Find New Facts With Edgar Allan Poe Essay


Edgar Allan Poe was the famous poet and writer in the USA. But he is famous because of the fact, that he created the detective. Before him, no one wrote such books. He had the short life, which was full of different problems and depressions. If you wish to get the detailed information, you can place the order on our site and you will get essays on Edgar Allan Poe very soon. In the essay on Edgar Allan Poe you can get all needed information about the author.

He was born on January 19th in 1809 in Boston. His mother and father were the actors. But he lost his parents at the age of 2. After this fact, he was adopted and his new family read him a lot of poems and books, because of it, he loved reading from the childhood. It is known, that his father did not like him and because of it, Edgar never respect his father. More information about his life, it is possible to get in the raven Edgar Allan Poe essay.

Here you can see some interesting facts from his biography, which you have never heard before.

  1. In 1826 he had a huge quarrel with his father. Edgar played cards and because of this fact he borrowed a lot of money. His father did not want to pay for his debts and because of it, Edgar left his house.
  2. When his father died, he even did not leave him any money.
  3. He spent all his own money on his first book and because of it, he decided to be the soldier.
  4. During his life, he wrote 4 books of the poems and 2 books of the novels.
  5. His older brother was the salesman and poet.
  6. The interesting fact is, that every year, the grave of the poet is visited by some stranger. He wears all black clothes and no one can see his face, because he wears the huge hat.
  7. There was created the museum of the writer, but there works the only person. There are not a lot of money to pay for this museum and because of it, it is possible, that the museum will be closed in the nearest future.
  8. A lot of his texts have the details of his own life. He really liked to describe everything in the detail. Because of this fact, some people thought, that all the events took the place in the real life.
  9. The music band The Alan Parsons Project created the album Tales of Mystery and Imagination (1976) which was devoted to the life of Edgar Poe.
  10.  In 1988 there was the song «Allan» of the French singer Myline Farmer which was devoted to the poet.
  11. There is the legend, that he left the coded map, where everyone can find a lot of money. But, unfortunately, no one can find the key and find the money, which he left.
  12.  Some people say, that they found the documents, that can prove, that one of the readers of Edgar Poe saw him alive and even spoke with him. The other mediums say, that he did not die and he is alive.
  13.  He really liked swimming and it was his hobby
  14.  At the age of 17 he had a lot of problems with the alcohol. He could drink a lot, and he always played cards, but even despite of the fact, that he did it well, he borrowed a lot of money. He did not study and became the soldier.
  15.  Also, he used drugs. It was the usual thing for him to drink the alcohol and to take the drugs in the morning and in the evening.
  16.  10 days before he died, he made the proposal to one girl and she agreed, but it was very strange, that he died after this event.
  17.  At the age of 14 he loved the mother of his friend. She was 30 years old. But she was interested only in his poems and after her death Edgar had a huge depression and even did not want to live.
  18.  After that he wanted to marry with the other girl, but his father and the parents of that girl were against of their marriage.
  19. With his first wife he lived 12 years.
  20. There are 3 reasons of his death. The first one, that he was killed because of some political reasons, the second one, because he was very popular and the third one, because he just was in the wrong place.
  21.  All his main themes are about the soul and money.
  22.  In the center of his novels there is not the event, but the person that wants to find the truth.
  23.  His poems are used in some films, books or sings.

To sum up, he did a lot for the development of the book. He created the detective and as we can see, despite of the fact, that he could drink a lot, he created the beautiful books. He was a very talented person, but it was difficult for him to live in the world with the other people. He did not understand them, but at the same time they did not understand him. He reached the success, because he was very popular, but together with it, he had a lot of depressions and he was very nervous.

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