Essay on Diabetes: Does the Exit exist?


Our body is our main combat unit. Health is obviously the main thing in our life. Keeping our body in a good shape, we ensure ourselves a happy existence. However, do we stick to healthy lifestyle? The answer on this question has already been answered. We do not look after our health. It is better for us to think about work, salary and success. Many people died from different illnesses during ancient times and middle ages. Medical conditions of those times were just awful. Moreover, what is about current situation? Even with modern medicine, we just ignore health of your body. Therefore, it will be nothing without health. According to the World Health Organization, diabetes is one of the most common and dangerous diseases nowadays. The number of patients is increasing day by day. If you need help in writing essays, you can use the help one the best writing services. More detailed information you can find here. We are forcefully confronted by the question of proper threat of this disease. In this essay on type 2 diabetes, I will discuss diabetes, especially diabetes type 2, its symptoms and recommendations with aim to overcome the illness.

Is Diabetes Dangerous for Humanity?

What do we know about the diabetes? History of diabetes began with the history of person. Ancient physicians in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome knew about this disease. Roman physician Aretaus wrote the first description of the disease, which has come down to us, more than two thousand years ago. He gave the name of the disease from the Greek word “diabaino”, which translated from Greek as “pass through”. Patients felt, that fluid passed through the body like a flow (frequent and copious urination), despite permanent satisfaction of strong thirst. Many doctors have tried to identify the causes of the disease and find a cure. It is mentioned about diabetes in the writings of Avicenna, Celsus, Galen and others. However, people could not be treated, and they were doomed to suffering and death.  Generally, it was common thing, when patients with first type of diabetes died. This type of diabetes got the name of insulin dependent. Older and mature people with the second type were treated with herbs and physical exercises. However, this was many years ago. Moreover, what about the present situation? It is expected, that 600 million people in the world will suffer from diabetes by 2030, which is much higher than it is now. This means, that “sugar disease” is already on the successful hunt and lures in its nets all those, who do not consider, that it is necessary to take care of own health and engage in prevention of diabetes. Endocrinologists emphasize that namely people of working age suffer from this illness more frequently, than it was thought earlier. The main deceit of diabetes is that it develops slowly, insensibly, appearing insignificant symptoms at first glance, which many of us consider as fatigue and lack of sleep. When the victim falls into trap, diabetes manifests in all body – any organ and any system is not left without negative impact of this disease. Sometimes diabetes craftily pretends as viral disease, manifested by general weakness and lack of appetite. It has a well-founded scientific explanation – when the body processes the sugar, which is the main source of energy, in insufficient capacity, and then there are disruptions in the work of all internal organs. All kinds of metabolism, such as carbohydrate, fat, protein, mineral and water-salt, pass with violation. Normal life is impossible in the conditions of insulin’s deficiency. There are two types of diabetes (first and second type). First type has a name of insulin dependent and second one has a name of insulin independent. The number of patients with first type of diabetes is about 10 percent. While diabetes of second type is more common frequent thing among the people. In this essay, I will touch the diabetes of second type and his symptoms. In the second type of diabetes the pancreas produces insulin, sometimes even among the rate.  What is insulin? In common words, insulin is one of the important hormones, produced in the pancreas. Insulin helps to keep normal level of glucose in the blood, so it helps to split carbohydrates and sugar. In other words, namely hormone of insulin has a function of energy changes in our organism. However, this insulin goes nowhere – person has a resistance of cells for this substance. In other words, the cells cannot assimilate glucose, despite of normal work of pancreas. Complex treatment of diabetes of second type can also include injections of insulin. Perhaps, the second type of diabetes can turn into the first type of diabetes. What are the reasons of diabetes? At first, some virus diseases, which have negative impact on pancreas, can cause it, such as virus hepatitis, measles and burbly. Most of time, this viruses can provoke the development of diabetes in children. The second reason is heritance. If close relatives suffer from diabetes, there is a risk, that you can also have it. Nevertheless, your lifestyle, nutrition and prevention of diabetes has more influence. In addition, harmful habits and frequent stress can provoke this disease. If you eat wrong and not irregularly, you also have a chance to get diabetes. The combination of all risk factors can increase the risk of development of diabetes. For example, despite the fact that your grandmother was sick with diabetes, you could easily avoid it with healthy lifestyle.  However, if you like fast food, do not eat breakfast, enjoy abundant supper and have no time for fitness – you will get diabetes. If you also have presence of hereditary factors, you will get diabetes most of the time. And what about the symptoms? Patients with diabetes face with increased release of urine, feeling of thirst and appetite. They also have such symptoms as fatigue and severe weakness in the morning, frequent types of cold, itching, purulent diseases of skin, aridity of skin and mucous membranes and irritability. Reinforced appetite in most cases leads to excess weight, which makes the situation worst and can lead to the complications, which are dangerous for the life. The main risk of diabetes consists in fact, that this disease can lead to the other life-threatening conditions. Diabetes is able to damage the walls of blood vessels and disrupt the delivery of oxygen to tissues and as a result – infarct and apoplexy. In addition, diabetes affects the blood vessels of the retina, kidneys, and nerves, breaks the blood flow of skin and function of leukocytes. All this things may lead to a decrease in visual acuity, renal failure, hypertension, pain and paralysis in the extremities and paralysis, reduced immunity, and increased risk of infections. Diabetes is the cause of millions of amputations per year.

How should we Struggle against Diabetes?

In diabetes of second type, absorption of sugar from the intestine is normal, but his move from the blood to the various cells of the body is broken. In some cases this problem, at least in the beginning of the disease, can be solved without the medication. Next advices help people with the second type of diabetes to cope with the disease. First, you should keep to the diet. More tips about reduction of weight you can find in these workouts for lose weight.  Food products can be roughly divided into two categories: those, that contain the “fast” sugar (rapidly absorbed carbohydrates) and those that contain “slow” sugar (slowly absorbed carbohydrates). Foods with “fast” sugar contain refined sugar and include jams, sweets, candies, fruits, fruit juice and milk. Such “fast” sugar cause increase in sugar of blood (depending on the amount of eaten), because it is absorbed into a blood during short time. Therefore, it is best to combine them with a “slow” sugar that are found in such food, as potatoes, vegetables and rice.  These products are much safer for people with diabetes because carbohydrates are absorbed more slowly and give your body a chance to assimilate them without the "accumulation" in the blood. Fiber contained in food, also reduces the absorption of sugar. If your weight is normal, then most likely, you will need only to make changes in the diet. If you have excess weight, your doctor will help you to achieve the safe reduction of weight for a long time. You should remember some common rules:

1. Divide meal into 4-6 small portions throughout the day.

2. Stick to a strict diet – do not skip meals.

3. Do not overeat – eat only the amount of food that you planned.

4. Eat brown bread and bread from wheat flour, pasta and rice – reduce the reception of white bread.

5. Eat vegetables every day

6. Reduce the reception of fatty food, sugar and alcohol.

Second, you should do physical exercises. They increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin, and thus reduces the level of blood sugar. For our purposes, any kind of physical activity - housework, walking, running - can be considered as exercise. Exercises should be regular, because the sudden intense physical activity can on the contrary lead to the problems of blood sugar’s control. If you do sports, you can freely continue doing it as long as your diabetes is under the control. If you take insulin or antidiabetic pills, you should take all necessary precautions to avoid low levels of blood sugar. Third, you should treat with the tablets. Tablets for the treatment of diabetes type 2 does not contain insulin. The most widely used pills stimulate the production of insulin by the cells of pancreas. Most modern drug, which belongs to a new chemical class called repaglinide, has a short duration of action. It is taken immediately before a meal, and insulin production takes place at a time, when it is needed – after a meal. Fourth, it is treatment with the help of insulin. It should replace the work of pancreas. This activity consists of two parts: determination of the blood sugar level and the selection of adequate amounts of insulin. Proving the body with the insulin is quite simple. The only method of infusion is via injection, as if it is taken by mouth, it will be destroyed by the gastric juice. In addition, the last one, you should determine the amount of sugar in urine and sugar. The level of sugar in blood changes several times throughout the day. With tests, you can carefully monitor these changes. These tests will help you to adjust the daily dose of insulin. Writing down the results, you will help the doctor give the right advice about treatment. Determination of the amount of sugar in the urine will help you identify the rise of sugar in blood. This happens because of an increase of sugar level in blood higher than a certain threshold value for kidneys. It appears in the urine. Tests must be carried out one or two days per a week with aim to determine the level of blood sugar. If you sweat during the night or in the morning, you wake up with a headache, you should determine the level of blood sugar. Moreover, advice number one is in that never do self-treatment. Instead, you should always consult your doctor if you feel bad.


Even if we live in 21-st century, we should stick to healthy lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyle leads to such hard disease as diabetes. Diabetes is the frequent disease nowadays. Therefore, in order to prevent diabetes we should take care of our health and go for the consultations to the doctor.