Emancipation Proclamation Essay. Did It Change Anything?


Everyone has a right to live freely. No matter what is the color of your skin, how smart you are, and who are your parents. Slavery and discrimination are two very close notions in the life of humanity. People faced it many times started from the beginning. One folk defeated another and made people its slaves. It is an integral part of world history. It will never end.

Emancipation Proclamation Essay. Slavery And Freedom

People are sure that such forms of behavior will always be. There is something inside our soul that makes us feel like we are better than other. Hitler did not have slaves. He simply killed people who belonged to lower races. Hebrews belonged to the greatest part of those who were destroyed during the Second World War. This nation was often enslaved and then it was discriminated. Even now when people speak about Jews, they often say unpleasant things about them. In this work we will talk about African-American people and their life in the USA. You can receive an article about Hitler and his attitude towards other nations from our term paper writer.

America now boasts of its freedom. Probably everyone has heard this idea that U.S. is the country of freedom. However, even if it is true, in last centuries the situation in the country was different. African-Americans were slaves for a long time. They were free in the country of their birth but white people thought they needed workers. So, the life that started for Africans in the USA was not pleasant. How could it happen? The history tells us that the first African-American man was free. He was a helper of his master. Later Europeans brought black slaves to their colonies. They were slaves from Africa. Life in America became wider and rich people needed more hands to work on their plantations. Slavery turned into marketing.

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Slavery was around the world and in 19th century it was greatly supported by the Theory of Evolution. It taught people that white and black nations had nothing in common. Black people were apes. It was obvious that they were created for slavery. That was the thinking of people during that period.

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Slavery is a horrible thing. White people treated black severely. Do you think something changed after Emancipation Proclamation? Some events provoked the Proclamation. Let us look at them closer. But first pay attention to a small list below.

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Significant Points

1. In America started Evangelistic movement. Preachers across the country began to preach God’s words. The Bible told that all people were from one man. According to it, slavery was a sinful system in the eyes of God. America was almost flooded by sermons about freedom. It pushed people to big changes.

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2. In the country were different organizations. They supported black people and spread propaganda. The information claimed that African-Americans had to be free. They were treated too cruel. The country with big ambitions and desires to obtain greater future had to get rid of trade of slaves and slave owners.

3. The idea that has been mentioned in the previous paragraph was supported by the government of America. Northern States supported African-Americans. They lived freely there. You should watch the movie “12 Years A Slave” or read the book. It will tell you about a black American who was kidnapped. The man lived in New York but was brought to South states. He became a slave and worked hard on plantations. Also, check a paper on freedom here:

4. Indeed, most growers poorly cared of their slaves. They beat them, killed without trial, and fed badly. When an African slave tried to escape, he/she was killed.

5. Colonization was one of the factors that led to Emancipation. Slaveholders established settlements in Africa for free slaves. They delivered African-Americans to their homeland. However, not all slaves were happy with such an opportunity. Many of them did not want to return “home”. They considered themselves Americans.

6. There was a list of particular rules for every slave owner. According to it, every master had absolute authority above his slaves. Their lives literally were in the hands of their owners. He decided when slaves should work, have rest, and die.

7. The words of governors and preachers influenced people. Their words were so touching. They exposed slave owners’ sinfulness, greed, and cruelty. It added strength to African-Americans and opened eyes of many white people. Read an essay on faith on this page:

We should say that Emancipation Proclamation did not put an end of slavery or discrimination. It was done by the President of the USA who needed the victory. The Proclamation was announced when the Civil War was growing further. The President had to stop it. Emancipation Proclamation weakened the power of South. The war was won. For Lincoln it was the only chance. Besides, he got appreciation from abroad for his deed. Every word in the Proclamation he wrote by himself. It was a just decision.

Surely, the Proclamation changed the life of slaves. African-Americans abandoned their masters and run whenever they could. They felt support from Emancipation. So, the feeling of freedom was bigger than fear to be killed. However, it did not bring huge changes. Black people were still discriminated. They did not have many rights. It lasted until the middle of the past century when African-Americans tired of constant discrimination and started fight seriously and passionately for their true freedom.

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Emancipation Proclamation is a significant document in the history. It shows the process of development of the USA. It is the development of their thinking and way to international success. Sometimes big things start with failures. Now America is a different country. It makes movies that tell about their past mistakes. This country moves further.

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