Essay On Civil Disobedience: Worldwide Movements


Civil disobedience has many examples and meanings. In an Essay on Civil Disobedience we will examine one side of the notion and look at several examples. So, civil disobedience means refusal of people to accept laws and to obey them. People do it consciously and in order to attract attention of a government. Its aim is to bring changes to the law. Non-violent resistance is the form of civil disobedience. We will discuss it in this paper.

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Civil Disobedience Essay Speaks About Types And Etymology Of The Notion

World history knows many examples of civil disobedience. People often say that we live in the world which is unfair and severe. However, people who lived in previous centuries told the same thing. How one should understand it? It means that the world does not change. Its inner form remains the same while the outer develops. For this reason, one can observe and face injustice. It always causes civil disobedience.

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Civil disobedience may be of two types: wide and narrow. Narrow civil disobedience means resistance of a small amount of people. It happens for several reasons. The main of them is fear. There are so many countries in the world. Each of them has its dominant political structure. Some laws may be too cruel and strong. They forbid people to do many things and disable a folk. By the way, we live in the country where law does not forbid students to apply to our services. So, say us this, “I want to pay someone to write my essay marked with A+.” We will gladly do it for you.

A ruler may also be very cruel. He may punish his people by imprisoning them and even killing. In such a country any wide form of civil disobedience is impossible. People live in fear. They are unable to resist. Only some of them oppose which usually leads to their deaths. This type of civil disobedience is known as a narrow one. This is a kind of discrimination. Read more about it here:

However, there are other countries where people are ready to fight for their rights and improvement of life. In such countries we may observe a non-violent resistance or a real armed revolution. This form of civil disobedience is called a wide misbehavior. It embraces a huge range of people. Men and women abandon their working places and homes. They move to the capital in order to find justice. Only those who feel freedom inside may do it. They feel like someone tries to capture them and make them slaves. The spirit of freedom forces them to do such things. Check our article on freedom on this page:

Henry Thoreau is the author of the idea of “civil disobedience”. His writing consists of interesting and moot points. Henry tells in his work that the best government is the one that rules a short period. He claims that government should be the means but usually it is ineffective means. He speaks about American government but all issues concern every nation. Thoreau says that unfair laws exist and most people in America usually wait until the majority will figure out it and make a step towards some improvement. If you need a paper about Henry Thoreau, the best cheap essay writing company is ready to help.

Also, Henry mentions cases when people who have authority are afraid of any civil disobedience. They will never become a part of any civil resistance movement. Such people need protection of a government and they are frightened of severe consequences which may cover their families. Henry Thoreau says that government is always armed with physical power. It threatens men and women. However, a government can hurt bodies rather than moral side of a person. Even though it is amazingly interesting topic, let us talk about civil disobedience examples.

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Worldwide Examples Of Civil Disobedience

1. Gandhi’s opposition to British laws. It started in 1930 with salt monopoly. The movement was very influential. People managed to drive Britons out of India. It was a huge stream of civil disobedience. “Salt laws” imposed taxes on production of salt in India. That is why Indian government had to buy British salt. Gandhi and his followers produced and transported salt without paying taxes. The reaction of Britain was fierce. They arrested thousands of people and refused to bow to pressure. Although “salt march” did not have an immediate effect, it affected society and world: the movement inspired people because it was the first organized activity; the world saw that India had a “voice” and it was so powerful that England had to discuss questions with its leaders; “Salt March” influenced other rebels like Martin Luther King Jr.

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2. In the last century, in Spain civil disobedience also took place. It was related to lack of the land and poverty. The level of unemployment was very high. It prepared the ground for coming of a new government which promised a quick land reform. But people did not want to wait for it and began to capture big land farms. They started from 3000 farms. When Spanish government faced civil disobedience, they legalized seizures. Thousands of people moved to new wide lands.

3. Orange Revolution in Ukraine is an excellent example of civil disobedience. It happened in 2004. The reason of non-violent resistance was violation during elections. Almost all the country was engaged into opposition. The center of Kyiv became the center of Orange Revolution. People demanded to hold an election again. The meeting counted for about half a million of people. They reached their aim.

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4. The world and Europe welcomed McDonald’s in 1970. However, France has always been a big exception. This country always resisted everything that was not natural and junk. So, the effort to build McDonald’s restaurant noticed attention of José Bové. He and several of his adherents came to the place of building and literally began to take the building apart. This event had a symbolic character. That was a start of civil disobedience against attempts to advance junk food.

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5. One of the oldest examples of civil disobedience took place in Roman Empire. It was huge. One of its provinces was Israel. Roman government wanted to place images of pagan gods in the Jerusalem Temple. Jews showed disobedience by gathering on the streets. They were not armed. It was a non-violent resistance in old times.

These are just several cases of civil disobedience. In fact, it happens all the time especially nowadays when people oppose to everything they consider wrong. Such things do not belong to the Important Events Of The 21st Century anymore. On the Internet someone may find different small cases of civil disobedience. For instance, people cross a forest line which is a forbidden territory. Some of you surely have experienced what is civil disobedience in reality. It is an integral part of our life.

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