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The latest tips from our online research paper writers for the year to come

The requirements to the academic writing constantly change as well as everything in this world. Since we are custom writing company, we are obliged to keep abreast of all these new trends and requirements in order to deliver high-quality papers. In this essay, we would like to share all these trends and our personal recommendation with our customers or you can order the best essay writing service and we will show you our skills in action.


This is a sticking point for all the students all over the world since this is the very beginning of the paper and it is difficult to pull yourself together and start writing an introduction has certain inviolable requirements each student should meet. First of all, the introduction is not a place for your personal opinion or reflection. This is a scientific paper and in the introduction, you need to give a short description of the topic you are about to cover, why it is interesting from the scientific point of view. The introduction should not be too long since as a rule, any paper has a fixed number of words. Thus, the more words you have in the introduction, the fewer words you will have for the body of your research paper. Your introduction should be written in such a way so that the reader could understand what you are going to discuss in the paper. We have a couple of additional tips for you on how to write an introduction if you feel a little bit confused with this part. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Most of the students make a lot of mistakes in the introduction.


This is a major part of your research paper where you need to cover the chosen topic. The first thing you need to remember writing any scientific paper is reliable sources of information and citations. Usually, students blindly copy and paste all the information that seems to be referred to the topic. However, such an approach have nothing to do with a research paper and you are likely to be accused of having plagiarism and might be even excluded from the university or college. All the references should be well cited since otherwise, it will be considered as an intellectual crime. You need to keep in mind that your paper can contain only 10% of citations, otherwise, it will be dismissed. You can either agree with the proposed point of view or challenge it by proposing your personal opinion on the discussed issue. There is a good example for you from our writers. Follow the link

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Most students do the same mistake all over again. They try to repeat the main idea of the body in the conclusion in other words. This is a wrong approach since the conclusion is aimed at the results of your research and you need to present the scientific value of your paper. What questions were answered? Why these questions were answered? How can you benefit from the received answers? If you manage to answer all these questions consider your paper to be written perfectly.

Plagiarism issues

We also want to talk to you about plagiarism since this is an issue worth your attention. If you can't use the citation in your paper but still you need to refer to other sources of information, you need to rewrite the chosen parts of the text preserving the main idea. Otherwise, you won’t pass the plagiarism check. Civil disobedience is a much-propagated topic. That's why it is difficult to write essays on this topic without having plagiarism. However, our writers can. Follow the link


Another serious issue we would like to talk about is an outline. If your paper contains more than twenty pages and a lot of chapters and sections, you need to make an outline to make it easier for the professor to find the necessary chapter. As a rule, this is a fixed requirement, which every student should meet.

Double check your spelling and grammar

The final stage of your writing is the editing of the written text. It is much easier to find mistakes on the printed text, that’s’ why our team recommends you to print all the papers you write and edit in on the paper. There is no need to look for all the mistakes at once. First, focus on spelling, you might have written something incorrectly, then, check the punctuation in your paper. Another step is vocabulary. Make sure you used all the words in a correct way or your paper is overflown with repeating words, fix it if it is possible. The last step is grammar checking, which will take most of the time since you need to check the entire grammatical constructions and sentences. Give your paper to somebody to check it. Impartial opinion is something you need to make sure you found all the possible mistakes and fixed them. Did you know that there are a lot of punctuation mistakes since students don’t know all the peculiarities of writing? We have six most common punctuation mistakes for you!

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