Discrimination Essay: Do You Respect Other People


All people are born free and they have the equal rights. There can be any political, religious or social discrimination, because all people are not the same. The more information about the discrimination you can order in the discrimination essays on our site. It does not matter for the discrimination if it is a man or woman, the language, which that person uses or the culture. If you wish to order the prejudice and discrimination essay, we will be glad to help you. It is impossible to judge people because they are poor or rich, or because they are old or young and exactly these things are shown in the essays on discrimination.

What does the discrimination mean?

The discrimination is the fact, when some people are limited in some actions, because of their religion, color of the skin, the amount of the money or something like that. To get the information about what is the discrimination and the types of it is possible ordering the essay on discrimination here.

How can we see it?

The discrimination exists, but sometimes, it can be difficult to see it, because a lot of people just do not wish to notice it. But let’s check the discrimination and find the solution how to overcome it. Who can protect us and what should we do in the future?

The discrimination is the complex issue, but it is possible to divide it into the small parts and it is one of the steps to overcome it.

The forms of the discrimination

There are 4 types of the discrimination in our world.

1. The direct discrimination

It can be the actions of some people, which have some qualities or the privileges according to the other people, they can do not respect them because of it. It is not good and we do not have the rights for it.

2. The indirect discrimination

It can be the actions of some people, that are formally correct, but at the time, when they are accepted, there can be some inconveniences for the other people.

  1. When someone advices you to take the part in the discrimination of the other people
  2. The humiliation

It can be the actions, which are cruel to other people ( for example words). They can be because of the different facts as in the family and in the society.

The examples of the discrimination

There are some examples of the discrimination, which will give you the better opportunity to see it.

For example, if you see the advertisement about the job of the woman-masseuse, but she should be only up to 35 years old, it is the discrimination. There is no any reason, why, for example, the woman at the age of 40 cannot do the same work, even if she has the same skills or ever do this job better.

Also, there is no any reason, why the man cannot do this job, if he is the specialist in this sphere. He can even have a lot of experience, but he will not be accepted for this position.

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It was the example of the direct discrimination, where we can see the discrimination because of the age and sex. There is also the indirect type of the discrimination and it is shown in this example.

Just imagine, that the pupils, that are learning at school, will have some excursion and because of it, the teacher asks the pupils to visit the doctor, that should write, that they are healthy and can travel. But at the same time all people understand, that the children with any special needs cannot be healthy and because of it, they cannot go for the excursion with the rest of the pupils. But really, they can take part in these activities on the same level as the other pupils or even better.

The gender and age discrimination

For example, the young woman works and all her coworkers are men. During 3 months she constantly hear from her boss and her coworkers, that she is too young, because of it, she does not know how to work properly, she is a woman, because of it, she should know how to prepare the coffee and she should make the copies of the documents, because it is the easy work, that even the woman can do it. As we can see, in this case, the people do not want to see the benefits of the young woman and her professional skills, only because of the fact of the gender and the age.

Here you can see the humiliation, because this young woman can be the professional, but the men are sure that they are better. Because of this fact, the feminism was appeared. The women wanted to have the same rights as the men have and to avoid the discrimination. The detailed information you can find, ordering the discrimination against women essay.

How to overcome the discrimination?

First of all, the government should control all spheres of the society and to make sure, that there is no any discrimination for people. Also, if there is shown the fact of the discrimination, it is needed to check the situation and there should be some punishment for the people, that can offend the other people. Also, the great step will be the worldwide community that wants to decrease the discrimination.

It does not matter, which form the discrimination has, because it is based on the fact, that we do not accept the other people, because of the different facts. It is created if some people do not want to respect the other people and do not want to accept the difference. We need always to be human and respect all people, because all of us are equal.