History Of Formation Of Horror Movies


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The horror films appeared at the same time with the cinema, it means that they appeared in the 1890s. But only after the First World War the horror films started to be very popular, especially in the USA. In the 1920s and 1930s the horror films showed their diversity and were popular during the next 10 years. A lot of films about the vampires, wolves, ghosts and zombies appeared, but you should understand, that it is impossible to compare them with the modern horror films. It was the first step of the appearing the horror films.

The most important horror films appeared in 1930s

The film “The white zombie” (1932) started the zombie theme in the cinema. But zombies from this film were not dead, these people just were under the special drugs and all actions took place in the Caribbean. After that appeared a lot of the legends, that people died and after that they could return as zombies.

The Second World War and some years after it was the dead season for the horror films. At that time only the fantasy was popular.

The beast from 20 000 fathoms

This film appeared in 1953 and it was the first film with the “creature feature”, where the main hero was exactly the monster that decided to attack the people. This film created a lot of monster movies.

At that time a lot of films of Alfred Hitchcock were very popular. He had a lot of thrillers, but some horror movies were also in his collection. Between 1950s and 1960s, he created the film about the killer and his victims, and he was the main hero of the film. A bit earlier, 2 his films: “The Dracula” and “The curse of the Frankenstein” were created. It is believed, that Dracula is the king of the vampires and he appeared in more than 150 different films. It is the interesting fact is that Dracula appeared also in the theatres, but not only in the cinema.

The curse of the Frankenstein

This film started the European horror film and there were a lot of special effects, what made the film very terrible. All 1060s was the great period for the horror films. It became popular in the Great Britain, Italy, France and Spain.

The mountain of the cannibal God

This is the very famous films of the 1970s. It is the ancient film about Indiana Johns. But also you will see here a lot of blood and bodies. After the film “Halloween” the most popular theme in the films was the killer, who wanted to kill the teenagers.

The meat without the blood.

In the beginning of 1990s, there were not any new horror films, but in the middle of 1990s after the sudden triumph of the “Scream”, the horror film became the popular again. The main difference was the fact, that there was the lack of the blood and not everyone liked it.

But in the end of 1990s, there were two important facts for the horror films. First of all “The Blair witches” film that showed, that the film, which was created by the simple camera can be very popular. This film had a great success, because it was very simple for understanding, but at the same time you could feel some mystique things. One day, three students decided to create the film about the witch, which lived in the forest. But they suddenly disappeared and in one year people found the disk with the video. There are no some special effects in the film, but it seems that you are exactly at that place. The people believed that it was the truth, because the film consists of the parts of the video and they were partially right. The authors of the film wanted to create the film to close to the reality and because of it they explained to three actors how to use the camera and sent them to the forest for 8 days. They wrote some instructions what they should film and what to do and left these instructions in the different places in the forest. In the result they got the improvisation, because even the best actor with the preparation could not do it. But the main thing is, that all people would be afraid of being alone in the forest, and to hear some strange sounds. It was very interesting for the people to see this film.

The second fact is, that the horror films, which were created in Asia became very popular. Firstly, they were popular among some groups of people in the Europe, but after some time, they were popular in the whole world.

In 2000s there were a few tendencies, which were popular in the horror films. The first tendency was in the changing the old films. It was not something new for the people, because there were a lot of new films, which were created from the old ones, but such films were not created very often. But now, even the films, which were created recently, can be changed.

The second tendency was in the fact, that it was possible to see a lot of violence in these films. It was something that attracted the people.

As you can see, the horror film, were developed a lot and it is possible to choose the different one you like. Also, there are a lot of special effects and because of it they are very popular among the teenagers. If you are interested in this theme, you can always place the order here and you can be sure, that you will get the detailed essay on the given topic. This essay will contain all needed information you wanted to get.