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Novels For Our Female ReadersThere are plenty of interesting essays dedicated to the books on our blog and we want you to find something interesting here. By the way, you can order the best quality essay writing service on our website, if you have a specific topic that should be covered by professional writers. In general, art can’t be considered from the point of view of race, sex, or other features but still there are books that might be interesting only for a certain type of readers. Today, we would like to make a list of the books that are aimed at female readers. It does not mean that men won't enjoy these books, they are just more likely to be interesting for the girls. We hope our female visitors will find something interesting to read here.

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1) This is a novel of a famous English writer and poet published in 1847. When people talk about the novels for the women, this one is the first that comes to mind since it has certain features that all the girls are interested in: magical love, handsome and wealthy man and drama. The first one is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Our writers also prepared an essay on Oedipus the King since this is rather interesting and extraordinary work. They analyzed it and want to present you the result of their work

This is a story about a little girl Jane whose parents died when she was an infant and she is adopted by her aunt Sara Rid who is greedy, evil and envy as well as her own children. When the time comes, aunt Sara decides to send her to school but when Jane gets there, Sara convinces the tutor that Jane is a liar. As soon as Jane understands that nobody believes her, she comes to her aunt and yells at her since she understood that it is Sara who gossips about her. Despite public accusation of being a liar, Jane has good relationships with the teachers but due to the horrible conditions of the school chosen by her aunt, she is starving. You can always buy argumentative essay online here without any problems with placing an order since our website is convenient for any user!

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Later, the epidemic of typhus happens and most of the pupils die including her friend Ellen who managed to survive the typhus but she has tuberculosis for a long time and she didn’t make it. Nevertheless, she spends eight years as a pupil and two years as the teacher in this school. Later, her teacher gets married and leaves the school, which makes Jane really upset and she decides to find a new job. Soon, she is hired as a made in the Thornfield Hole. The life in the country house is quiet and isolated except one detail: all the time she hears somebody’s laughter but Mrs. Fairfax convinces her that Grace drank too much whiskey and she is the one who laughs. By the way, if you have time, check the biography of Charlotte Bronte. It will help you to understand her novels better since this is the way she was thinking.

Suddenly, the owner of the country house, Mr. Rochester comes. This is a handsome man of a very harsh disposition which seemed rather repelling for her. Rochester talks to Jane almost every day and soon she gets used to his mode of speaking and his mood alterations.  You can get cheap essay writing services from without any problems since we have the best quality on the internet.

Once in the evening, she saw a smoke in the hall and soon understand that the room of Mr. Rochester is on fire. She wakes him up and helps to put out the fire. She is positive that this is Grace who did this but Mr. Rochester asks her to tell nobody about it since he talked to her about it and nothing of this kind will never happen again. Probably the best decision for our dear students will be to order admissions essay help at since our writers know exactly all the requirements that should be met to create a perfect admission essay.

Later, Jane gets the letter that informs her that Mrs. Rid is about to die and she wants to see her. When Jane comes, Mrs. Rid wants to confess and tells her that she didn't manage to keep a promise she gave to Jane's father to take care of her and when her rich cousin wanted to adopt her she said that Jane is dead. She asks Jane to send him a letter to tell him that his niece is alive. Most students wonder where to order dissertation proofreading in the UK? If you need the highest quality of writing, you just need to order your thesis paper on our website.

When her aunt dies, she returns back and continues working. Suddenly, her master confesses that he loves Jane and wants to marry her. She does not believe that it really happens but soon accepts his proposal. In the church, during the ceremony, they are informed that this marriage can't be held since her groom is still married. We offer you eight amazing places to get married if you still hesitate which one to choose. Jane is desperate and locks herself in the room. When she comes out, Rochester is waiting for her to tell her story. She finds out that this wasn’t Grace who set his room on fire. It was his mad wife which he was coerced to marry since he inherited nothing from his parents. Nobody told him that she has inherited madness and soon enough she goes mad and thus, he can’t divorce. In order to make sure whether the paper meets all the standards of academic writing, you need to order college essay editing service. It includes all the measure to be taken to perfect the paper.

Not having managed to deal with her pain, she runs away at night. A couple of days she spends in the exile and starving. Saint John Rivers finds her barely alive and take care of her. When she wakes up she tells him that she is Elliot and he makes her a teacher in the village school. It was a difficult challenge for her but soon enough all the pupils fall in love with her. Then, Rivers finds out her real name asks her to marry him and depart to India and she was about to say yes but suddenly she hears the voice of her lover who calls her. She decides to find out how is he and get news that his mad wife tried to burn the country house on fire and trying to save her Rochester got wounded. He is burnt and blind know and lost a hand. Such requests like “rewrite my assignments for cheap” will be quickly responded and taken care of as soon as the payment is carried out.

She immediately returns back to the country house but Rochester is ashamed of his outward but she manages to convince him that she is still in love with him and they get married. In two years, his sight comes back and he sees his first-born son for the first time. Another novel we would like to tell you about but didn't include in our list is Pride and Prejudice just because our writers already wrote an essay on this one By the way, besides Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte had plenty of other novels which you can also get acquainted with. We want to recommend you a specific one, which is called Villentte and here is the summary and analysis of this novel.

2) The second candidacy is Wuthering Heights written by Emily Jane Bronte. She is known thanks to her contribution to the development of English literature since she was both a novelist and a poet. This is probably one of the most prominent works of the writer and we decided to include it in our list. If you have any problems with your essay, just order essay revision service for cheap and we will make sure all the issues will be fixed.

In order to find peace and solitude, Mr. Lockwood moves to the Thrushcross Grange. He decides to visit his neighbor and the owner of the Wuthering Heights, Mr. Heathcliff who what rude and intolerable.  The landowner gives his a cold shoulder but still, he decides to pay them a visit again. Despite the lack of desire to meet their guest, he managed to get into the house. The road was piled by the snow and he was forced to stay for the night. In the room, which he was given, he finds a diary of a woman named Catherine. In the night he sees the nightmare of this woman ghost that hunts him. In the morning, he returns back to the Thrushcross Grange and falls ill. While he tries to defeat his illness, he asks his made to tell him the story of the Wuthering Heights and she tells him a sad story about this place. If you have written a huge paper but you are uncertain whether you managed to get rid of the mistakes, order quick dissertation proofreading service and our professionals will take care of your paper.

The original owner of this house Earnshaw once found a little barely alive boy and take him as his own son and this boy’s name was Heathcliff. He was very close with one of his children Catherine which dairy found our main character but the son of Earnshaw Hindley was very jealous and he despises new brother. When their father dies, he inherits the house and sends Heathcliff to work as if he was a stranger. Meanwhile, his wife gives a birth to his child Hareton and dies. Nevertheless, he and Catherine stay very close until she gets to Linton's and meets their children Edgar and Isabella. Compared with Heathcliff, Edgar was kind and open and she started to laugh at him and his flaws. Then, she says that she wants to marry Edgar and Heathcliff finds out about it and runs away. She was broken and barely managed to deal with this pain and married Edgar. Just send us a message like “reword my paper at a cheap price” and we will make sure the job to be done as soon as possible to meet your needs.

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Then, he returns in three years and Catherine is very glad to see him. Unfortunately, her new husband does not share her point of view but still, he put up with it to please his wife. Isabela, Edgar’s sister suddenly falls in love with Heathcliff and despite that fact that he was cold and rude and all her family tried to convince her to give up this idea, she marries him and they both run away.

When she finally finds out why her husband does all this, it is too late. She faced the consequences of her choice which are cold, hatred and humiliation towards her and her brother don’t want to help her since it was her who dismissed their words. Meanwhile, Catherine is pregnant but her condition is rather unsteady. She gives a birth to a child Cathy and dies. Having found out about it, Heathcliff returns to the Wuthering Heights. Isabella leaves him and later gave a birth to a child who she called Linton Heathcliff. In thirteen years, his mother dies. Her brother takes the child back home but soon his father finds out about it and using his indisputable right of parent takes his son back. He brings up both sons strictly and they were forced to do a lot of physical work and Hareton wasn’t even able to write and read. There is an opportunity to hire a paper editor online that has enough experience to deal with any irregularities in your paper and fix them.

Heathcliff wants to marry his son Linton and Cathy and thus, own Thrushcross Grange. He allows them to meet but Linton is very sick and he is not even able to stand up straight but still, his father coerces him to meet with the girl. Once, he traps her in the house and promises to let her free only in the condition if she marries her son. When she finds out that her father will die soon, she agrees and managed to see his father for one last time. Even after the victory, Heathcliff couldn’t feel its taste since he was broken due to the death of his beloved one. The story of made ends. If you want to read the story about true love that does not afraid of any obstacles, read our essay on Romeo and Juliet written by our writers

Then, our main character returns to the Thrushcross Grange but everything completely changes. Cathy and Hareton whom she hated lives happily and going to get married. Heathcliff is dead. She is now the owner of the house and it becomes a peaceful and warm place.

3) The next novel belongs to the heritage of one of the most prominent French novelist of the nineteenth century. It is Consuelo written by George Sand. This is a story about an adventure of the girl whose feelings were betrayed and she was forced to make a hard decision. The biography of this author represents the golden age of French literature. We recommend you to read about George Sand before start reading this part of our essay dedicated to her novel.

This is a story about a gypsy named Consuelo. She is poor and ugly but her voice is so magical that old maestro Porpora takes care of her to develop her talents for free. She has the best friend Angoletto who also have a very beautiful once. As they grow up, he understands that her voice is the way more beautiful than his one and envy is born inside of him. When their relationships turned into something more than a friendship, he refuses to marry her saying that this is a serious threat to their career. Later, she finds out about his betrayal and decides to leave the Venice. Her friend and teacher Porpora recommends her to become a music teacher and a companion of young baroness Amelie which castle is located on the border of Check and Germany. She was engaged with her nephew count Albert Rudolstadt who lives in the same castle. There are cheap proofreading services online looking for you to place an order since the price is low and the quality is high. This is something you need.

Then, Albert falls in love with her but she does not feel the same considering him to be her brother. After the arrival of her old love, she is forced to leave the castle and move to Vienna.  She continues communicating with count and his father Christian. Later, she makes a contract with the Berlin Theater and with her teachers depart there.  On her way to Berlin, she gets the news about the illness of the count from his uncle who takes them back to the castle. Right before he dies, she marries him and becomes new Countess de Rudolstadt. Another good writer and poet we would like to recommend you is Emily Dickenson. Her novels and verses are just beautiful

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