The Heroism Essay:Beowulf And The Meaning Of The Modern Hero


The definition of the hero

Do we need such heroes, which will lead the people and whole country? From the point of view of the country development-yes, we need such heroes. But do most of us think about what such words like “hero” or “heroism” mean? Maybe everyone can say what it means for him personally, but there should be something that changes the usual word in the separate meaning.

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Beowulf- the hero from the poem

Exactly such example of a hero is Beowulf from the epic poem. In this poem the example of exactly moral heroism is presented, but not that which is caused because of fame and fortune. Beowulf can die in the name of justice.

As the poem is divided into 2 parts, in the first part Beowulf is shown as virago and war-wolf, which killed the monster in losing fight. He is dedicated to the feeling of honor and his actions are the examples of heroic idealism. In the first part Beowulf deserved fame because of his trust in God and was true to his master’s salt.

In the second chapter there is shown Beowulf’s bravery. It was his last fight and exactly in this fight he was killed by a dragon. It shows the ideal of bravery and nobility of his unbroken spirit. The Beowulf’s person is very mysterious and exactly his death shows the form of victory in the defeat.

All qualities of persons are hyperbolized in the poem. Beowulf is brave, but at the same time decent all around hero, whose accomplishments there is no need to doubt in. There are no changes with the main hero-they do not take place during the poem. Beowulf is shown as honest and kind king not in the light of different descriptions, but in the light of simple facts statement. His heroic spirit is given into temptation, but every time he defeats them with the honor. Even the death shows how important for Beowulf is the well-being of his people than his own success and glory.

The modern heroes

Usually such heroes exist even in our real time. Yes, they do not fight with the dragons and do not kill different monsters, but we can see them around us every day. For example, the doctors that shows the miracles of their practice and save other lives in the hardest conditions.

The exact heroes are people, which prove that they do not live in their world without any reason. They are single mothers, which bring up children alone, and do not wait for any help from someone’s side. They are the simplest people, which do not look away from other people’s problems and do everything possible to help. They are disabled persons which, as we imagine should complain the most on their life, but they prove by their examples that the spiritual power and willing to live is all that they need for happiness.

The definition of heroism essay will help you to understand the meaning of the word “hero” better. If you read a lot of information about it, you will be able to have your own understanding of this word for yourself. It is very important to have your own point of view and to live with it. Some people often forget about it and live with the points of view of other people and because of it, they are unhappy with the life and cannot reach the success.

Here are our heroes in the real time. Those, who despite of difficulties continue to do all possible for their country and people, these people do it not for publicity move or money, they did not reject from their own beliefs and will bring the light with them. They do not need glory, they just do in such way how their hearts tell them. Only such people should be named the heroes of our time.

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To sum up it can be said that there is no difference if the hero is a real person or if it is on the book pages or in your TV. All of them have the same number of characteristics which make them heroes. They are usual people, but their spirit is full of bravery. They do not put themselves on the first place because they have the goal and understand that only they can do their mission. Our nation needs such heroes that will bring the light in the dark and will lead people ahead. We will live until we have such persons which are ready to devote their lives to improve our world.