An Essay On Climate Change: What Do You Do To Prevent It


It seems, that no one is surprised, that nowadays, there are a lot of essays on climate change theme, which pupils and students are writing at schools and universities, because this problem is known in all world. All people should understand, that it is the real big problem and they should understand it from the childhood and need to know how to prevent it.

The climate of our planet is changing very quickly and no one scientist can object this fact. It does not mean only the change of the temperature, it means the changes of all Geosystems on our planet. The global warming is just the one aspect of the whole picture.

Who is responsible for it?

Some scientist say, that only people caused this problem. But, unfortunately, it is not possible to check, because we do not have the same another empty planet where it will be possible to check if there are the same problems but without any human actions. By the way, a lot of teachers ask their pupils to write their thoughts about this aspect in the essay about climate change. And if you wish to order this essay, where you will get all pluses and minuses of this theory, you can do it right now here. We will do all possible to provide you with the best essay.

Possible consequences

It is possible to see now a lot of hurricanes in the US, drought in Australia and very hot summer in Europe, that is unusual for this part of the world, floods in UK - the list goes on. Here are just some examples of the effects of the climate change. This natural phenomena beats all records in almost all regions of the world and every year damage from it become only bigger and bigger than it was before.

Changing the frequency and intensity of rainfall

In general, the climate of the planet becomes more humid every day. But it is noticed, that there is the huge difference between the rainfalls in the different regions. In some of them there is sufficient rainfall, but at the same time in the other regions only dry periods are possible and there is the lack of the water in such places.

Rising sea level

There was the jump of the sea level during the 20th century. It was by 0.1-0.2 m. Scientists inform us, that it is possible to see by the 21th century sea level up to 1 m. In this case, small islands are in the big danger. These countries, like the Netherlands, small island states of Oceania and the Caribbean, even Britain will be the first numbers in danger of flooding and they can even disappear from the map of the world.

The danger for ecosystems and biodiversity

All ecosystems were changed and the main reason of this process is the climate change. Some birds began to arrive earlier in spring and fly later in the autumn. Also, up to 40% of plants and animals will disappear, because they will not be able to live in these conditions, which we will get in the future. Because of it, some kinds of birds, insects or animals will be in the Red book.

Melting glaciers

Modern glaciation of our planet is possible to be considered one of the factors of global changes. The Himalayan ice melting level is up to 10-15 meters per year. But with nowadays processes rate, 2/3 of China's glaciers will melt till the end of 2060, and till the end of 2100 all the glaciers will just disappear.


Also, the change of the climate will affect agriculture a lot. In some areas people can have huge yields, because of the not very high temperature but at the same time, in the other regions, where the temperature will be very high, there will be the lack of the yield. The most serious problems can be in the poor countries, which are not prepare for the change of the climate and also they will not be able to prepare for it in the short period.

Water consumption and supply

All these changes will lead to the lack of the water which we drink every day. In regions with dry climates like Central Asia, some parts of Africa, Australia the situation will be dangerous, because of the hot temperature. It is possible even imagine, that there will be a lot of political conflicts between the different countries because of the war. The price for the water will be very high and because of it the wars will be started.

Human health

The change of the climate will cause the danger for human health. The lack of food production will lead to the hunger, diseases and even wars. Also, it is possible, that the new kinds of diseases will appear. People will not be prepared for such changes and will not have pills for them.

To sum up, the effects of the climate change are possible to be seen even now. They include such problem as dangerous weather events, infectious diseases and the list can be very and very long. They cause large economic damage, destroy ecosystems and the health of the people. If people do not take any immediate actions, the consequences can be only more dangerous for the whole humanity. If you wish to get the essay on global climate change, it means that you made the right choice and you found what you were looking for. Please, be sure, that our professional writers will do their best to write this climate change essay for you. You can check the feedbacks about them here. Also, it is possible to purchase more custom writings that you need on our site on this theme and many other themes too. We will include all your comments and suggestions about the essay and will be glad to create the article you wish to get. We will be glad to see you as our valuable client!