Top Significant Events Of 2000s


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  1. On the 11th January the German scientists decided to find the pills from the cancer. But they need 7 years for the researches.
  2. On the 20th of January George Bush became the President of the USA.
  3. On the 23rd of January, a lot of people in Columbia turned off the light for 2 minutes, because of the terrorism.
  4. On January 25th in the Valence you could see the biggest towel in the world, with the size 9,4m and 14,46 m. You can be sure, that this towel is very heavy. It seems, that it was very interesting to see this towel.
  5. On the 30th of January, the first hotel, where only women can stay was built in Switzerland.
  6. On February 22nd in the Ukraine was accepted the law, that abolished the death penalty.
  7. On the March 5th, the English scientists have cloned the pig successfully. It was the first time, when the operation was successful. Because of it, we can see a huge progress in the science.
  8. On the 3rd of April, in Washington, the federal judge sued by Microsoft and because of this fact, Bill Gates lost $12 000 000 000
  9. On the 19th of April in Romania was found the gold, which is the biggest in the Europe. It is the very important fact for this country.
  10. On the 4th of May, all the things, which were found on the Titanic, were sold on the auction for $ 60 000.
  11. On the 5th of May, the damage from the new computer viruses was for more than $ 1 000 000 000 in the North of America.
  12. On the 11th of May in India was born the girl, and after her birth there became 1000 000 000 people.
  13. On the 16th of May the new pills for the people, which drink a lot of alcohol were created. It should be very huge step, because this problem can have a lot of consequences.
  14. On the 5th of June, the biggest volcano in the Europe, Etna, was very active.
  15. On the 17th of June, the English embassy was created. Even Anne Mountbatten-Windsor, Princess Royal and Robert Finlayson Cook were presented there.
  16. On the 1st of July, in the USA now all people have the right to have the online signatures. It is very comfortable for a lot of people and it can speed up some processes.
  17. On the 18th of July, the monument to John Lennon was created in London.
  18. On the 8th of August, the scientists from USA, Italy and Great Britain said, that they are working on the human cloning.
  19. On the 17th of August, the American singer Tina Terner gave her last huge concert in the Europe.
  20. On the 15th of September in Sidney started 28th Olimpic games.
  21. On the 18th of September, Madonna created the album Music.
  22. On the 21st of September the American singer Barbara Streisand said, that she decided to leave the stage.
  23. On the 26th of September, the new site of the USA was created, This site is combined 20 000 of different government sites and there are 20 000 000 of pages.
  24. On the 2nd of October, the scientists from “Ames Laboratory” created the very strong material in the world.
  25. On the 9th of October, the widow of John Lennon created the museum with his name and gave there some things of John Lennon.
  26. On the 15th of October in Paris was created the wall of the love. There are 313 phrases on the different languages with the same meaning: “I love you”.
  27. On the 23rd of October, in China was founded the historical museum with the music instruments, which was created more than 2000 years ago.
  28. On the 23rd of October, the scientist found the bacteria, which were presented at the Earth more than 250 000 000 years ago.
  29. On the 24th of October in Berlin museum was find the only signature of Cleopatra, which is the only in the world.
  30. On the 31st of October the last computer, which used OS Multics had stopped.
  31. On the 2nd of November, the oldest woman in the world, Eva Norbert died. She lived in the Great Britain.
  32. On the 6th of December the new chemical element under the number 116 was discovered.
  33. On the 20th December the Parliament of the Great Britain let the permission for the cloning, but only for the medical research.

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