How to Leave Your Comfort Zone and Follow Your Dreams


How to follow your dreams

Comfort zone sounds very pleasantly and naturally. However, if a person will get stuck into his comfort zone, he has no chance to change and improve his life. This situation will endure until a person will learn how to cross the line of a comfort zone by overcoming inner limitations.

What Things Create Comfort Zone?

Our paper writing service asserts that comfort zone is usual way of life. It is a limited life space of a person. Staying at comfort zone means communication with the same people and working at the same place. Someone cannot obtain progress in career. Surely, on the Internet there may be much sophisticated explanations of what is comfort zone.

Any advance means resignation from comfort zone. This notion also means the same financial position without possibilities. Comfort zone deprives a person from new entertainments and enjoyments. The quality of life will not change until someone resides within comfort zone. You will never become stronger and more influential if stay there. Such a person will never fight his inner fears and drawbacks. It means that problems will store and finally they will flow into stress, negative emotions, growing dissatisfaction, and illnesses.

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1. Fear is the first element which causes comfort zone. This is the fear of something new and unknown. The feeling of anxiety comes to a person because he is afraid of entering the sphere where he is not a pro. It is dangerous cause one cannot foresee or anticipate any turn of events. A person experiences fear by reason of learning something new, making mistakes, and failings.

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2. Lack of self-confidence. Negative self-feeling always causes discomfort when faces something unknown. So, if a person is full of inner insecurity, he will hardly overcome limitations which he has built. Such a person will never leave comfort zone.

3. Laziness either physical or spiritual is the reason of non-productivity. Some people are too lazy to think, make new decisions, to improve themselves which will bring changes into their lives. Sometimes people are too lazy to move their bodies and thoughts even when acknowledge the need in making decisions or making anything.

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People find excuses for staying at the same point. They say, “I am absolutely pleased with my position”, or “I do not need more”. As a rule people in this way try to hide their displeasure and the biggest loser complex. Do not be lazy.

4. Illusions and irresponsibility. So many people like to feed themselves with illusions that once will everything change in a magical way. They do believe in supernatural intervention without any act from their side. Such people will face disappointment. Only irresponsible people expect this. They are not ready to admit that their life depends on their deeds. This means irresponsibility for one’s life and fate.

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Comfort Zone and People

The biggest enemy of growth is comfort. Achievements come only when a person abandons comfort zone. Look in your past. Don’t you have such situations which illustrate completely this situation? Moving within comfort zone makes someone very down-to-earth. This closes your eyes. You no longer see new opportunities. Bright possibilities go then to people who grab them. Of course, you are may doing well in this zone but you always can do better. There are so many other reasons why comfort zone is dangerous. Do not be blind and become great.

Everything unknown is very attractive. Explore such things. They always bring new knowledge and further possibilities. Open new doors for yourself. Do not be restricted. A narrow strip will sooner become thin which means that it will tear.

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How to Leave Your Comfort Zone?

Comfort zone separates us from our dreams. It is impossible to reach any of them until you are inside comfort zone. So, how to leave it? Is it painful or not? There are many ways which can help to go beyond the bounds of comfort zone.

1. Change your daily routine. It is fine if you get used to do the same things every day. It is also a good sign. However, it is better to choose a day and change your schedule to try something new. This is the simplest way to leave your comfort zone. Small changes will cause big changes. Just try.

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2. Get acquainted with new people. This is an excellent idea of how to leave comfort zone. It may be your colleague whom you meet every day but do not know by name. Get acquainted with your neighbor or any stranger. This would be a small step toward your main goal.

3. Become a member of some club. This step will give you an opportunity to meet new people and new views. Take classes which you will enjoy. The main thing is to attend your group regularly. Reach people through social networks.

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4. Grow whatever happens. Fear is the greatest enemy on the way to success. Failures happen in the life of every person. There is nothing wrong with you or your life if you fail. Consider it as the log which you have to step over. Failures will help you to get rid of anxiety which is very significant.

5. Embark on a trip. Use your weekend for a trip. Choose the place to go and pack things but do not plan something else. While you are driving, think where will you stop and what will you do. This will help you to leave comfort zone and derive pleasure.

6. Try new food. Find on the Internet recipes and try dishes which you have never eaten. Buy necessary products and cook a meal. Thus, you will open for you something new.

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7. Take responsibility on your working place. Decide to be a hard worker. It is important not only to make changes but have the aim to succeed. This practice is very useful.

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8. Go in for sports. Physical training is the best remedy. This will improve your mood, body shape, and bring changes to your life. Support your colleagues in their attempt to go in for sports. Step a new level properly. Sport is a smart decision in any situation.

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