Pregnancy: Healthy Food and Beverages


One of the most responsible periods in the life of any woman is pregnancy. Every woman becomes in charge of her baby’s life. Numerous factors influence the development of a baby in the womb. This is a wonderful process.

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General Information about Eating during Pregnancy

When a lady is pregnant, eating healthy food is of great importance. One needs to consume more iron, calcium, and protein. A woman must eat foods that have these elements. She must consume it more than she did before pregnancy. It is also significant to increase the amount of calorie intake.

There is a meaning that a pregnant woman must eat for two. Most people interpret it incorrectly. It does not mean that you need to eat twice as much. It is about healthy food that a woman should consume. The main source of nutrients for a baby is the food that a woman eats. It is important to choose balanced and prudent meals.

Doctors suggest pregnant women to gain weight according particular rate. Obviously it is better to gain weight gradually during one’s pregnancy. The difference between calorie amount a woman gained before pregnancy and during it may be great. During the first six months of pregnancy most ladies need 300 calories per day.

Do not think that all calories are the same. A baby needs only healthy foods. Candies, soft drinks, and desserts are usually filled with empty calories. A woman has to intake food packed with nutrients.

Healthy Food to Consume during Pregnancy

Vegetables and Fruits. Their role in any ration is hugely great. When it comes to pregnant women, they become indispensable to life. Pay special attention to spinach, bell pepper, carrots, cabbage, apples, and bananas. These foods contain amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for a proper development of baby’s body.

Apricots and cherries are a good source of Vitamin C. By the way, apricots possess huge amount of iron that is significant in prevention anemia. Do not avoid eating grapes, since they are full of glucose, fructose, pectin, and good acids.

Watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries are highly recommended to consume during pregnancy. There are some doubts according pears. So, first check with your doctor. What about mango? It is seasonal fruit, include it to your ration only in summer time. It is very healthy and contains heavy amounts of vitamin C.

Be careful, do not eat unwashed fruits and vegetables. You will be surprised to know that almost 70% of people do not rinse veggies and fruits before eating or cooking.

Cereals. If you have never eaten oatmeal or brown rice, you should include them to daily ration. In the formation of baby’s cells amino acids play a big role. They inhabit in brown rice. Oatmeal has enough vitamins and minerals. It is able to normalize gastrointestinal tract of pregnant woman.

All cereals give one’s body what it needs. Whole grain cereals are rich in fiber. It is great if your body will get it every day. One can make cereals in many ways. Cook them with milk, add fruits, nuts, and berries for better flavor.

To combat with one’s hunger in healthy way during pregnancy, eat cereals.

Fish and Shellfish. They are extremely significant for a pregnant woman. Abundant amount of omega-3 fatty acids and protein in these foods are highly significant for a woman and her baby. Although fish and shellfish contain beneficial elements, they also contain mercury which is not positive matter. This substance may cause the damage of the nervous system of fetus.

Healthy Beverages to Drink during Pregnancy

Water. This drink is the most important of all in all cases. A pregnant woman needs clean water. Do not drink soda, it contains microelements that cause problems with kidneys.

Coconut water is one of the healthiest fruit based beverage. It prevents any dehydration and gives one’s body natural energy.

Juices. Generally all juices are healthy for expectant mother, but only those which you have squeezed by yourself. Do not drink them too much. Any juice may bring allergy. Use washed and ripe fruits and vegetables to make a healthy juice.

Strawberry juice will add your skin a natural glow, peach juice is high in iron and potassium. It cleans kidneys and bladder. Apple juice helps in the development and growth of baby’s brains.

Coffee. Most doctors do not recommend drink this beverage. All in all, if you have used to drink it every day, it is normal to continue drinking coffee during pregnancy. This beverage is able to normalize blood pressure.

If you are hesitating according this drink, check out your doctor for better sleep.

Tea. A woman should stop drinking black tea during pregnancy. Chose white tea, but make it not strong. If you are a tea-drinker, you will probably enjoy herbal and berry tea. They are very useful and healthy.

Alcohol drinks. We have some news for you. For a long time it was considered that alcohol beverages are prohibited for pregnant women. Although this idea was popular during long time, doctors say that an expectant mom may drink four ounces of red vine twice per week.

What Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy?

Raw and undercooked eggs. Unfortunately these foods may contain salmonella bacteria which causes vomiting and diarrhea. If you like eggs and do not want abandon eating them, cook them until the yolk is firm.

Undercooked poultry and meat. Experts insist that raw meat must be avoided by pregnant women, for it contains listeria bacteria. A woman should heat up to 70 C degrees refrigerated chicken, ham, duck, lamb, beef, and goat to avoid problems with health.

Unpasteurized dairy products. It is very useful to drink milk during pregnancy because it provides one’s body with calcium, proteins, and minerals. Despite its positive effect, a woman runs a risk of food poisoning. To avoid this, drink boiled milk.

An expectant mom should eat well during pregnancy. For these reasons, our professional essay writers have prepared the list of healthy foods and beverages and also some of foods that one should stay away from. We hope that this information is useful for you.