Smart Tips how to Stay Healthy while Working in the Office


Most of time people spend in the workplace. While a person is working in the office, his body undergoes great challenge. Sitting at desk during whole day may cause numerous undesirable illnesses. Different unconscious habits that a person performs during his working day affect one’s health badly.

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Harmful Habits of Office Workers

Missing breakfast. Even though some people say that skipping breakfast does not possess bad influence, most doctors assert that it is better to have it. It is not enough to drink a cup of hot coffee in the morning. For effective work one needs a substantial breakfast which will fill body with necessary nutrients.

In case a person skips his breakfast, in all probability one will feel sluggish. Breakfast starts metabolism, do not avoid it. Otherwise you will harm yourself.

Lunch at desk. Someone’s productivity falls without a break. One’s brains need rest. It is a common mistake to eat at desk. Doctors claim that while a person eating and working at the same time, he hurts his health. It also affects negative one’s further labor.

Stooped posture. Sitting can kill your posture. Bad posture has an adverse impact on one’s health. Stooped posture is one of the hidden risks of sitting long hours. It leads to pain in the back and shoulders. In addition, one’s neck muscles undergo great stress.

Try to do simple exercises that can be performed in the office.

Propping up a chin. People usually prop up chin while working at desk. It is bad for someone’s hygiene. Although it is convenient, it is also adverse for skin. By the way, it causes pain in an elbow. It swells and hurts. Even worse, this pose can bring about bursitis which is followed by high temperature.

Crossing legs. Even though it is comfortable and common posture, it causes problems with back. Doctors say that the best pose while sitting at desk is flat back and legs resting on the floor.

Rubbing eyes. It does more harm than good. Rubbing eyes may bring temporary relief but cause side effects. Think twice before doing it. While a person is rubbing his eyes, he breaks tiny blood vessels that surround an eye. For these reasons, dark cycles appear around your eyes.

Dirty hands may cause eye infection. It is dangerous to touch an eye with dirty hands. To avoid pink eye, try to not touch your eye with unwashed hands.

If a person wishes to stay healthy while working in the office, he has to build healthy office habits. Researches reported that sitting at desk more than eleven hours per day increases the risk of death. Those people who sit fewer hours live longer and healthier lives. To avoid big problems with health, a person has to follow several significant steps.

Tips to Stay Healthy while Working in the Office

1. Have a break. Often work in the office not only physically tiresome but also mentally demanding. Meeting deadlines contribute much to physical and mental discomfort. Stress affects people negative. So, employees become less active and productive.

Give rest to your arms, legs, and brain. Plan breaks as well as you plan work. Step away from computer screen, let your eyes be calm. Install a special program on computer that will remind you to take breaks.

2. Turn your office into a zen space. All things must have their own place. Be sure that paper works do not accumulated on your desk. Use walls as much as possible for books storing. Do not utilize too many knick knacks, they become distracting.

Indoor plants will bring life to your office. Some of them can improve air quality. Choose calming colors to arrange your working place. One may keep a goldfish at his desk. Make an environment that will calm you. The things that surround a person must relax him.

3. Do exercises. Stretch your back, legs, and abs. Do arm lift ups and squats. Use special devices to exercise if you have some. Try use elevator less than usually. Come and go by stairs. Choose the longest way to the printer or copier.

Sitting at desk causes not only problems with health but also weight gaining. Thus, doing exercises is rather significant. One may loosen up his shoulders to get rid of pain. Stretch wrist to get ready for computer work.

4. Drink water. Water will help someone’s body to be productive. It enables each cell to absorb nutrients. This beverage also prevents from weight gaining. Water fills one’s body with energy. This drink is important for effective work in the office.

5. Eat proper food. Have some healthy snacks during breaks. It would be better to make lunch and snacks at home and bring to your working place. It is good for mind and body to eat substantial meals. Skipping of nutritional snacks will lead to problems with health. Remove all sweets from your desk. Instead of candies place a bowl with fruits.

6. Organize working time. Do not spend long hours sitting at one place. Make pauses and go for a walk. Make an outline of all businesses you have to deal during the day. Arrange all matters in a way that you have time to work, time to get rest, and time to exercise.

7. Remove germs. One’s working place must be neat and clean. Use disinfectant wipes, avoid eating at your desk, at least use a napkin. Clean screen, keyboard, and mouse. Wash hands regularly, especially after using a bathroom.

It is very important to follow these tips. They contribute much to one’s health. Every boss wants his workers to be employable, creative, and active. The steps that were mentioned above were created to make someone’s life better.

Being healthy a person will enjoy his life and job. Make these tips your habits and perform them every day. It is the easiest way to boost your health.

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