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In general, the ability to reflect allows forming a certain picture of the world, to solve various problems quickly and effectively, to attain a goal etc. The process of thinking can be general and specific. Specific type of thinking is connected to the data or information we are aware of, while specific thinking is completely opposite and connected to the information, which is unclear. When our brain faces something unknown, it refers to all the resources to define and understand it. Therefore, general thinking is an abstract thinking. In the frame of our study, we want to share with you these tips on critical thinking skills, which we consider rather precise and practical.

From the scientific point of view, abstract thinking is a special kind of cognitive activity, reflecting is abstracted from the reality. Such mode of thinking predisposes that a person perceives something as an entity disregarding some specific details. It allows to think wider, to consider anything from the different points of view and give up on traditional approaches to solve a problem.

People used to find the solution to the specific problems with regarding on something we see. This is a skin-deep approach and sometimes it may fail since it considers only obvious details without referring to alternative approaches. This is a major benefit of abstract approach thanks to its variable nature. For example, you see a guy, as drunk as a skunk laying on the ground without being able to say a word. Most people would think that this is another homeless and such a condition is on the regular basis. However, everything might not be that simple. Something terrible might have happened with this person and he didn’t come up with anything else but to get drunk. He probably needs help but most people would pass him or her over.

Abstract thinking is a perfect way to find a way from the dead end when there are no obvious solution since general thinking might lead to brain freeze. It helps to find a genuine solution to the problem that seems to be irresistible. Abstract approach allows to see something that was hidden from the conscious before.

It is important to note that abstract thinking is also called abstract-logical thinking. This clarification is typical for people logically operates with abstractions i.e. units of specific laws previously isolated from the “represented”, “imaginary” or “abstract” qualities of a phenomenon or object. In other words, a person uses something that cannot be seen, heard or touched. Creativity thinking skills development is also very important if you want to use all the tools of abstract thinking. Follow the link to the best tips dedicated to this topic.

The most obvious application of abstract-logical thinking is in the field of math since it explains certain phenomena that do not exist in the physical world. For example, there is no such thing as number “4”, there are four separate objects. People came up with numbers to simplify understanding of the counting. As mankind developed, we started using non-existing concepts. By the way, have you already thought about preparation to school? It is high time to read about it, especially, if professionals offer you their pieces of advice

There is another good example, which is called language. There are no such unites of language as phonemes, words, expressions, sentences etc. in the nature. We created them deliberately to come up with a so-called system, which allows to facilitate communication and create multiple channels of information transmitting. Despite the fact, that there are a lot of language that have different structure, origins and nature, people can communicate by means of this system, which enables to build up sentences and texts in oral and written form. That why, abstract thinking and speech are so closely interrelated.

Abstract-logical thinking is crucial when people face something uncertain, unclear or incomprehensible and our mind can’t find a solution to the problem using standard cognitive instruments. That’s why abstract means something not trivial, not standard but new and genuine. Abstract thinking skills are much appreciated since it allows to find an alternative way.

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