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How to create a problem and solution essay and make it look nice?

Do you really know what a problem and solution essay is? Do you know how to write a problem solution essay properly? In general, the basics of paper creation are the same for all types of essays. Thus, a properly written essay should contain three main elements:

  1. Introductory part;
  2. Body text;
  3. Closing part.

The goal of a paper is to reveal a topic in accordance with the set questions and objectives. So let’s do a paper properly. If it is assigned to create a simple paper, for example, problem solution essay, we want to offer you to consider a sample of it right now. We are going to adhere to three (classic) main elements, which are the introductory part, body text and closing part.

1. An introductory part. This element of a text introduces the topic of a paper and leads to the revealing of the basic aspects of a work. Here the title of paper can be described, the sense of the title can be explained, an author can ask a question, the answer to which will be presented and summarized in the closing part.

Let’s suppose that the topic of a paper is “The nature of my region”, and it is necessary to describe the nature of the place you live, main problems it faces, and to propose some ways to solve them. Describe in the introductory part what makes the nature of your region special and why the beauty of nature is chosen as a topic for an essay. If a paper is about the seasons of a year, there can be described why a particular season under consideration serves as a topic of a paper, what you like about this season, why it attracts you, and maybe why you feel some special sympathy towards a selected season of a year.

2. Body text. The body of a paper is the most significant, main part of a text. It reveals the topic and explains the meaning of a paper. Show you view of nature, how others describe it in different literary works. Try to avoid a mere story telling or retelling but, on the contrary, make an attempt to describe the brightest impressions that nature causes.

Of course, since this is a problem solution essay, it is necessary to speak about the current problems of the environment and try to present the ways of how these particular problems can be solved. For example, you can speak about water and its importance. Check out a sample of such a paper:

In order to sound more convincing, try to imagine everything you are writing about. Also, you can imagine that you are walking in the favorite places of your native forest / seaside / mountains, etc. Describe what you see around you, present how you imagine nature and why it matters to you. The realization of a topic and its proper presentation is the main goal of a body text of any paper.

3. A closing part. In the closing part, an author usually draws the conclusions related to the topic, which show how well the subject is presented. The closing part should not be big but substantial. In an ending paragraph, you can fix all the flaws made previously, in the introductory and main parts. You can achieve this if you make the ending clear, if possible brief, and if you successfully answer all the set in the beginning questions. It is necessary to sort the things out and clarify absolutely every point.

The list of good problem solution essay topics

Do you know what problem you would like to solve? Do you have an idea of what topic to choose to do a good essay about it? If no, we are here to help you cope with this problem. It often happens that the topics are too many, and you just feel lost. Do not worry, we want to present you several problem-solution essay topics that might help you find the one you are looking for.

The topics related to social psychology can be as following:

  1. Interpersonal communication, its essence and problems to solve.
  2. The essence and barriers to interpersonal communication and possible options of how to remove them.
  3. Intrapersonal conflict – conflict of the social roles of a single person.
  4. Interaction, communication of people, establishment of relationships.
  5. Psychological climate in a team.

The topics related to economics can be as following:

  1. Contradiction between the limited availability of resources and boundlessness of human needs.
  2. The problem of economic option.
  3. The factors of production and their meaning in economics.
  4. Labor as a type of activity and economic resource.
  5. Capital as an economic resource.

The topics related to law can be as following:

  1. Law as a regulator of social life.
  2. Social value of law.
  3. Essence and specific features of a state.
  4. Political system and role of a state in it.
  5. Law and morality: similarities and differences.

How to do different types of student essays

  • How to create a solution problem essay? Such a form of student essay, as a rule, implies writing the text on a set topic (or it can be free) not necessarily related to a literary work, and it usually looks like a short story with the description of a problem and provision of some pieces of advice. The topics can be various, for example, “The environmental problems and how to fight them”, “The global problems of our planet”, and so on.
  • How to make a short story look like a true essay? The genre of a short story in the form of a little narration on a set topic is called essay. In belles-letter, the essays usually have emotional, sensitive transferring of the mood of a described event or scenery. The main feature of an essay is free presentation of thoughts and feelings, as well as the answer to a set question in a pretty small size of a text.
  • How to create a paper that describes an artist’s picture? The description of a picture implies the revealing of the plot subject of a work. It is important to pay attention to every detail in order to present an action, plot or scenery fully. The goal is to answer the question of what an artist wants to say through his / her picture.
  • How to prepare a text on a set topic? This kind of a text is a brief narration based on a particular subject. In this case, there is always a clear topic, and also, there is no artistic value of a text at all.
  • How to do a paper on a linguistic topic? Such papers are usually related to the language and have the form of reflection that reveals the essence of a particular saying of a famous person. For example, “We learn everything when comparing it” – a famous saying of Confucius.
  • How to write a comparative description of two characters? In a paper devoted to a literary work, it is often necessary to use the technique of comparative description of the characters. Usually, the characters that are compared are the protagonists, two characters with different features that can be their temper, age, social status, etc. That is why it is important not only to characterize every protagonist but also to be able to compare them based on the plot of a work. Here is a good sample of a descriptive essay that helps understands how to create it better:
  • How to create an essay for an exam? An exam essay is usually much different from a regular paper, and it is harder to create. The biggest difficulty in text writing at an exam is to define the problem presented in a particular literary work. That is why an approach to this essay type and its structure are a bit different, more complicated in terms of its form. However, it is not as scary as it might sound.

Anyway, if you face any difficulties, if you do not know what exactly to do, if you are not sure what and how to do properly, the specialists of our online service are always ready to assist you. Our team consists of true professionals with a wealth of experience and advanced knowledge of all subject matters. We have already helped thousands of students, and we will be happy to support you as well. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We are 24/7 there for you.

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