Essential Oils: What are They?


Essential oils are pure essences from the fruit, leaves, peel, and flowers of a plant. They were made for promoting harmony between body and mind. Although essential oils are usually used in aromatherapy, nowadays they can be used for different purposes. One may even clean his room with essential oils. Do not ingest essential oils. It may cause illness.

There are numerous essential oils. Most of them are hugely beneficial for one’s health and beauty. You can use them for making a home smell nice. They also can easily relieve someone’s pain. Essential oils may improve the condition of your skin and hair. It is a very pleasant method of treatment. Wonderful aroma of essential oil and its healthy properties make this natural remedy a significant one.

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The Most Popular Essential Oils

Red palm essential oil. This oil has been used by people more than 3000 years. Red palm essential oil possesses antioxidant properties. It transforms fats into vitamin A. This oil can be used both for nutritional and medicinal purposes. Red palm essential oil has elements that prevent people from blindness, make one’s bones strong, and boost immunity.

This oil is vital for the development of children. Thus, moms can consume it while they are breastfeeding. Red palm essential oil will enrich one’s milk with vitamin A. The oil contains vitamin E that fights against microelements that cause cancer.

Red palm oil is able to heal old scars, acne, and stretch marks. It also contains an immense of healthy features for hair and skin recovery.

Spikenard essential oil. This oil was very expensive in old times. The usage of spikenard oil is mentioned in the Bible. Not everyone could afford it.

The traditional usage of spikenard oil was for skin and female reproductive organs. It possesses calming agents. So, this oil is widely used in aromatherapy. Spikenard oil is perfect for treatment skin infections. It can also be applied on wounds. Spikenard oil works well not only on skin but inside one’s body. It stops the growth of bacteria.

Spikenard essential oil helps to cure dermatitis, itching, and psoriasis. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Spikenard oil fights all kinds of inflammation. To boost physical, psychological, and mental balance use this oil. It calms inflammations in digestive and nervous systems. The relaxing effect helps those who suffer insomnia.

Hemp Seed oil. The history of its usage is very long. Hemp seed oil was very popular especially in Eastern culture. It is an excellent natural remedy. By the way, it is a rich source of high quality nutrients. They promote biological processes and prevent diseases.

Hemp seed oil has a right balance of fatty acids which person needs for heart health and brain development. Expectant mothers may use it in order to maintain the protection of brains and eyes of a developing baby. Hemp seed oil supports health of skin, nails, and hair. It alleviates dryness of skin, irritation, and itching.

If a person washes shampoo that contains hemp seed essential oils, his hair will be thicker and stronger. This oil makes the scalp healthy.

Rosewood essential oils. This oil is an excellent antidepressant. It is favorite oil among aromatherapy specialists. Rosewood oil has sweet and spicy aroma that is able to take away one’s depression. It provides relief from headaches, toothaches, and joint pains. One of its healthy properties is improvement of blood circulation and digestion.

Rosewood oil is super useful in treatment cough, cold, insomnia, stress, skin diseases, and vomiting. It also heals wounds. Rosewood oil maintains someone’s memory and prevents neurotic disorders.

This essential oil is a wonderful aphrodisiac. It can easily increase libido and serves as an ideal deodorant.

The Best Essential Oils for Skin

We have decided to talk more about this theme. Problems with skin are very common. The best essential oil for your skin is the one that fits you. Check the list of essential oils that we have prepared. We hope that one will find something that is best for him.

Geranium essential oil is perfect for all types of skin and possesses anti- inflammatory properties. It is effective for oily and dry skin. Geranium oil can serve as anti-depressant and wound healer. It improves elasticity of skin and reduces appearance of wrinkles. Geranium essential oil cures acne and reduces inflammation.

Have you ever heard about lavender oil? It is very nice and smells great. This essential oil is the most popular among all oils that serve to improve skin condition because it is excellent for all skin needs. Lavender oil may be applied on skin without diluting. It is safe for children and pregnant women. Lavender oil cleanses one’s skin and regenerates it. This oil is perfect for scars and sun spots fading.

Basil essential oil is an ideal oil for soothing insect bites, and it is a perfect remedy for sensitive skin. Basil oil can be added to massage oil. It brings relief, so, if you are super tired after a hard work, massage muscles with basil essential oil.

One more essential oil that has wonderful benefits for one’s skin is carrot seed oil. It not only smoothes skin but also helps to rejuvenate cells. Carrot seed oil improves the tone of aging skin. A person will be glad to know that this oil assists in fading scars. Carrot seed essential oil overcomes inflammations and serves as antioxidant.

One should try sandalwood essential oil. Its healthy properties serve to cure acne and skin infections. This essential oil makes one’s skin soft and tender. It is ideal for dry skin. Sandalwood contains anti-bacterial agents that help a person to get rid of stress and depression.

Lemongrass essential oil is highly effective in treatment acne and big pores. Lemongrass oil astringes skin and increases its glow.

What about tea tree essential oil? It is very useful for acne-prone skin. This oil has antibacterial properties. They remove bacterium that causes acne and heals wounds. Tea tree oil will bring elasticity to your skin.

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