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Each second person experiences a lack of confidence and self-esteem. An awkward feeling when you talk with a stranger is also considered to be lack of confidence. Sometimes lack of confidence can also lead to the fear of quitting the job we don't like. People are actually afraid of being criticized by others. Thus, we are here to answer simple questions. How a person could possibly become braver to override above-mentioned problems.

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How to be more confident

How to become lionhearted?

1. Being invited to the party, make sure you are looking perfectly. Look at the mirror smile and tell yourself that you are handsome as the devil.  Having arrived, look at the mirror again to make sure that you are still perfect and even better. Satisfied with his appearance, confidently continue the day. Do not look at the mirror anymore, as each next trip to it will reveal new and new shortcomings, and your morning confidence will disappear quickly enough. If you follow the advice, thoughts about appearance will not distract from important, current, urgent and other things. You will be focused on them, and the background will go your confidence that you look good.

2. The less you think about outward flaws the better. Nobody is perfect. Moreover, most people don't even know about the flaws you consider to be obvious.

3. Stop paying attention to the things you consider to be disadvantaged. For example, any talk with the strangers makes your voice trembling. Collocutors are more likely to disregard this feature and even if they noticed, they wouldn't treat you worse than it is. As a rule, most of the problems are exaggerated by our imagination and not worth our attention at all.

4. In order to get rid of the fear that you will be criticized, stop discussing other people behind their backs. It is a psychological trick if you don't do it, why other people should actually criticize you. By the way, do you need free essay writing help? Visit our blog to read a brand new essay on civil disobedience  

5. People really like to be listened to. So, if you want to be more confident, you need to be attentive towards your collocutors. Thus, with due respect, they will also listen to you attentively.

6. Honesty is the best way to win trust. Unlike propagated opinion, people can easily unveil a liar. Thus, people will have bias opinion towards you and most likely to disregard everything you say.

7. A good friend is the best way to become more confident. Thus, it will be much easier to communicate with others, a friend will support you in case if you are about to lose confidence. You will never be lonely again. These simple tips on friends making will facilitate this process and grand you a lot of new people to hang out with.

8. Alcohol abuse is the worst way to become braver since it might cause serious problems with both physical and psychological health. We hope this essay on alcohol abuse will force you to give it up and change your life!

9. Shyness trigger aggression. So, if you feel that people angry with you they might be too shy to be able to control their emotion. It should be taken into consideration to prevent falling prey to this trap.

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In order to be braver and be able to communicate with people without any problems just be honest and polite since people won’t even listen to you without due respect.

Most of these tips refer to problems with communication that seriously aggravate relationships with society. However, unfortunately, communication is not the only problem to be tackled. Thus, we want to provide a couple of tips to facilitate fighting with fear.

The first tip is based on fear itself. First of all, try to accept that you experience fear since the inability to admit it can lead to even worse consequences. Then, recall what triggered this fear, what is its origin? These technologies will help one to understand that fear is just a corresponding reaction of the brain on certain fear inciter. Each inciter is personal, that's why some people are afraid of spiders, others are afraid of height or water. The best and the most effective way to win this war is to face this fear.

There was a story about a boy who was afraid of darkness. This harmless fear that each of us experienced in the childhood made turned his life into a nightmare. Every night he couldn’t fall asleep being surrounded by creepy shadows. However, once, he decided to face this fear. In the middle of the night he took off the cover and stood up in the middle of the room and these dark creatures just faded away. We hope you will be able to handle your fear in the same way as this brave little boy did. If you want to make sure that the quality of our writing is incomparable, just follow the link

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