High School vs College Essay: Interesting Facts


High school and college are two different stages in one’s life. Each level has its own specific features, things that someone likes or dislikes. The level of responsibility is also very contrasting. Home task system in high school differs from that students have in college.

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Some people may say to one who is going to high school that these are the best years of his life and he has to enjoy them. The same thing people say when one starts studying at college. So, it is a good idea to compare two stages in one’s life.

Difference between High School and College

The evolution from high school to college is knotty. Indeed, there is a big difference in settings, classes, and people. High school is the last step before one enters a real world of responsibility. To clarify the difference between college and high school, we have prepared a list of interesting facts.

1. High school: one has to get up early in the morning and back home late afternoon.

College: a person can get up at 1 p.m., because he literally makes a schedule.

2. High school: it is easier to get in touch with a teacher. The class is usually small. A person can talk to his teacher after classes or during the break.

College: more than one hundred of students can attend a lecture. It is impossible to make individual meeting with professor after class. For these reasons, every professor holds office hours. Attend them to know your professor better.

3. High school: someone needs to ask before go to the bathroom. You need to receive a permission to get up and go.

College: a student gets up whenever he needs and go.

4. High school: someone learns all subjects, he does not have a choice.

College: a student is free to choose subjects he wants. It is convenient for someone’s lifestyle.

5. High school: here you know everyone in your class. You meet the same people every day.

College: although in a class someone knows several students, he has an opportunity to meet different people.

6. High school: there is a “click system” here. One can find popular groups or jerk groups. This system is a common thing for most schools. It builds walls between people.

College: all students are equal. This system in college does not exist anymore. 

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Things that One Needs to Know before Freshman Year at College

If you are starting college in several weeks, you probably will be nervous. It is super exited time. You must know something about it to be ready to enter new life successfully.

1. Be ready to lose friends. It is a normal thing to lose touch with people you used to be friends with. They will not call you, they will not wish you “Happy Birthday” on Facebook. Remember it is common thing. You will find new friends.

2. One’s plans are going to change. Before entering a college, someone wanted to be a lawyer, a doctor, or a journalist, but he must be aware of that he may change his mind.

3. Go to class, it will help greatly a freshman. In a college it is your decision to show up to class or no. Also, the difference in high school classes and university or college classes is big.

4. Someone needs enough close due to laundry issue. Do not forget you are not living at home any more. One cannot use laundry as often as he needs. You have to pay for laundry.

5. Freshman 15 is no longer an expression. It is real thing. When one attended school, his mother cooked for him, he did some exercises that kept him fit. While studying at college, especially during the first year of studying, most people gain weight.

6. Make sure to have some food at dorm. It may sound contradictory due to what is written above, but one will feel very sad when sees his roommate eating something.

7. Be social and make friends. All students are in the same boat. If you were a shy person at high school, nobody would know about it. So, do not be shy but be open.

8. Join interesting clubs at college. Become a part of student life to have more fun at college. Every college has numerous student organizations. They differ in size, influence, and direction. Pick one that you prefer.

9. Go to professor’s office hours. One might think that he will bother professor. Actually, a person takes a chance to improve his grades. Get a tip from your tutor, ask him to explain his comment on your paper which you do not understand.

10. Get many mattress pads. Surely, one would like to have his mattress as comfortable as at home. To make a bed comfortable you need more and more mattress pads.

11. Do not forget to answer your parents when they call or text. They worry a lot. Bad things may happen if one will avoid communication with family members.

12. One does not have to be best friends with everyone. You do not need to tell everything about yourself anyone you meet. Choose the day to hang out, and if a person says “yes”, you will receive a chance to build relationships.

13. Be organized. Nobody cares whether you have done your home assignment or no. Make a plan or a schedule of all tasks, otherwise you will get up at three in the morning, realizing that you have not done your paper.

14. Party not too hard. It is a common mistake that freshman do. Believe it is possible to have fun without drinking alcohol.

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