Cyber-Terrorism Essay: Terrorists Of Modern World


Some years ago such words as terrorism and crime were associated with some physical actions in a real life. The word crime was associated with forbidden, prohibited things like robbery, the use of physical force or destruction of property. The definition of terrorism is “The use of intentionally indiscriminate violence (terror) in order to achieve a political, religious, or ideological aim”. However nowadays, we live in a modern society and such words as cyber, cyber-crime or cyber terrorism appeared.

Cyber-crime is a crime committed on a computer network. Maybe everybody faced it in his daily life. Cyber-crime can be of different ways: from stealing user’s data to economic warfare and huge material losses for different companies and people. Our essay writing service has different articles on these modern themes so you can find types of essays as cyber bullying essay and essays about how to protect your data and computer. Cyber terrorism is quite young reality and it differs from a cyber-crime in its scale. Cyber terrorism is an act that has such effects as:

  • Disorganization of informational systems and as consequence danger for a lot of people.
  • Huge material harm.
  • Influence different authorities to change their solutions.
So, it can be said that cyber terrorism as usual has at least national scale and sometimes can be international or even become an international cyber war. You may found some more cyber essays or order them using this section. Now let’s talk about how government reacts on hackers and cyber-crimes.

The reaction of the government of different countries was creation of Convention on Cybercrime. Firstly this convention was made by a Council of Europe in 2001. The main aim of this organization is struggling with crimes like
child pornography, money laundering, fraud and terrorism through the Internet on-line around the clock.

Convention on Cybercrime is the only international document that has it’s binding. This convention is the set of principles for every country. Almost all countries have something like their own local Convention on Cybercrime. So, as we can see, government of every country tries to protect the population from cybercrimes and the inconveniences that they carry. But how you can protect yourself and what kinds of viruses exist? It’s the information every modern person should know, because when you know at least general information about it you can better understand how to protect yourself and your computer. The harmful and dangerous viruses can be divided into three groups: Trojans, malware, viruses. Computer viruses exist since computers were firstly made. As time passes computer viruses become more and more modern and dangerous. Malware is general notion for any software designed to gain unauthorized access to user’s computer or information stored on the computer, with the purpose of unauthorized use of the resources of the computer or damage owner information, by copying, distortion, deletion or substitution of information. There are some different categories of these malwares. One of the most common and famous kind of malware is called Trojan. As it was in mythology Trojan program is something that looks okay, legal and safe. It’s like usual programs you can install every day. However it is not harmless and it can do such things as: collection of information and transmission it to the malicious user, destruction of information or its modification, malfunction of computer or use computer resources for unseemly aims. The worst thing in all this situation is that user thinks that he installed just usual safe program while Trojan do its harmful and dangerous job. Another harmful type of malware is called virus. It’s very dangerous because when it gets on the computer it begin to create its own copies, infiltrate in other programs and distribute its copies via network. The main goal of virus is violation of operational system work, deleting of different files, blocking of user’s work. Moreover viruses always take place on storage media and consume some other system resources.

As we know people who create viruses and malware are called hackers. What can these people do? They can steal some information, infect computers of users or companies with viruses and even hack credit cards and steal money. Among usual things that hackers can do, there are some cases when hackers made something really huge: huge problems and huge material losses. Let’s look at some outstanding crimes that were made by hackers.

Nobody knows why but NASA was quite popular object for hackers’ attacks. First “great” hacker’s crime connected with it.

  • It happened in 1989…NASA was going to run some satellites… What bad could happen, you may ask. A group of hackers created a kind of virus called network worm or WANK. It was so harmful that caused a catastrophic failure in the program and NASA was made to prorogue the running of some satellites.
  • Another outstanding crime also connected with NASA was made in 2002. It’s connected with UFO. Do you believe in aliens? Gary McKinnon seems to believe in them. He decided to hack NASA system in order to get secret information about UFO. Moreover he deleted some information and about 1900 password and users’ nicknames.

In our blog you may read more essays not only about hackers, crimes cyber-terrorism but also about internet in general, its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, usual computer users are not as interesting for hackers as NASA, however it will be quiet useful to know how to protect your computer. Here are some advises for you to be on the safe side:

  • Of course this may sound trivially, but try to make your password long enough. Try to combine letters and numbers.
  • Create different passwords for different sites and sources. Some people always forget their passwords. It’s quite hard to keep them all in your head. Other people create one password for all sources. That is also not a good idea. So that’s important to use different passwords for different sites. In order to remember them all you can write them down in you notebook.
  • Updating… what a great word, isn’t it? It’s not a secret that sometimes updating may be extremely intrusive. However it’s better to update your system at least do updating connected with security.
  • There are some operational systems exist. You may use any you like, of course; however Linux, for example is safe because there almost no viruses made for it. However for other systems you can choose good and powerful antivirus.
  • When you install some programs that you don’t know or don’t trust let your antivirus check them and don’t turn it off while installing some new programs.
  • If there is a real necessity to install a program you don’t know well and have never worked with, at least read about it in the Internet before installing.
  • Finally, use the best and reliable antiviruses. Even among free antiviruses it’s possible to find a good one.

To make a conclusion it can be said that our modern world is growing rapidly and with development of computer technologies and antiviruses hackers become more and more educated and sly. Development of new technologies and antiviruses stop them of course, however at the same time give a lot of new opportunities to create new viruses. So remember these advices and they will help you to be safe and your computer will be really thankful to you.