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Our best English online proofreader wrote this essay for those who prefer study on their own without referring to the tutors and teachers.

Are you engaged in self-studying? It sounds very interesting and joyful. However, being engaged in such an activity one can conclude that this knowledge is not enough and there are plenty of obstacles that stop him or her from being effective. In order to override these difficulties, one should learn how to rearrange time spent studying in order not to waste it. What measures should be taken to make self-studying as productive as possible? If you wonder: “can you rewrite my assignments”, the answer is yes. However, we can also edit and proofread your paper for additional payment!

Achievements to attain

In order to increase the efficiency of the chosen approaches to studying one should realize what goals he or she would like to attend. For example, these are a new knowledge or skills to master, the practical application of already acquired knowledge and skills. These questions will give the direction which is very important since, without an accurate plan, one is unlikely to succeed.

Come up with the list of questions you need to answer to attain your goals. The number is not important but it is better to make it as detailed as possible. Thus, five questions will be not enough to fulfill this list. Having answered these questions, you will more clearly understand what exactly you want to achieve. Keep this list beside you in order to reread it and make additional notes if something comes to your mind. Customize this list in the course of studying and it will be more effective. 


Having completed the previous stage, let's move on to the next one. It is based on careful planning of the whole educational process from the first step to the last one. This so-called strategy requires attaining all the goals on your list. This plan should comprise all the tools you are going to use during the studying. For example, all the books that will be used, other sources of information one will apply to, which part of the educational process (theoretical or practical) will take most of the time etc. Reading has plenty of benefits besides being a simple source of information. This essay contains the most important ones

This plan should also contain deadlines in order to make one more disciplined and focused. Moreover, the whole educational process should be divided into several steps so that you could clearly understand the sequence of the working process. All the points on your list should be connected with the primal goal of your studying thus, they should all lead to the same result. If certain points stop one from achieving the goal, it is better to cross it off.

Deadline and discipline

These questions should be well-considered separately from the planning despite the fact that this is a part of planning. This is one of the most difficult obstacles people just can't override. From now on, nobody will be responsible for your effective time distribution.  Now, this is the task of those who are engaged in self-studying. Thus, this part will be dedicated to the question of the discipline since this one is the most important in the case of self-education. When people study on their own, they are able to find a million excuses not to study in a blink of an eye or to postpone the work for later. This is one of the greatest problems for those who work as freelancers. Thus, the question of discipline is on the issue of the day if one wants to study or work at home without any supervision. It might seem that there is much time left but such a procrastination will lead only to the missed deadline or decreased effectiveness (when it comes to self-education). There are 5 proven methods for gaining self-discipline to facilitate the studying process and make it more effective. 

One should determine the number of hours to spend daily or the number of days to spend monthly studying. This number depends on the goals one has. If this is just a matter of background or an interest in a certain field, two or three hours daily will be enough. However, if it concerns qualification issues, these number is insufficient. It is better to spend at least five hours daily but as usual, it depends on the goals set.

Moreover, in order to make every minute useful, one should keep a necessary source of information in a free access on the cell-phone or just brought in the bag. Thus, waiting in the line, or on the way home or at work, one might read something interesting and invest his or her time correctly.

Self-assessment and self-evaluation

Since any educational activity should be aimed at the acquiring of new knowledge and skills, one should constantly monitor the progress of the educational process by means of various tests. One should clearly understand which techniques and approaches are effective and which ones are not. It will allow modifying the chosen strategy in order to increase the amount of knowledge learned for the same period of time.

There are plenty of ways to check the progress of your education. For example, by means of special questions that almost every source of information has or one can write down a small essay on a studied topic in order to check whether the material is learned well. This is a so-called feedback of the studying since only in such a way one can see the results as they are. If they are unsatisfying, it will be reasonable to change the approach chosen or if they are satisfying keep the same course.

These four points are the basic ones that should be used coming up with the personal studying program regardless of the chosen field. However, there are a couple of pieces of advice which will also be useful for those who has chosen this path. The best research paper editing service is only at Hurry up to get your paper with a discount!

Additional recommendations

  • Communication is a significant part of the educational process and if one wants to memorize information better, it is important to discuss it with others that are also interested in this topic. One will be able to understand whether he or she is aware of the topic and also hear other points of view that might also help in the course of study. Moreover, sometimes criticism is very useful for education if it is objective and just.
  • Try to eliminate all the distractions since this is a waste of time and thus, a waste of energy. Almost anything can draw our attention from studying but it is very difficult to focus again. Turn off all the gadgets and ask the members of the family to leave you alone at least for a couple of hours.
  • Never disregard any source of information since it might be useful. These are books, movies, internet, people experienced in this field. By the way, there are a couple of tips on movie analysis that you might find very useful, follow this link In general, any information is a brick that strengthens your knowledge. The more bricks you have, the easier it will be for you to use this knowledge.
  • Don’t forget about personal qualities that should also be developed. It is important to pay special attention to logical and critical thinking, memory development, ability to stay focused etc. These skills are perfect tools for everyone who wants to study everything by his or her own means. Our mental health is also very important. Thus, it is better to start meditating at least a couple of times a week. It will help to relax and shake all the thoughts that stop one from being effective.
  • People one communicates with should also be carefully selected since unfortunately, a certain type of people will do their best to literally kill inspiration and motivation. These people are likely not to manage to succeed and they are positive that other people won’t manage to do it as well. Do your best to avoid communication with such people since there is no use in such a communication at all. Any negative attitude is able to put at risk all the work you have done and you are about to do. However, if you are vulnerable towards negativity, these tips will help you to get rid of all the negative thoughts so that they couldn’t stop you from attaining your goals.  
  • Even the small steps towards your goal are a success. If you can’t study for three hours every day, spend at least thirty minutes. It will be much better than not to study at all.

Use these pieces of advice and recommendation to come up with your customized strategy of self-education that will meet all your requirements and lead you to the success. You are the only one who knows how to make your educational process effective.

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