The Most Amazing Places on the Earth: What are They?


We are living in the world which is full of magical things. Why they are magical? Because these things are beautiful, amazing, fascinating, and sometimes they seem unrealistic. Someone cannot believe that such incredible places indeed exist on the Earth. While living in cities and towns people used to see skyscrapers, vehicles, different buildings, and much of bustle. Today we are going to talk about something that is located far from big towns and huge crowds. These are the most beautiful places that one has to see.

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Incredible Places on the Planet

1. Fairy Pools in Scotland. This wonder attracts people from all over the world. Someone can find it on the Isle of Skye. Fairy Pools lie far enough from the nearest village. One can reach them by a car or on foot. When a person sees the place, it makes him to think that magical creatures inhabit these pools. It is better to come there after a rain when the sky remains gloomy. One can make fantastic photos of Fairy Pools and swim in the water which is actually cold. What would be really great is to buy written essay paper about this place from someone who was there.

Once you arrive there, take some time to explore every pool. This point has waterfalls, lakes, swimming and crystalline pools. Pay attention to all details, for they may hide something extremely delightful like arches in the water.

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2. Marble Caves in Chile. Not far everyone is so lucky to have a tour to this country. Have you ever heard about Marble Caves? This child of mother nature can be easily called the most wonderful chain of caves on the Earth. They are partly dunked into waters of the lake. The lake indeed is stunning. Its turquoise color makes the place romantic and magical. Argentina and Chile have divided the lake between themselves. Marble Caves are located on Chile’s side. To enjoy the journey someone needs a boat. An instructor will help you to take pleasure from investigating Marble Caves. Beware of bad weather. Someone is allowed to explore the caverns only when the lake is calm.

3. Whitehaven Beach in Australia. There are many beautiful beaches in the world. But this is the most marvelous and white-sand beach. People say that silica caused the whiteness of the sand, and it was brought by waves more than a million years ago. If one touches the sand, it feels like sugar. The beauty of the beach entices numerous people. Blue sea and white sand serves as a magnificent combination for art and rest. If someone wants to visit this beautiful place, he can use a boat, ferry, helicopter, or small plane. Come to Australia and walk on the best Whitehaven Beach.

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4. Tian Tan Buddha in Hong Kong. This location is super popular among tourists. Hong Kong has many points of destination. One of the most known in the world is Great Buddha. Despite its spiritual side, the place attracts tourists because of different reasons. People spent several years to build the statue. By the way, it was made out of bronze. It symbolizes peace between people and nature. Geographically Tian Tan Buddha is the center of Buddhist region. There is a monastery near it.

Someone can visit rooms inside Big Buddha. A person has to pay for the entrance. Wonderful relics fill all these rooms. Also, one can hear how the huge bell is rang out every seven minutes.

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5. Aoagshima Volcano in Japan. Are you afraid of volcanic eruption? Do you know that the island we are talking about is inhabited? Nobody knows how and why first settlements appeared in this place. Somebody can get to Aoagshima by boat or plane. There are for about 200 people who live on the island. No one from them lives inside the crater. The territory of the island is small. It is 9 square km. There are roads and houses. Everything looks neat and beautiful. It seems like the combining of incompatible things. The best way to have a pleasure on the island is to have a walk. One should not miss a chance to sleep outdoors. The stars are wonderful on that side of the planet.

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6. Glow Worm Caves in New Zealand. This is a must thing to visit when someone comes to New Zealand. Glow Worm Caves are in the center of the rain forest. So, you have to get there and then climb down in the cave. This is a real adventure, almost like to type essay online. The caves are big enough. They are an excellent place for weddings and other special occasions. The acoustic inside is brilliant. Sometimes guiders suggest tourists to sing to experience the sound. A person will be astonished by the beauty of the stars which glimmer inside the cave. They are actually funny glowworms. The scene is unbelievable and breathtaking. There is a river inside the cave. Thus, people sit down in a boat and have a voyage through the whole place.

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7. Split Pinnacle in Hunan, China. From the first sight somebody could not believe that this place is real. It looks like another planet. Do you remember “Avatar” movie? The creators took this place as the basement for several scenes in the film. The region of this curiosity is amazing. In Hunan one can see many beautiful things. Waterfalls, river, beautiful rocks, and pretty buildings occupy the territory. Split Pinnacle straightens high. It cuts through the forest like a powerful force which nothing can stop. Be careful to choose a proper point to look at Split Pinnacle from. It is better to pick a good guider who will help to observe the location safely.

8. The “Blautopf” in Germany. It is a natural spring which has a beautiful blue color.  The depth of the spring is 25 m. This wonder is old enough. People know different legends about this place. Be sure to visit it when come to Germany. For the caves of the river Blau the spring serves as the drain. Also, it gives nourishment for this very river and Danube river. The color of the spring was derived from limestone. It is very attractive.

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