Movie Analysis Essay: How to Analyze a Movie?


Movies play huge role in one’s life. They are an integral part of people’s routine. The goal of every movie is to develop the mindset of every person. For these reasons, most teachers give students writing assignments such as to make a movie critique essay.

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What is Movie Analysis?

To write an analysis of any movie can be entertaining in a way that a person writes about something that most people like to do. Lucky is a person who has to write about his favorite movie. There are many good movies to write essays on. We all watch good movies in our life time.

Movie analysis can be a long process. This is the series of actions. A movie is analyzed according different aspects: cinematography, direction, editing, and sound. There are different ways of how a person can analyze a film. For example, short scenes and clips usually undergo the shot-by-shot analysis.

Someone must know that different people suggest different approaches to film analysis: structural, narrative, iconic, and historical approaches. One should mention that there are several vital points according movie analysis. The most important of them is movie history. This element helps to create a profound movie analysis.

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How to Analyze a Movie?

1. A person must watch the movie that he has to analyze. It is not enough to know only the plot of the story. You have to watch it and then do research. Let the movie make an influence on you. It is important to know when and where it was shot; a person who directed the making of a movie, people that supported film financially.

Do not watch trailers before watching a movie. Watch film apart from all. Be sure that there is no distraction. You have to focus. In case a person is afraid of going to the movie by himself, he has to pick a quiet friend for better comprehension.

2. Remember to watch a movie at once. Any movie is a river where the tide is rising. Do not stop the current. Although it can be challenging to watch movie in this way, try to do this. This is the best way to understand the point of the film. People that shot it put the meaning in a movie. Do not miss it.

3. It is necessary to write down an outline. Even though such things as important shots and repeated scenes are essential, one should not make long stops. Focus on the movie. You will have enough time on writing.

4. Jot down your understanding of a movie. Surely, some things will amaze you. Write all that you think about it. Do not worry about order and classification of what you have written. You will arrange them later. It is a significant thing. Do not lose a chance to put down fresh thoughts.

Pay attention to the things that are interesting for you and the things which were marked by filmmakers. Try to think about the flow of shots, the color, and the main characters.  

5. Find out the history of a movie. Every film has its point of beginning. Many people work hard and spend huge money to shoot a movie. Spend some time to investigate the features of making a film. It will help to understand the core of a movie.

Find out whether true events inspired people to create this movie or it is total fiction; does a movie reflect an attitude to current occurrences.

6. Focus on the message of a movie. This element makes a film to be successful or fail. Notice if the structure of a movie is smooth or wavy. A plot helps a person to have a clear insight of a movie.

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7. Think about performing and try to judge it. Try to be impartial. Look at the characters and decide do you believe them or no; do they talk like real people; how heroes deliver message without words.

8. Analyze the techniques which were used to make a movie. For example, pay attention to sound and music. Often, in blockbusters they use epic music. Examine a soundtrack of a movie. Music produces a tense.

Consider the clothes that people wear in a movie. It should help audience to enjoy film.

9. Drag all facts from a movie that will support your ideas according the topic. Choose what is interesting for you. Do not forget that some lines are installed into a movie without any reason or aim.

10. Make a good start. Do not forget to mention the history of the film creation, write about people who were engaged in its shooting, and a special story that put a base of a movie.

11. Sum up the plot, do it properly and not wordy. One needs to explain the idea of a story in short sentences. In this part a person should not describe major twists and resolution.

Then go on with explaining the themes that are interesting for you. Do not afraid to say what a director was attempting to express through the acting. Find supporting elements in a movie. Again, feel free and disapprove aspects that you do not like.

12. On the final stage write did you like the movie or not. Do you find it successful or bad. Someone can even write recommendations about who will like this type of movie.

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