Really Good Online Coursework Writing Services at Low Cost


Really Good Online Coursework Writing Services at Low Cost

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Our website intended for proofreading and other writing services prepared a list of films you have to watch in English.

Movies are one of the best ways to relax but it is also very helpful if you want to learn English. Behind beautiful actors, magnificent decorations and well-developed plot you may find a lot of interesting English words and phrases. First of all, you will better understand native speakers' speech, identify the words without seeing them and have a great time watching a good movie. We created this list on the virtue of the Empire’s list of the best movies of all times. If you want to get acquainted with the entire list, just follow the link. 

  1. The Great Gatsby. This a romantic drama about true love that was betrayed. The director shows us the second main character Nick Caraway. He just moved to a new house near to the great castle. The owner of this house is a man called Gatsby. It is a mysterious character with lots of secrets. After a visit to Tom and Daisy on Long Island he returns home and finds an invitation to the party organized by a mysterious Gatsby. Having met him, Gatsby tells him the story of his life and success but it not the true reason he invited Nick. Appeared, Gatsby knew Nick's niece and they were in love but he was too poor to be with her. Having become successful businessman, he started looking for her and only a few days after Nick's arrival he finds out that she leaves on the Long Island. Suddenly Tom and Daisy appeared at the party and set a meeting. Having arrived at the hotel, Gatsby confessed that he is in love with Daisy and she is in love with him and since recently they are lovers. However, Daisy couldn't say that she loves him too and ran away. She was very nervous and Gatsby let her drive. Accidentally, she hit a woman by a car and she dies. The husband of this woman was so mad that he took a gun, went to the Gatsby's house and killed him and committed suicide. A man, who did all he could for the sake of loves dies being accused of the crime he didn't even commit.
  2. Good Will Hunting. This is a story about an orphan who had no biological family but instead he had more than this. He had friends that were for all his life and never failed him. He works as a cleaner at the university without any perspectives. Professor of mathematics at the university where William works prepares a special task for his students. There is a blackboard in the hole where professor wrote an equation and each student has to give a try. Our here see this equation and decides to solve it. While he writes a solution, this professor notices him and scare him away. However, having seen that this one was solved perfectly. He finds and starts teaching Will to improve his skills. Unfortunately, the mind and soul of our main hero is corrupted by the violence he experienced when he was a child. The professor decides to help him and send Will to his friend, psychologist. For the first time, Will keeps silence but after some meetings, they become friends and Will shares his history and the pain inside him. Then he just drives away leaving this city and all his friends behind to find his own way. In the frame of our research, we wanted to tell you a couple of words about movie review writing. Follow the link to get some tips you haven't knew yet
  3. Green Mile. Paul Edgecomb is a supervisor at Cold Mountain Penitentiary. He works at the most horrible part of the prison called Green Mile where people sentenced to death are waiting for their punishment. However, one event changed the life of this cold-blooded person. A huge black man named John Coffey arrives at their prison accused of killing two little girls and sentenced to death. With John, a new settler of green mile appears. It is a small mouse. Another prisoner Del adopted him and called Mr. Jingles. Percy Wetmore who wasn't the friendliest guy among the officers kills Mr. Jingles but luckily by some magical power John manages to heal him. That's how all the officer found out about his powers. Later, a warden of this prison informs Paul that his wife is dying and he decides to take John to the warden's wife and help her. Having managed to take him out of prison for a short time, they reach the warden's house. An almost dead woman agrees for the help they offered. Suddenly, cancer just vanishes and she is alive again. However, soon enough John has to be executed by the people who now believe he is innocent and moreover has a gift to heal people. The day has come, it was hard for them to pull the plug but John asked them to do it. He is tired to hear all the preys, it is enough suffering. It is time for him to go. Paul will never forget that day and little Mr. Jingles who returned back from the dead. Observation essay is a common task at college or university and we want to help you with it. Since our writers have a huge experience in customer writing, they have some tips to share. Follow the link
  4. K-Pax. This is a story forcing you to hesitate in your own decisions and conclusions. Policemen found a man at the airport without any documents. He says that he is an alien and from the planet called K-Pax. They considered him to be crazy and sent him to the asylum. There, Mark Powell tries to understand whether he lies or not. This film is full of controversial facts. For example, Prot, this is the name of an alien, asked one of the inmates to look for a blue bird. It will answer all his questions. Then, he described in details the life on the planet K-Pax, about their habits and other interesting facts. Dr. Powell allowed him to visit planetarium and he managed to describe the solar system without any ads and point the areas that are known only by scientists but when they asked him to demonstrate how he teleports he just did nothing. Just started blinking. He also promised to one of the inmates that he will take one of them to K-Pax. The past of Prot is covered with mystery. Dr. Powell finds out that there was a man that looks exactly like Prot disappeared a long time ago. According to the records, he found his family dead in the house and ran away. However, when Dr. Powell comes to Prot’s room he disappears with one inmate. Nobody saw them exiting and entering the building. Who knows, maybe he took her to the K-Pax. Most of these movies are based on the novels and you probably will be interested in reading them. This list comprises most of the novels we used to come up with this list.

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