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Tips on how to attain your goal from scientific polish services experts

The best way for you to increase your motivation is a 100% connection with your goal. Get into bed and wake up with your dream and soon you realize that it's more than laziness and all other affairs. Having achieved your goal you will understand that it is simpler than you thought and you won't even need to fight yourself. These simple rules will help you to move forward without any complications:

1. Track your progress.

First of all, the inflow of motivation can be caused by your progress. It is important to see the progress you have in order to be sure that you are moving. Divide your goal into several steps and do them one by one to the like this list becomes shorter and shorter. You can highlight them with yellow color or just line out, it is up to you. For example, for those who follow a particular program, it is crucial to track the training by means of dairy. Point the number of kilometers you've run or your speed etc. When your goal will seem unreachable for you just open your diary and look at the goals that you've already achieved.

How our experts do it?

2. Look for the fresh ideas.

A new idea can also motivate you for the next step. Try to find another way to achieve your goal. Brainstorming will help you to find the solutions you were looking for. Ask your friends and relatives, fresh thoughts might also be very helpful. These six creativity thinking boosts will help you to elaborate something really worthy in your head.

3. Use a reward system.

It is rather difficult to overstep your own limits and only good reward will help you keep moving. Your result is also a good reward but unfortunately, it might be not enough. Have a little rest or buy something you wanted. For example, you wanted to lose weight to buy that slim fit skirt. Having seen the result, buy it whatever the price. Sometimes material motivation is much better than a verbal one.

4. Use extreme methods.

You can you extreme ways to improve motivation as well. It is more applicable to men. For example, buy something expansive for you, for your wife or for your children. It might cost even more than you earn but now you have strong motivation to earn more money. Now, you hold a very expansive think and this pleasure and satisfaction will force you to earn more. Plus, you have to fulfill the family budget. Anyway, the best way to achieve all your goals is hardworking and we will give you some piece of advice on this account

It is not the best way but it works. Thought it is very stressful, it is also very effective. It is so called "kick" when you can't move from the dead point. In other words, any method that will leave you no other option except move your ass and work is perfect for you. Another difficult task you may accomplish is to wake up at 6 a.m. For most people is it impossible but you will get used to it. Just try!

5. Remember the moments that motivated you in the past.

Sometimes memories are the best motivation. Try to remember when you overrode your limits and achieved what you wanted. When you thought that it will be almost impossible but you did it. It will vanish your myth about impossible goals. This source of motivation might be not enough for you to make some changes. This list of the best sources of motivation will make your goal even more possible to achieve.

6. Use some motivating pictures on your desktop.

This is a very simple technique of motivation - just install wallpaper on your desktop that will constantly remind you why you move forward. You can use the so-called "goal maps". Such maps represent a hierarchical structure of tasks, ideas, and plans you have. A map placed on the computer desktop will serve as a good reminder of your main direction.

7. Listen to stimulating music.

Listen to favorite music during the day. Music will charge you up for the whole day. It is not just a good mood but a great dose of motivation that we are all looking for.

8. Ask the right questions.

The right questions will help you to understand why exactly you want to achieve a certain goal. Ask yourself: “What will happen if I will do it” and “What will happen if I do not? Your words and thoughts have even more impact on you and your success

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