articles, and if you have the opportunity, do require the necessary information from the person, who is working currently as a nurse of any type for a considerable amount of time. This will give you the data you need for your essay to be truthful and on point.

Moreover, you must have at least some general understanding of the medical terminology. Use them with significant consideration, and provide a brief explanation to each of them in the text or on the reference page of your essay. However, remember that although your paper must look as professional and as scientific as possible, it still must be engaging and easy to read. Keep the balance between these different conditions and you will end up creating a truly impactful and heartfelt document.

The insight on how this paper must be written.

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However, if you are going to persevere and keep pushing, we can suggest you use these simple and easy to follow tips to help you to overcome the obstacles you are having trouble dealing with.

  1. Relax and calmly imagine how your essay will look like after it is finished according to the formatting standards of your college or university.
  2. Arrange the sections of your paper in a proper manner, creating a rough plan for the contents of your document.
  3. Put the plan that you came up with near you during your writing to be sure that the text you are writing is staying on point and topic. Do not misuse technical information and “big words”.
  4. Put the plan that you came up with near you during your writing to be sure that the text you are writing is staying on point and topic. Do not misuse technical information and “big words”.

These suggestions will be of great help to you if you want to get the best grade! Just don’t skip on any of those, and your writing will improve considerably over time!

And here are some examples of the essays you can write on this particular topic.

  1. Provide a detailed explanation on what the job of a nurse is from a perspective you have chosen beforehand, be it the person who provides the professional care to the bedridden people, or an individual who is highly skilled in administering anaesthetics. Give the personal reason and motivation behind your decision for the reader to understand your message.
  2. Describe the importance of the nursing type you have selected to write about. Present the facts you may thin will be attractive to your audience and arrange them in accordance with formatting demands your college may have.
  3. Describe the importance of the nursing type you have selected to write about. Present the facts you may thin will be attractive to your audience and arrange them in accordance with formatting demands your college may have.

These recommendations will guide you through the essay writing process without any discomfort. Use them to deal with your homework. We glad to be of help!

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