Current Event Essay: New Era for USA?


The elections in the United States of America just ended few days ago. The battle took place between the leader of Democrats Hillary Clinton and leader of Republicans Donald Trump. Contrary to the predictions, Republican has got the victory. This choice of USA to some extent has affected the world, mostly Europe. However, is the situation so critical? In this essay on current events, I will discuss the event of President Elections in 2016 and the possible effects of Donald Trump’s victory for the world.

Unexpected Victory of Republican

The election results can be considered as political surprize in America. Another stunning occurrence for America was Great Depression from 1929 until 1937. You can find more information in poverty in America essay. Almost every citizen believed in success of Hillary Clinton. Republican Donald Trump has won the elections at the age of 70, becoming the oldest person in the history of USA. Trump has got the power on a wave of irritation by the political establishment, which as it became obvious because of the feelings of the majority of American voters. That is why, he has to find solutions to stop this irritation. In addition, the results of Hillary Clinton can be compared with the results of Republican Mitt Romney, who lost in 2012 to the still current President of USA Barack Obama. Romney received 206 electoral votes against 332 for Obama four years ago.  In general vote, Obama received 51 percent of votes, while Romney received 47,52 percent. Today, the gap between Clinton and Trump is much smaller. According to CBS data, Democrat has got 47,2 percent of American votes, while Republican has got 47,9 percent. Trump has achieved victory in the key American states, including Florida, where he was able to mobilize own supporters from the number of white Americans.  Trump also managed to win in Ohio. This victory is considered obligatory for every Republican, who wants to become the president of United States of America. Democrat Obama has won elections in these states in 2012. Entire Midwest of the United States of America and Texas, which has long been considered as a stronghold of Republicans, has voted for Trump. All these states supported Republican Romney in 2012. It is interesting to mark Clinton’s defeat in states that are traditionally considered democratic. According to the opinions of different analysts, the victory of Trump is mostly a result of protest vote. People wanted to see a person in the presidential chair, which was not associated with the traditional Washington establishment. The victory of the eccentric billionaire, who made his fortune in the construction industry, represents a revolution in the American political system. Trump will be the first president in the modern American history,  who has never held any political and public office. He was engaged in business in the construction and entertainment industries. It is interesting to mark, that his personal fortune is about 10 billion dollars. Another important result of the elections is that the Republicans in addition to their president  has taken control of both houses of the Congress of the United States of America. This has not happened since the 1980s. It is often discussed important question in many current event essays. The main question is in effects of Donald Trump’s victory for the world.

How can Republican Change the World?

The victory of Donald Trump on the American presidential elections may seriously affect American relations with the rest of the world in a number of key foreign policy issues. At first, NATO will be criticized. Trump is known for his harsh criticism of NATO – military-political alliance, which is a cornerstone of American foreign policy for the past 60 years. New President considers NATO as a stagnant structure and calls its members as ungrateful allies, which flourish due to generous contributions from the United States of America. According to the words of Donald Trump, America can no longer afford to protect the European and Asian countries without adequate compensation from them. Trump has proposed to withdraw American troops from there if the allies are not able to pay for their stay in their territory. His statements have caused serious concern, particularly, in countries of Eastern Europe, perceiving NATO as a bastion, which is able to protect them from Russia. Secondly, possibility exists in setting of more “warm” relations with Russia. Donald Trump believes, that he will be able to reduce tensions with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Previously, he praised Putin and called him a strong leader, with whom he would like to have a good relationship. Herewith Trump hardly speaks about the ways, which are linked to the improvement of relationship with Russia – aside from the wishes of the joint struggle against so-called “Islamic State”, radical group, which banned in Russia and several other countries. However, he has to understand, if there is a way to make an agreement with Russians. Another one issue is the agreements’ fate about free trade. Donald Trump’s politics in the field of foreign trade is in itself can seriously change America’s business relationship with the rest of the world for decades. Trump threatened to withdraw from a number of existing trade agreements about free trade, including the North American free trade agreement between the USA, Canada and Mexico. According to Trump, this agreement is the reason of unemployment’s growth. Earlier, the new president did not rule out USA’s exit from the World Trade Organization. We cannot say about the Iran nuclear deal. Deal with Iran, in the framework of which international sanctions were remitted in exchange for promises of Iranian leadership to abandon from the development of nuclear weapons was the moment of historical understanding for President Obama. However, Trump called this agreement as “the worst from ever achieved”.  Iran has urged Trump to adhere to the nuclear agreement. Trump mentioned that the rejection of this agreement would be “number one priority” for him. Such  step can have enormous consequences in the Middle East, where Iran is one of the key players in the Syrian conflict and competes with various countries, including Saudi Arabia and Israel. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has urged Trump to adhere to the nuclear agreement with respect to other world powers, whose leaders have put the signature under it. Presidency of Donald Trump raises the questions of international security in Asia.  Do you need other topics for essays on current events? You can use our best paper writing service. You can find more information here. China is expected to welcome the election of Trump, expecting more insulating foreign policy from him. Trump spoke about Japan and South Korea separately, claiming that they are too dependent from the United States of America. In particular, he said that the two countries would benefit, if they have their own nuclear arsenals. There is state-outlaw in the region, which has name North Korea. It develops own nuclear weapon. Donald Trump will face a challenge to limit the nuclear ambitions. Anyway, Trump, who is called the most unpredictable president, trying to communicate with the most unpredictable country in the world in the coming years, is able to transform North Korea into the next “hot spot”.


Obviously, victory of Donald Trump was unexpected for most American people. There are many reasons of this occurrence. That happened, mainly, because of corrupt power. Victory of Donald Trump will affect on the world. In this one of current events essays, it was touched possible global aspects on the foreign policy. Therefore, time will show the result of Trump’s ruling.