The Teamwork Essay: How To Work Easily


For the last 10 years, the teamwork has become very popular type of the work. It is usual for us, and even if the group is changed, we continue to speak or spend our free time with our coworkers.

The meaning of the teamwork.

Teamwork is the most efficient and productive way to apply the resources and efforts of a group of individuals who work towards the completion of the same goal as the single unit.

This term is so firmly integrated into our everyday life and the business vocabulary that its meaning and the principles behind it are usually considered by many people as a natural character trait. You have undoubtedly heard such words as “team player,” “team-oriented,” “good team working skills.” A tremendous amount of business companies and other commercial structures require the candidate to be proficient in this type of work and preferably to have extensive experience with it.

However, what do we know about the teamwork as a concept? What is the correct definition of this term, and is it appropriate to think that being able to work as a part of the team success is a part of a human character? We decided to answer these questions to clear any possible misunderstanding related to the usage of this term.

Many people misunderstand the meaning and the essence of teamwork and generally think that every person is born with a set of skills required to succeed in using these working methods. This false conviction is particularly harmful to many young people because they do not have any previous work experience to be used to work in the group and to the principles behind the teamwork. In addition, this way of thinking is detrimental to many business owners, because it completely disregards the talent of the newly graduated students.

If explained in the most detailed way possible, teamwork is the best way to achieve the commonly shared goal between a group of individuals who work together toward its completion. This means applying the principles and methodology of time and human resources to the job process in order to complete the task in the most effective way possible. You cannot achieve everything alone, and you will eventually break under the intense psychological pressure, so the teamwork helps to balance this unfortunate disadvantage and provides the opportunity to focus on what is really important for you to do.

The concept behind the meaning of this term clearly states that being able to do so is not a feature of a human personality. This means that the teamwork is the way to implement and to work with the communication skills of a particular individual. However, the level of the development of these skills hugely depends on the personality of a said individual. To put it simply, someone prefers to work alone while others can freely work as a part of any team without any complications.

The meaning and influence of a teamwork hierarchy.

As the name suggests, this method is all about effective human resource management. However, the assignments and roles within the team are not distributed equally. Everyone has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, and this must be taken into account if you want to achieve the maximum efficiency of every single team member. This approach is usually called a team hierarchy. It is the most effective way to manage the team’s roles and everyone’s work performance effectively. Since everyone is working for a shared goal together, you must distribute your team accordingly in order to have it perform splendidly in every possible assignment.

The definition of this concept is relatively simple. If you want to get any task done as quickly and as correctly as possible, you must divide the responsibility and the duties between the team members first. After doing that, it is best to decide on the role each member will have. Some people do not have any desire to take extra responsibilities, while others love to continually be in the spotlight and have a strong sense of leadership. After all, to each their own. The leader of the team must be a keen and observant strategist, whose knowledge will allow the members to continue working together despite encountering any potential obstacles they may face along the way.

To have a better understanding of what we have said previously, we arranged a shortlist of what qualities any successful team must have. Please, be advised that every team and every single one of its members is a unique human being with his or her own identity and personality traits. This will ensure that any communication within the team will be done in a friendly manner because everyone was being approached to with great care and consideration to each person’s identity.

  1. Easy to understand and adequately selected goals.
  2. Be sure that every member of the team can easily communicate with each other.
  3. The roles of every member must be distinctive and definitively outlined the responsibilities each position has.
  4. A complete and shared understanding of what your group is going to achieve. Always set the adequate goals that your team can achieve and make them clear to the members of your group. They must know what result will be delivered due to their collaboration.
  5. You need to be undoubtedly confident that your team has enough resources to perform their job correctly and every member of the said team has a complete understanding how vital these said resources are and the way to use them.

This simple set of requirements will help your teamwork to be performed smoothly and with maximum efficiency. Just be sure that a leader of your team is a competent person because you cannot remove the link from the chain and expect it to hold the weight that is supposed to.

It is often said that the groups with the developed and established hierarchy are more prone to failure than any other teams. However, be aware that without any proper coordination and management, you can forget about any productivity and swiftness at all. If the team with the hierarchical arrangement is resolving their issues with a friendly way of communication, then this team will be almost impossible to fail at any task.

Thus, we had established that the role of a team working methodology and the actual concept itself has an immense value to any business or to any job in general.

The pluses of the teamwork

  1. It is very easy to control the group of people and to reach the same goal. The size of the group is from 3 to 12 people. It is known, that there is the leader in such groups and this person can set the goals before the group and to explain the ways of their reaching.

  2. It is known, that if there is the good atmosphere in the team, the people will work better and it is very good, if people can exchange with their thoughts and ideas, because this work will be more productive than the work of one person.

  3. One of the need of every person is to belong to some group. Because of it, if you organize the group and will have the good atmosphere in it, you will be able to do your job more effectively.

  4. All people spend the most time in their offices and if they have friends there, it will help them with some stressful situations or even with the depression.

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But also the teamwork has it’s own minuses. Not always the manager can create the friendly and well organized group. Every team can do a lot of work and can do it effectively, but, unfortunately, there is not always as it was planned. It is possible to determine 4 reasons, why the teamwork will not be effective.

The minuses of the teamwork

  1. It is the unclear organization of the team and the kind of the activity.

  2. Unprofessional choice of the workers in the team.

  3. Not all people can work in the groups, because of it there can be different conflicts of the interests and the group will not work well. Also, it can happen if there are no the clear explanation about what every worker should do.

  4. The incorrect size and the structure of the group.

But it is possible to create the friendly and well-organized group for the productive teamwork. This work is impossible without communication, because of it you can find below some useful skills, which can be good for the teamwork.

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10 skills for the teamwork

The ability to hear

You should hear, understand and accept the point of the view of the other person. It is the main reason for the successful teamwork. Without this skill, unfortunately, you will not be able to work in any team.

The ability to explain your point of view

This is a very valuable ability and if you develop this skill, all people will accept your point of view, even the people, which did not believe you firstly.

Be ready for the cooperation

It is impossible to get the effective result without the cooperation and any help to each other.

Be ready for understanding

It is needed to check all the moments, which you do not understand at the correct time, because if you do not ask, there can be a lot of conflicts and quarrels because of it. You should understand what exactly you are doing, why and which result you need to get.

The ability to set the tasks and the goals

This ability is very important for the leader of the team, because if everyone understand the goal and know what to do to reach it, the result of this work will be great.

All people from the group should work

This ability also belongs to the leader, because all members of the group should take the actions in the reaching the goal and the leader of the team should find the motivation for every worker.

The ability to criticize

It seems, that no one like when he is discussed without any important reason. But if someone tell you his/her point of view and you understand, that this person is right, it is a very valuable skill to agree and to accept it.

Respect and belief

Without these 2 important things it is impossible to create the successful teamwork. People should respect each other and to trust each other. It does not mean that you should tell all your secrets to your coworkers, but you should be sure, that if your coworker does some work or promised something to you, he will do it. Also, the same result is needed from you.

The ability to analyze

It is important to analyze the result of your work. There will be a lot of points of view from different peoples, but you should choose the main things from the rest. It is important to understand what was done well, but what could be done better and how it is possible to reach the best results. All members of the team should take the part in the analyzing of the results and they should understand, how it is possible to change the results. If you find any problems, it is needed to find the ways of their solution to prevent such issues in the future.

The common style of the management

The teamwork will be productive and effective, if there is the common style of the management. It does not matter which it can be, but the main goal, that it should be the same for the whole company.

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To sum up, it is easier to get the result when you work in the group. You can also get the support and you will know, that you are not alone. But you should understand, that the work in group demands a lot of your efforts to get the results.