Essay About George Washington: The First President


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He was born in 1732, his father had the second marriage for that time. He died when the boy was eleven years old. George was the third child of the fifth and till he was 16 years old, he studied at home.

There are some interesting facts from the life of George Washington

  1. He had the problems with his teethes during his whole life. He lost his first teeth at the age of 22 and when he became the president, he had the only native teeth. There is the legend, that he lost them, because he used to eat a lot of nuts every day. But the interesting fact is that he took care about the teethes of his horses and had a lot of doctors for them.
  2. Also, he had never belonged to any political parties. He was the only president who was not in the political party. He was only the president of the USA.
  3. He started to build the White House and he put the first stone. But, unfortunately, he died and it was built in 1 year after his death.
  4. 4) He wrote a lot of books about the financial system. Also, his portrait is shown in $1.
  5. His enemies wanted to poison him with the help of the tomatoes. It was believed, that it was the poison at that time.
  6. There were 2 times, when he was the president of the USA. But he did not want to be the president for the 3rd time and because of it, he refused from it and started to live in the village.
  7. Despite of the fact, that he was the politician, he was the great farmer and also he created the new sorts of beer.
  8. He always got the help from the government, because everyone thought, that he was poor. The sum was about a few million dollars.
  9. He liked riding a lot. He had a lot of horses at home.
  10. He was the first president who got 100% of the voices for 2 times. But it is known that he had not a very big wish to be the president for the second time.
  11.  His father died when the boy was eleven years old. He had very complicated relationships with his mother and even because of it, he wanted to be the salesman, but his mother did not let him do it.
  12.  His first and real love was married with his friend. George did not want to break their family, but he could not forget her during all his life.
  13. He had a lot of useful skills and they helped him to become the major at the age of 20 and the colonel at the age of 23.
  14.  He married with the young and rich widow at the age of 27. It is known, that his wife was independent, beautiful and had a lot of energy. She was polite and liked different dresses.
  15. He did not have his own children, but his wife had the son and the daughter from her first marriage. Unfortunately, the daughter died at the age of 4 because of the accident, but the son lived 27 years and even had his own children.
  16. He could be the monarch or the dictator, but George decided to create such position as the president. It was created for the protection of the power.
  17. He was the richest president of the USA. Firstly, he even did not take his salary, but after some time he decided to change his mind.
  18. There are up to 127 places, which are connected with the name of George Washington. For example, a lot of streets, parks and even cities. More detailed information you can find ordering the George Washington essays and our professional writers will provide you with the detailed information.
  19.  The funny fact is, that when he had the inauguration, he did not have enough money and he needed to borrow $1500 for it. But the salary of the president was $25 000.
  20.  He had the red hair and he did not like to wear the wigs. We can see him on the different photos with the white hair, but it is his red hair, but too much powdered.
  21.  He had the shortest inauguration speech from all presidents. His speech consisted of 133 words.
  22.  He liked not only fishing, hunting, but also the theater and animals. When it was raining, he could be at home during the whole day, playing the cards.
  23.  He really liked dancing and did it very well.
  24. The city Washington was the capital of the USA even when George Washington was alive, it was in 1791.
  25. He was against the slaves, but he understood, that it was impossible to change very quickly.

To sum up, he was a person, who did a lot for the history of the USA. He had a lot of skills and he was the real patriot of his country. If you wish to order George Washington essay paper, you can do it on our site and our writers will provide you with the essay, which will exceed all your expectations. You can be sure, that our company guarantees you only high quality service and you will be satisfied with the result you will get. Also, you can be sure, that you will get only the best mark for your essay and your teacher will not even imagine, that this essay was not written by you, but by the other person.