New Simple Techniques To Improve Your Memory


It is not a secret that people need a good memory for proper development and work. Nowadays is the age of technology. It needs fresh minds. Everything depends on us. There is nothing impossible. It is a wrong opinion that old people cannot improve their memory. Often we meet elderly people who make us to be astonished. They are interested in everything new and their memory works wonderfully. Such people use the best gadgets, they fill them with books, music, pictures, and movies. They travel a lot and curious about everything. Isn’t it wonderful? Would you like to speak to such a person? Indeed, he/she would tell you many entertaining things. Professional thesis writers say that our desires and aspirations become real when we do necessary steps towards our goal.

Some people have problems with memory when they are still 30-40 years old. We send a message and do not receive an answer. It is possible to strengthen memory. It is not difficult. All that one needs to do is to change his ordinary way of life and get used to new habits. Today we will find out how to improve your memory.

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There is a particular memory law. It looks like that:

1. The information which is given at the beginning and at the end fixes in one’s memory better.

2. The better you understand the better you remember.

3. Best of all a person remembers unfinished tasks, deeds, and words.

The right stimulation makes our mind to work. Often people close their lives from others. They lose many things when do that. Some believe that no one can teach you new things, if you get used to old ones. It is wrong. Memory may rejuvenate. This process is possible in any age. Sometimes people are too lazy to change something even for better.

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How To Improve Memory

1. Do not avoid physical training. It may sound funny but it is true. Sport makes your brains strong and ready to fight. It gives way to oxygen which brains need. Also, it strengthens body and reduces risk of some diseases which spoil memory. Physical exercises increase the amount of necessary chemicals which stimulate memory. There are researches which prove it. Stress does not influence us when we are going in for sports.

Choose exercises that are good for you. Consult a doctor or an expert. They will advise aerobic exercises which will not hurt your heart. When you get up in the morning, do a little warming-up. Cleaning up is also a great example of physical exercises. As a rule, it demands the work of all body muscles. Use stairs instead of elevator, if it is possible, and do not use car, if you have a supermarket behind the corner.

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2. Have a good sleep. Sleep deprivation influences the ability of the brains to structure remembering. Continuous sleep is one of the factors that have an impact on memory. Pills and antidepressants affect negatively memory. So, choose another way to enhance memory-activity. In case you need an article about advantage and harm of pills, we are ready to make it. Just write us this, “Do my assignment for me without delay.”

Go to your bed at the same time every evening and get up in the morning at usual hour. Stick to one schedule all the time. Avoid bright light in the evening and do not sit at computer monitor. Also, it is better to avoid watching TV or your favorite movie. Do not drink coffee before bed. It is better to choose a light herbal tea.

3. Read books and improve memory. When people read, they switch on visual and motor memory. The brains begin to work involving abstract and associative thinking. The more you read the better is your memory. By the way, it makes one’s scope of intellect wider.

Pick only good literature. Make a search and find out what is better to read for you in your age. Check our Essay About Reading.

4. Make your brains work all the time. It means that someone should learn something new. Pay attention to new things which are challenging for you. Thinking stimulates memory. Choose a workout that will force you to think. You must be devoted to this task. Memory also has muscles. They must be strong for you to do well.

Pick something that is not familiar to you. Spend each day some time on carrying out a task. Do not forget that any new activity will bring new skills which may become very useful in future.

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5. Interact with people. When we think about physical improvement, the first thing that comes to our minds is a serious treatment which rather forbids than allows. However, numerous researches prove that a person for a good development needs friends. We are social creatures. Communication maintains the work of brains. Relationships and everything that is connected with it is the best exercise for one’s brain.

Good relationships with friends influence positively memory and brain activity. For this reason, make new friends, support friendly relations with colleagues and family members. Boost memory in such a pleasant way.

Read Communication Essays here. Conversation is always more than just talking. Learn how to be polite during communication.

6. Walk with closed eyes. This method was invented by American professor. It is a kind of fitness for brains. If you need to learn many things by heart, you have to do common activities like having a bath or putting on clothes with closed eyes. When brain is very active, it produces chemical substance which supports its vital activity.

7. Stay far from stressful situations. We have already mentioned that stress is the enemy of your memory. People who experience stress very often have serious problems with memory in any age.

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Manage stress by showing your feelings. Do not store them. Set goals which you can achieve. Have breaks and let your body and brain have some rest. Think positively and laugh. Laugh often becomes the best remedy. It makes our lives longer and improves memory. Laugh at yourself, at your mistakes, and at failures. Make funny people your usual company. Surround yourself with funny things which will make you smile. Be like a child.

8. Eat foods which boost memory. Veggies and nuts not only improve health but also memory. Do you know how looks a walnut inside? It has the shape of your brains. Nature suggests us the best choice. If you need to change your regular diet, do it. Do everything which will enhance memory. Find out how to choose good food on this page:

Green tea, fruits, and vegetables are full of substances which protect brains. Red wine boosts memory when drink it in moderation. Fish contains omega-3. It supports brain health.

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