Cold War Essay: Origin and Causes


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In this essay on cold war we will try to make clear what was the origin and major causes of this conflict. This topic is one of the typical themes that teachers give students. It is not surprising because this line is significant for World History. Some people say that this warfare was inevitable. Let us look at the background of this conflict and some causes. Then you will decide what you think about it.

What was the Root of the Cold War

So, what is “cold war” and what it makes different from any other war. All Cold War essays must contain this information. Some people debate a lot according this term. Why it happens? All people know that any war is a state of armed conflict between people or nations. Aggression, destruction, and mortality are the main characteristics of a war.

The Cold War was a little bit different from regular war. That was a cruel war where two major fighters never fired bullets, they never dropped bombs at each other.

In July 1945 World War II came to an end. Three leaders of the USA, Great Britain, and Soviet Union gathered to decide a fate of Europe. Finally, they decided to divide defeated Germany into zones of occupation. Although the leaders shook hands showing solidarity, soon the Soviet Union and Western powers found themselves bigger enemies in a huge world conflict that was called “cold war”.

During the next four decades the conflict turned into “hot war”. Each side was convinced that they had to be afraid of their enemies. In the USA people were threatened with communism because it suppressed their freedom and way of life; the system of government was based on terror, oppression, and loss of individual liberty. The Soviet people believed that America tried to destroy communism through the usage of atomic weapons.

There is no single opinion according the birth of “cold war”. When Hitler attacked the USSR in 1941, Roosevelt supplied Soviet soldiers with weapon and armaments. It is obvious that leaders of the USA and the USSR were allies.

The situation was hugely changed after the end of World War II. Stalin wanted to set communism in some European countries. For these reasons, Great Britain and USA began to distrust Stalin.

Truly, Stalin did everything to separate himself from other non-soviet countries. The leader of Soviet Union wrapped himself in shade of suspicion. Thus, the Cold War started.

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The Purpose of the Cold War

There are so many reasons that put a surge of the Cold War. So, one can emphasize several facts that produced one of the greatest conflicts in the world:

1. The most significant thing is the dissimilarity in ideologies between Soviet Union and USA. Stalin was afraid of America’s influence on the greater part of Europe while U.S. President did not want to accept Soviet communism.

2. Another important thing that served a reason to the beginning of the conflict is weapon issue. Stalin commanded to double military power of the USSR. Western countries were frightened by this decision. European countries were engaged into producing armament while America created atom bombs and weapon that could destroy all alive. Now you see that the world was split.

3. Any war starts not only because of money but also because of idea. Capitalism in USA and communism in USSR could not cooperate. These were different streams. One was unable to unite them. The spreading of both ideologies in two countries stimulated the Cold War.

4. Stalin organized elections in Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. He desired to bring communism to power in these countries. By 1948 the USSR effectively controlled all Eastern Europe.

On the other hand, America spent huge money on propaganda against communism and Soviet Union.

Imagine the situation that happened in two countries. U.S. assisted capitalism in struggle against communism. During that period USSR was a storage for communism. A person who wanted to live well in the Soviet Union, had to be a communist. Any other ideology was  greatly suppressed.

5. Nuclear plan of America was one more factor that provoked the conflict. Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The U.S. showed the whole world its power. Now it was the time for Soviet people to make atom bomb. The things that caused fear caused the growth of the Cold War.

There were five stages of the conflict. Each side tried to reduce the influence of its opponent. Numerous unions were organized during that time, several wars took place. Leaders in the USA and USSR were changed but the situation remained unchangeable. Even though Nixon and Russian president Brezhnev signed “Salt”, the peace time was not lasting. 

Each war has bad consequences. The Cold War had its own results. Countries spent great money on increasing military power and forgot about average people. Experts claim that third world countries appeared because of the Cold War.

The Cold War destroyed piece atmosphere between countries. People became suspicious and incredulous and this is the most important and the worst thing that was brought into being.

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