Depression: Its Influence and Way to Cope with It


At times people feel depressed. It is a common reaction to loss or life’s struggles. Some people consider that depression is a kind of illness. This statement is quite reasonable. When feelings of extreme sadness, hopeless, and meaningless do not leave one for several weeks, and keep from working normally, someone’s depression may be clinical one.

Clinical depression is a treatable medical condition. Although it is a serious illness, a person can overcome it. The treatment depends on the severity of symptoms. The signs of disease can be complex and vary between people.

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The Symptoms of Depression. Who can be Depressed

Usually depression occurs when a person has at least five of the following symptoms which last two weeks: depressed mood during most of the day; feeling of tiredness almost every day; loss of energy; feeling of worthlessness; inability to sleep soundly; reduced interest in most activities; stubborn thoughts of death; injured concentration.

The most significant elements of signs of depression which were mentioned above are loss of interest in activities and depressed mood. In case these signs are present for most of the day during two weeks, one can set a diagnosis. Usually depression causes clinical distress. It is not a result of medical condition or effect of some substance, for instance, drug.

All people experience different symptoms of depression. The frequency and severity of this illness depends on individuality. To ordinary signs which are common for all belong: bad concentration, fatigue, constant anxiety, loss of appetite or overeating, hypersomnia or insomnia, feeling of hopeless, loss of pleasure in life, persistent pains, and thoughts of suicide.

Experts affirm that people in mid twenties are inclined to depression. Despite this theory, in reality almost everyone can be harmed by this illness. For women depression is very common. Almost every woman experiences some kind of depression at least once in her life.

Women biologically are more emotional than men. Various stresses affect women and cause depression. Every woman has an overwhelming amount of responsibilities. Sometimes it causes sadness and can easily turn into depression. The rate of depression among divorced, separated, or unhappily married women is extremely high.

Often pregnancy, post-pregnancy, menstrual cycle, and menopause bring sadness and mood changes. It causes one to become depressed. Inability to have children is a very sorrowful time in a woman’s life. Imagine that a woman hopes to give birth to her children and once discovers that her body is unable to perform this.

Traumatic experience, cultural considerations, and poverty may cause depression. Low income status can bring overwhelming amount of stress. Strong connection between depression and traumatic experience can be formed. It may happen at particular point of one’s life. Abuse also leads to low self-esteem, isolation, and helplessness.

Notice that there is no obvious reason of depression. Various circumstances affect someone’s life. Depression can become an inheritance from parents. Doctors say that there is a certain type of this illness that may reside within a family. Brain structure is one of the reasons of that a person gets depressed.

How to Treat Depression. Different Methods

Depression can be treated differently in men, women, children, and older adults. When a person feels depressed, it seems that he will never throw off a shadow cover. Despite the severity of depression, it is treatable. For these reasons, do not hesitate and seek the way out. Apply to doctors’ and experts’ help, if depression deprives you from living normal life.

Before start treatment, a doctor will learn about one’s depression. Then he will recommend you a particular approach. There are many effective treatments. The most common are: therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes. Each can help a person to defeat depression and rescue his life.

Regular workouts may improve one’s mood better than medication. Get rid of depression by doing exercises every day. Some exercises stimulate the growth of new brain cells and connections. Antidepressants affect a person the same way. A half an hour daily walk would be enough for a good result.

In order to overcome depression, someone needs to watch his nutrition. It is vital for both physical and mental health. To cut mood swings, one should eat well balanced meals each day.

Sleep influences someone’s mood greatly. If you do not have enough sleep, your depression symptoms will become worse. Sleep deprivation causes fatigue, low energy, and bad mood. Aim to sleep no less than seven hours.

Do not isolate yourself. Keep in touch with friends and family members. Join any group where you will find support. Talk to someone whom you trust. As a matter of fact, any person must receive help to cope with any problem including depression.

In the case when one understands that the main source of depression is stress, he has to make significant changes in his life. Find ways to minimize the impact of stress elements. Unsupportive relationships between colleagues may also lead to sadness and low self esteem.

Find a therapist who will listen to you. Talk is the first and best help. A therapist will help one to find the way to feel better. This is the best natural treatment. Do not avoid meeting with therapist on regular basis. Talk to your doctor, he is a right person to assist you.

Negative thoughts influence one’s body more than anything else. Meditate logically whether your thoughts truthful and grounded. Probably you are not such lonely as you think.

Positive thinking can change everything in one’s life. Recollect all things that give your life meaning. Usually these things are common and simple.

If a person chooses medicine treatment, he has to talk to his doctor. Together they will decide what depression medicine is better for you. Do not forget that antidepressants have both positive effect and negative, also numerous side effects.

Try something new that will bring joy and energy in your life. Maybe you have been dreaming for something and now it is time to make it real. It is important not be afraid of struggling.

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