What Celebrities Say about Success


Success is a huge matter in this world. It makes people be popular and prosperous. Everyone wants to be successful, no matter to what extent and in what field. This is what makes a person to be happy or become happier. Success is the going from one level to another which is higher and better. Even the Bible tells about it. In the first chapter of Joshua God addresses to him and tells that he must read the Book of the Law every day, for it will bring Joshua prosperity and success. While reading the Bible, one can notice that indeed that man became successful.

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So, now it is an obvious thing that success means much in our lives. Since even God is interested in man’s benefit and happiness, we have to discuss this topic. To become successful someone needs to know how to do this. Is there a special rule for that? Indeed, there is a set of rules which a person should follow. The best person who can give a smart advice is someone who has experienced success in his life. We have prepared a list of famous people and their interpretation of success.

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Steve Jobs often told that the main reason why people become successful is that they love what they do. If you not love your work, you will give up. Here are some major expressions which show Jobs’ understanding of how become successful.

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1. Broaden your life. Understand one important thing that everything you can see around was made by people that were not much smarter than you. A person possesses more influence on the environment than he expects. Change it, influence it, and build things.

2. Make a good team. A successful leader is the one who has built a team out of talented and skillful people. A leader has a vision and he moves everything. But he always needs great people who will support him in the work. Steve Jobs said that one of the most important jobs is recruiting.

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3. Money is not an aim. It is a very smart tip. He told that money was a wonderful thing that made do things, but Steve never worked because of money. The company, the people, and the products that you make must be the main things for you.

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4. Make a good product. Anything that you produce and sell must have an excellent quality. First, learn a customer. Then make a product. You cannot compose something and then invent how it can be useful for the rest. It is not wise.

5. Be always hungry. Steve Jobs always claimed that someone has to follow his heart. There is nothing to lose in this life. Do not let other people and their opinions turn down the voice of your intuition. This is something that really matters.

It is also significant to say words of success. There are many quotes about success. Print them, read them, and trust them. Believe that you can do more.

Oprah Winfrey is the best known for her talk show. But what made Oprah so popular? Let us find out her tips for success.

1. Think step by step. Do not observe the whole situation, the whole life. Understand what you should do next, what is your next proper move. Somebody’s view can be a spoiler. For these reasons, get far from it.

2. Prepare yourself to the moment of opportunity. Every one of us must understand that everything that is going on in our life prepares us to the next moment. That makes look at things differently.

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3. Do not judge yourself for mistakes. All people make mistakes. Sooner or later we commit things that make us blushed up. May it become an important skill for a person. So, now he/she knows it must not be happened again.

4. Be overflowing. Never stop learning and working on yourself. Let your cup be always full.

5. Run as fast as you can. If you want to be better than other, you have to run fast. Even one step which will separate you from others, will make you successful. Never spend time looking at other people. It will take energy from you. A person needs power. It is not about other people, it is about you.

In addition to it, we would like to say something more. Read about successful lives and successful stories. They will serve as a beautiful motivation for you.

Mark Zuckerberg a very famous computer programmer has prepared interesting information on how to become successful. Mark belonged to the richest celebrities in 2012.

1. Focus on your work. One spends his time on doing something. So, he/she will get what he was working for. On this stage think carefully how much time do you spend on studying, working, dancing, programming, or something else. When you do things, you create your future.

2. Learn from mistakes. It is significant to make conclusions of every single fail. There is so much that a person can change when he will avoid it next time. Do not give up and move forward.

3. Learn from others. Smart people always learn. They get knowledge from everywhere and from everyone. People that surround you have something inside that you can take as an experience. Do not be too proud to escape this benefit.

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4. Take care about your work. When someone sows a grain, he has to care about it. A person needs to water it and then it will grow up. One can have good instruments and tools, but if he never uses them, he cannot become prosperous.

5. Bring changes to the world. Join the companies and people who want change the world. Especially if these people are experienced and know how to do this.  

Joel Osteen is the pastor of the biggest church in the United States. It would be interesting to know what he says about success.

1. Say right words. When a person pronounces a word, he gives life to this word. Any word is a seed and thus it is the deposit into a future. Plant good seeds that you may face great future. Continue this topic of how use words in our life with our essay on faith:

2. Do not put on limitations. Sometimes people can say that you are a mediocre person. It is not true. Everyone is very special. The limitation starts in one’s mind. Do not let it in. Just try to be yourself.

3. Stay always ready. Temptations enter every life. The temptation to give up is the most common. It is a part of discipline. You have to train yourself to be grounded.

4. Do not let your past influence your present. It is always easy to go through life blaming yourself and others. But successful people do not act like this. Because you look back, you carry this negative. Your past and negative feelings will keep you from doing big things. The best that one can do is to drop it.

5. Let pain changes you. Lost and disappointment never leave people the same. Sometimes it happens that a person experiences it in his life. In most cases it serves the beginning of depression and splitting of happy and successful life. But the matter is that pain can make you better. The difficulty is an opportunity to grow stronger.

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